Stop Binge Drinking for Women - hypnosis download

This product is tailored for Women to Stop Binge; Retrain the subconscious mind to reduce drinking to a safe level, feel fine with just a couple of drinks, boost your confidence so you feel comfortable with less alcohol, reprogram yourself to be a sensible drinker, release the need for excess alcohol, have the confidence to drink less with other people, be in control of alcohol, release stress and improve sleep.

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Product Description


• Drink to get drunk?
• Pressure from others to drink alcohol?
• Alcohol is affecting your relationships?
• Spending too much on alcohol?
• Embarrassed about the night before?
• Once you start drinking you don't stop?
• Weight gain from over drinking? 
• Drinking to drown your sorrows?
• Need alcohol to feel confident?
• Worried about your health?
• Bad behaviour?
• Bored/Lonely/ Depressed?





As seen in 'Best Magazine' and' Health Magazine' and 'Marie Claire'

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as I am confident you will enjoy this product. I suggest you turn the volume down low, lie back and relax as you let the messages wash over you. (One title per customer)

Testimonials “I now feel in control of alcohol"

Are you drinking large volumes of alcohol in a short space of time?

If the answer is 'Yes' then you are binge drinking.

How do these stop binge drinking hypnosis downloads work?
The messages in the recording will help you to get back to being your true self by releasing the negative traits and behaviours you have taken on overtime. It is important to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings for several weeks or months although most people see positive changes within days. Listen regularly and keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. I recommend listening at bedtime but find the time which suits you best as long as you are lying down in a safe place. The quick pace of the recording allow the messages to go deep into the subconscious mind, you may not hear all the words as they by-pass your conscious mind.

No excuses for not listening!

You can alternate the tracks on different days or listen to them one after the other if you have more time.

Track 1 - 20 minutes
Track 2 - 11 minutes
Track 3 -  6 minutes (This quick track is great in the morning to start your day on a positive note)

If you fall asleep during the recordings your mind will still hear the messages but try to listen to the tracks all the way through at some point.

These hypnotherapy recordings are tailored to help women release binge drinking.  As more women are drinking excess alcohol I felt it was important to make a trustworthy product dedicated to women offering an affordable solution in the privacy of their own home.  During these 'Stop Binge drinking for Women' hypnosis tracks I will talk you through a series of exercises designed to release the reasons why you drink excess, release stress, let go of unrealistic pressure whilst boosting good feelings and confidence by changing the habits in your mind.

Listen regularly, I recommend daily for several weeks to reprogram your mind as you have probably built up your binge drinking habits over many years. You can listen before a social event such as a wedding, before a holiday or on the run-up to Christmas. The important thing is to keep listening until you make the changes you want.

I have made the tracks deliberately short to fit into your schedule you can press the 'play button' at bedtime and let the changes begin.

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Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos

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