My Prices

Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank Cht D.hyp MHF (GHR registered)

One-to-one phone appointments: £210 inc VAT per session (usually 2-4 required). Callers outside the UK can use Whatsapp as no phone charges apply.

Face-to-face appointments in Harley Street, London: £420 inc VAT per session (usually 2-4 required).

Contact: To book an appointment or to discuss anything further, please contact me and a member of the team will get back to you shortly or phone +44(0)207 785 1796.

Ailsa's goal is to move you on as quickly as possible, working session by session. Every hypnotherapy appointment is tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each client's requirements.

Hypnotherapy recordings: £9.99 - £14.99 for individual titles or from £45  buy a membership to my feel amazing app to access all 45 recordings. Get 6 free titles in the app for everyone by just putting it on your phone: Good Night's Sleep, Stop Worrying, Release Daily Stress, Fit and Well, Debt-Free Living and Fear of Needles. To get the app Click here **from your phone**.

Corporate Charges: From £1000, read more about the keynote and motivational speaking and workshops.


Why phone appointments? 

Phone sessions work very well as you can relax in your own home, wherever you are in the world, and connect with Ailsa. During the first part of the session, you will discuss with Ailsa the issues that you want to work on. In the second part of the appointment, you will lie back on a bed or sofa with headphones or your phone switched on speaker. She will talk you through the safe changes so you can make deep and lasting improvements on a subconscious level.

A phone appointment saves you time and effort in getting to and from a clinic and allows for more flexibility of times available in the diary, meaning you can have day or evening slots depending on your time zone. Ailsa has been working offering phone sessions since 2011 as they are highly effective, and her clients all over the world love them. read more

Get the 'feel amazing' app now - start listening right away and begin making changes with or without the phone appointments.

We suggest all phone clients get the app, as Ailsa will recommend specific titles as homework to listen to in between appointments. The app is a fantastic tool to keep you on track and enforce and accelerate changes that will quickly move you forward.

You can either purchase one-year access to individual titles or a membership to access all titles.

To get the app Click here **from your phone**.

read more about the app


"You are the best therapy I have tried in 25 years. I have made more progress with you than all the rest put together. You have changed the way I see things, so nothing is a problem anymore. Now I just sort things out. You focus on solutions to resolving things rather than churning over the negative past. I am so glad I found you, and I booked the first phone appointment."

" I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our session yesterday. As always, you were so inspirational and kind when I needed it most. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for your compassion, kindness and insight and the impact you have had in transforming my life. It means so much."

A word from Ailsa Frank

"I love helping people to transform their lives using hypnotherapy, as it is so effective in improving specific issues and overcoming challenges. Since 2005, I have helped thousands of people through my phone appointments, workshops, hypnosis downloads (now the Feel Amazing app) and my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House. It is rewarding to see people stop worrying, boost confidence, sleep well, reduce alcohol, be successful in love, relationships, parenting and in their careers."