Create a comfortable sex life - unleash your true sexual enjoyment

A woman experiences all sorts of issues throughout her life which can get in the way of her fully enjoying sex - pregnancy, urinary issues, monthly cycles, menopause, a bad sexual experience, a break-up or betrayal or a medical examination to name a few!

Our life experiences are stored in the subconscious part of the mind. This can leave you with a build-up of irritations causing a low sex drive, bedroom boredom, painful sex or a lack of attraction towards your partner. A male body generally ticks along on an even keel whereas a woman's body is constantly changing with hormonal cycles and life interruptions. I find more female clients complain about their husbands or boyfriends expecting them to be switched on in the bedroom like an iPad or mobile phone, which can be annoying, even putting them off sex altogether. I have helped thousands of people with alcohol reduction over the years. A common theme that arises with female clients is the need to drink alcohol to feel sexually free as things are not always flowing and natural with their partner.  My  'Comfortable Sex for Women' hypnosis recording will reset your mind so you can feel great about the way you look naked, let go of any past traumas, have new confidence to pleasure your partner but also be pleasured by your partner, feel good about your body and your partners body and create stronger orgasms. Whether you have had a particular past event which has set your sex life on the wrong course or you just generally want to improve your sex life this hypnotherapy download will help you make the changes smoothly and effortlessly. Here are some tips to help you: 1) Play new relaxing music when you make love to create a new atmosphere in the bedroom. 2) When you begin making love imagine yourself climaxing as your mind will create what you ask it to do. By visualising the outcome you want you will create those pathways in your mind. 3) Smile as you make love to create positive chemicals in your brain to make you happier and more relaxed. 4) Visualise several times in the past you enjoyed sex with your partner to invoke positive memories. 5) Set aside quality time in your week to make love when you are relaxed and not tired. Often sex is the last thing on a persons list of things to do. Plan your week so you have time to invest in your relationship. To make changes on a subconscious level try my Comfortable sex for Women hypnosis recording. You can also read my hypnotherapy book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing which teaches easy to do hypnosis techniques to improve all areas of your life (published by Hay House available as a paperback, ebook, kindle and audio)