Liver disease

The number of people needing hospital treatment, in the UK, due to liver disease has increased more than twice as much in the last ten years. Everyday about 100 people with alcohol related liver disease are admitted to hospital.The future of our nations’ health is at risks with the current rate of alcohol consumption, experts warn we are heading for an epidemic of liver disease in 15 years time as a result of regular drinking and binge drinking taking place.

Medical experts are calling for a ban on alcohol advertising.Alcohol is the new cigarettes – with the recent ban on smoking in public enclosures our attention is turning to the true cost of alcohol on health.In the TV documentary Dispatches on Channel 4 researchers discovered 50 percent of the people randomly tested from the street had liver damage.The people tested were of various ages.The results stunned experts who would have predicted only 5 percent of people being affected by liver disease. If the predicted liver disease does occur in the next 15 years the National Health Service will be unable to cope with the demand for treatment.

New drinking Guide lines need to be set for all ages of people.It is commonly thought that excessive drinking is a young persons issue but many people in their thirties and forties who have been drinking in excess for many years will have to face the consequences if they don’t reduce their alcohol intake. Teenage drinking- a liver disease Time bomb It is estimated that one in five British teenagers drinks the equivalent of a bottle of wine per week. In some areas of the UK one in eight of children aged 12 years are drinking this amount. Some youngsters are drinking a whole bottle of vodka in one binge drinking session. Around 15 children are admitted to A and E everyday due to alcohol. Liver disease is being found in teenagers a disease usually found in adults.More than 4000 teenage pregnancies are a result of binge drinking each year.What will the health of these youngsters be in ten years time? 

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue responsible for half a million hospital admissions every year and half a million crimes are committed whilst people are under the influence of alcohol.More than one million British men drink the equivalent of six bottles of wine per week. Many people drink excessive amounts of alcohol at home leaving spouses or partners feeling isolated and frustrated.Amy from Berkshire says “I have tried talking to my husband about the volume he drinks but he justifies it in his mind.The UK culture promotes drinking and it is seen by many as okay and normal.I think he is an alcoholic but because he holds down a job he is convinced he is not.I am worried he is developing liver disease or cirrhosis of the liver. ”Drinking is not only a National worry for health but is on the minds of many who have concern for the effects of alcohol on the health of their loved ones.Individuals need to take responsibility for themselves whilst the Government needs to put together a plan of action to protect people from alcohol advertising and educate on the true cost of drinking too much alcohol.

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