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'Stop Binge drinking for Men' and 'Stop Binge drinking for Women' (As recommended in 'The Telegraph', 'Best Magazine', 'Marie Claire' )
Alcohol reduction Hypnosis Recordings / MP3 Downloads by Ailsa Frank. These products are tailored to suit 'men' and 'women'.

 Alternatively, I offer individual phone appointments for those who wish to Stop binge drinking An individual phone appointment allows the session to be tailored to you as an individual sorting out any other issues which may be affecting your life. So depending on where you live and the budget you set aside to sort out your drinking habits I offer two solutions, You can decide what is best for you and how you want to address things. My Hypnosis Recordings / MP3 Download products are designed to cover as many of the issues surrounding excess drinking as possible.  The speed of the tracks is deliberately designed to deliver the messages deep into the subconscious mind.  You need to listen to them regularly over several weeks or months or until you have made the changes you want to make.


If you decide to go down the appointment route to Stop Binge Drinking I will see you for usually 2-3 appointments although some people come for more sessions (4-6).  I try to keep appointments to a minimum as I like to teach clients everything they need to know to move themselves on as quickly as can safely be done. In between appointments I  ask clients to listen to a recording which takes about 10 minutes per day, this can be done at bedtime so it is easy to fit it into your busy schedule.

Most clients want to reduce down their drinking rather than stop altogether although many of my clients decide to give up later on as they realise alcohol is not so important anymore.  It is often described to me as being able to 'take it or leave it' which is a comfortable way to feel.  You will only let go at a safe pace and you will only reduce the amount that is right for you.  Some people will let go immediately whilst others let go over several weeks or a couple of months.

There are different reasons why people Binge Drink from a bad social habit which formed with friends to emotional issues such as a bereavement, divorce, money issues, stress or children.  Alcohol can become a crutch to rely on or an excitement of celebrating with friends but either way most people who drink excess alcohol want to be more in control and hypnotherapy is exactly the tool to help you get back in control of your drinking.  Hypnotherapy works in the deep subconscious part of your mind by changing your beliefs, habits and patterns which have built up over time.  As a child you learnt to read the time on a clock or on a watch, as an adult you cannot forget how to tell the time the same way you learnt to drink more and more alcohol usually from being a teenager and as an adult you cannot forget those drinking habits as they are part of you, part of your life experience.  During a deep relaxation in the hypnotherapy session, your mind will allow those set alcohol programs to release so they become a distant memory.  I will also deal with any emotional reasons behind your drinking although you may not be aware you have any the hypnosis allow things to be resolved for your good.


Most people think of themselves as fairly confident but a lot of drinking begins in younger years when your confidence is less developed so it is absolutely key to deal with self-esteem and confidence issues during the hypnotherapy sessions.  I also recommend my 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem' Hypnosis Recordings / MP3 download feel comfortable in a natural way for you in all situations which work well alongside the Alcohol reduction products for those who I don't see individually.


Although most people feel their finances are fine people often do worry about money issues such as paying for Christmas, holiday expenses, credit card debts, paying bills or just working really hard to keep up with your expenses which often increases peoples need for alcohol.  Having excess alcohol allows people to switch off from responsibility although in the long run drains them financially.  I, therefore, recommend my  'Money - Increase your wealth' Hypnosis Recording or MP3 download to get you really on track with your feelings about money.

Most Binge Drinkers have felt pressure to drink extra alcohol from their peers, the hypnotherapy will allow you to have the confidence to be in the company of friends, family, work colleagues with less alcohol.  Often Binge drinkers are the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons which are funny to everyone except the Binge Drinker.  We work on building a new better reputation which is a relief to my clients.

The most common reasons people seek my help to Stop Binge drinking is:

Their relationship with their partner or family is being destroyed by Binge drinking.

Wasting money.

Health worries.

How many appointments?

One to one hypnotherapy appointments are tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each clients requirements.

I like to move people on as quickly as they can safely make the changes so most people have 2-4 sessions although some have a few more. I try to keep it to a minimum, teaching the client what to do so they can get on with things themselves.


If you are interested in appointments or have a question please fill in the form or call 01276 683123. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy hypnosis downloads.

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