Stop Binge Drinking

Tired of being out of control?

Hypnotherapy to stop binge drinking

There are two ways in which I can help you stop binge drinking;

Firstly you can try my hypnosis downloads Stop binge drinking for men or Stop binge drinking for women, priced £14.99, which are complete hypnosis alcohol programs or secondly you can have one-to-one phone appointments which allow you the opportunity to discuss your specific drinking problems, these cost £175 each and 2-4 sessions are usually required. My clients are based around the world, join the thousands of people who have changed their drinking habits the Ailsa Frank way.

If you are interested in hypnotherapy phone appointments contact us or click here for prices. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy alcohol reduction hypnosis downloads or get my award-winning 'Feel Amazing' app now to start listening straight away.

Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to break binge drinking habits because it releases the habit of drinking from the deeper part of the mind which is called the subconscious. If you do binge drink, you will know that you often begin an evening with good intentions of avoiding too much booze, but somehow you end up drinking more than you intended. Because everything we experience in life becomes part of our core belief, which is how we learn and retain useful information. However, when you learn a negative behaviour such as binge drinking, this also becomes part of who you are making it a difficult habit to break on your own. The secret is to access your subconscious mind through a soothing relaxation to release the root of drinking too much.

Stop binge drinking with alcohol hypnosis downloads

The first option is to try one of my hypnosis downloads either Stop binge drinking for Men or Stop binge drinking for women which both have three short tracks that have been carefully crafted to cover all issues related to binge drinking, and the recordings are short making listening easy to fit into your busy schedule. You can play them at bedtime, just turn the volume down low and fall asleep. The messages will drift into your deep mind shifting the binge drinking habits. This product was featured in a Daily Telegraph article in which the journalist changed her binge drinking. This recording is tailored to break bouts of social binge drinking, so for instance when you are fine most of the time but then have big binges of too much drink socialising. I also have another hypnosis download called Take control of alcohol which is for people who drink too much on an almost daily basis. Some clients have bought both products. I offer a money-back guarantee to encourage you to give the tracks a chance as I am confident they will break your drinking patterns to put you back in control. You need to listen to them regularly over several weeks or months or until you have made the changes you want to make.

Help me to stop binge drinking with one-to-one phone appointments

Alternatively, I offer individual phone appointments which give you the opportunity to discuss specific issues related to your binge drinking behaviour. The phone appointment is tailored to you as an individual by sorting out any other matters which may be affecting your life. Often arguments or stress has arisen from binge drinking in the past. The sessions are focused on making changes quickly.  

If you decide to go down the appointment route to stop binge drinking, this will take 2-4 appointments although some people have a few more. I try to keep the number of sessions to a minimum as I teach clients everything they need to know to move themselves on as quickly as can safely be done. In between the phone sessions, you will listen to a hypnosis recording which takes 10 minutes per day, at bedtime which makes it easy to fit it into your busy schedule.

Most clients want to reduce down their drinking rather than stop altogether although many of my clients decide to give up later on as they realise alcohol is not so important anymore. Hypnotherapy allows clients to achieve a 'take it or leave it' relationship with alcohol. You will only let go at a safe pace with some people making changes immediately while others let go over several weeks. Often Binge drinkers are the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons which can be amusing to everyone except the binge drinker. I can work with you on building a new and better reputation which is always a relief to my clients.

Why do people binge drink?

There are different reasons why people binge drink from a bad social habit that has formed with friends to emotional issues such as bereavement, divorce, money issues, relationship strain, the stress of having children or escaping from work pressures. On the flip side there are binge drinkers who celebrate everything with a drink, let their hair down at the weekend or feel they are missing out if they don't drink. Binge drinkers generally drink fast and enjoy the taste and the effects of alcohol. Drinking too much can become a bit of a crutch or excitement of celebrating but, either way, most people who drink excess alcohol want to be more in control. Hypnotherapy works on the deep subconscious part of your mind by changing your beliefs, habits and patterns which have built up over time. During a deep relaxation in the hypnotherapy session, your subconscious will allow those set alcohol programs to release, so they become a distant memory. I will also deal with any emotional reasons behind your drinking


"I knew it was time to stop drinking when I consumed beer, wine, gin and prosecco all in one night and didn't even remember any of it. I was tired of finding myself at the end of the tube line in the middle of the night trying to get myself home but then realising it was better if I went straight back to the office as the sun was coming up. So exhausting and so much money spent on evenings I had no recollection of. But the hypnotherapy with Ailsa changed all that as I began to avoid drinking places because I felt pleased to get home on time. And my girlfriend and I could go out for dinner without me being an embarrassment." Luke from Croydon, London

"My wife found your website as she was looking for help for my husband drinking too much. I was asking myself I am an alcoholic, but I wouldn't have looked for a solution. The hypnotherapy sessions have changed the way I view my old drinking and the way I deal with family life. It is a relief to know when I go out I know I will come home sober. As you say it is a habit, and it is now broken putting me back in control of my choices." Lee from Doncaster

"A relief to let go. Thank you." Bev from Rotheram

"Since listening to the hypnosis downloads, my binge drinking nightmare seems to be a thing of the past. I began noticing small changes like sipping slower and leaving booze in a glass which was unheard of for me." Dawn from Perth

Before "I currently have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. After a difficult birth, I struggled to bond with my baby and turned to alcohol for escape. Quickly I found myself drinking too much alcohol, particularly in emotional situations. This results in abusive rows when I am drunk and I don't remember upsetting people. It has been a rocky road in a destructive controlling relationship with a lack of support from him. I suffer panic attacks and recently have split up from my partner which makes me scared for the future." After the hypnotherapy phone sessions "Immediately I felt less emotional and more connected to my child. I am sleeping really well. I have noticed an aversion to the alcohol making it easy to not drink. I have only had a couple of drinks once. Feeling more settled and calmer about parenting and feeling quite positive and fortunate." Yasmine from Nottingham

The most common reasons people seek my help to Stop Binge drinking is:

  • Binge drinking causes strain in relationships with partners or family members
  • Work performance is being affected by drinking too much
  • Wasting money on buying alcohol
  • Tired of being known as the drunk
  • Not able to process alcohol as efficiently as a few years ago which is now causing health concerns
  • Life issues causing binge drinking such as; divorce, a bad marriage, work pressure, health issues, parenting strain and money stress
  • 'Stop Binge drinking for Men' and 'Stop Binge drinking for Women' (As recommended in 'The Telegraph', 'Best Magazine', 'Marie Claire')

Alcohol reduction Hypnosis Downloads by Ailsa Frank. 

How many hypnotherapy appointments 

One-to-one hypnotherapy appointments deal with your specific drinking situation, usually, 2-4 sessions are required costing £150 each.


"Living with my husband's stressful job caused me to switch off from life by binge drinking. He couldn't relax, and he was not open to any of my suggestions to help him, so I gradually began to feel isolated and used two bottles of wine to escape from his tension and lack of interest in me. I found myself pouring alcohol down my neck rapidly without even tasting it. The hypnotherapy work we did began to change the way I saw my situation and start to focus on my life. I began looking after myself more and drinking less until I realised I wasn't bothered about drinking alcohol anymore."  Cathy from Austin, Texas

"Following breast cancer I decided to stop binge drinking as I was trying to look after myself better. I was pleased with the hypnotherapy which allowed me to put the stress and pain of the cancer treatment behind and stop drinking too. The relaxation was very useful." Gemma from Surrey

Case study: Carol, age 44 Cath from Sunderland

For years I put up with a violent marriage which made me turn to alcohol for comfort. When I finally left the relationship, I carried on drinking as I had the pressure of bringing up the children on my own and I didn't get any financial support from my ex. I have too much to deal with which makes me drink. I come in from work and go straight to the fridge to get a glass of wine. In life when I aim for something I can do it but with alcohol, it is different as it controls me. I would really like a new partner but know I have lost my confidence. I have high blood pressure, so I regularly go to the gym but come home from a workout and drink wine with dinner which doesn't make sense. I am ashamed of the amount I drink which is a bottle of wine per night drunk within an hour. On a night out I can lose track of how much I drink.

After the first hypnotherapy phone session

I am less stressed than before, and I am beginning to make changes to my drinking. I went out with friends and only had a couple of drinks. I have not drunk after the gym, but I have still drunk too much on a few nights.

After the second hypnotherapy phone session

My drinking is under control most of the time, but I notice if I am under more pressure at work and if I don't manage my stress I am likely to want to drink. The relaxation recording, given to me by Ailsa, is very helpful to keep me relaxed.

After the third hypnotherapy phone session

I have started dating, and I am looking for a new job, and my drinking is under control. I look better and feel more confident.

Read more comments on how the stop binge drinking hypnotherapy has helped other people.

Before "Drinking too much out of habit. I don't think sometimes, and I don't have a stop button. I feel I have got dependant on a friend."  After the hypnotherapy, "I feel I am the one in control not the alcohol in control. I now have a stop button." Adam from Leicester

Before "I think I end up chasing a feeling I can't get hold of. I am thinking of the next drink before I have finished the one I am drinking. I think about the drink rather than enjoy the conversation. I drink faster than other people as I want the fix. I don't have the off button others do. I wake up in the morning having forgotten what's happened the night before." After the hypnotherapy "I feel more resilient and more focused on where my life is going. I find myself in the supermarket looking at the beer quality rather than thinking about the quantity. I get pleasure from looking at the different types of beer. I went out with friends and had half a glass of prosecco and didn't want anymore to drink." Dave from Norwich

Before "I hate alcohol. I hate how I feel when I am hungover. When I was younger, I drank to forget stuff now I drink out of habit." After the hypnotherapy "I feel I am definitely more in control of it. I had one glass and stopped at that." Colin from Bradford

Before "Horrendous break up with my partner has left me totally heartbroken. I have no interest in work at all and have a certain amount of resentment towards it. The mornings are the worst as I can't motivate myself to get up. I don't even hear what people are saying to me as my mind is so distracted. I am not eating or sleeping; instead, I am drinking loads. People around me are worried about me. After the hypnotherapy "I am eating and sleeping better. I am not turning to alcohol for comfort. Instead, I am taking your advice on making changes to help myself. The urge to drink has reduced. I can see now why we broke up."  Kyle from Glasgow

Before "Always drank too much from a young age and I am the last one to leave the party otherwise I feel I am missing out if I go home early. My binge drinking causes arguments with my partner, and I say things I wouldn't normally say which has got me into trouble. I am scared to go out as I don't know where the evening will go." After hypnotherapy sessions "Happier I am doing something about my drinking. My partner has seen a significant improvement, but he doesn't trust my behaviour yet.  Last weekend I met friends and only had one drink all night as I felt relaxed without the drink." Esther from Swansea