How to put the hypnosis recordings on an iPhone or an iPad

Dropbox app.

The easiest way by far is to use the Dropbox app. You get it from the app store and it’s free.

Just install Dropbox Basic, which is free, click on the link in the verification email you will receive from dropbox to confirm your email address then reply to the order email you got from us and say you want the download on your Dropbox and we will do it in no time.

If your Dropbox username (your email address) is different to the email address you have used for your order please let us know your Dropbox email address.

We will then put the download in your Dropbox app and let you know once it is done. The download will be placed under the folder 'Hypnotherapy for [your name]' and will appear automatically inside the Dropbox app when you open it.

If you don't see the new folder try clicking on the Notifications menu in the Dropbox app and accept the access to the folder.

The download will also appear automatically on all your devices that you have Dropbox on, so if you have a phone and a tablet they will automatically appear on both.

To Summarize  

1. Install the free dropbox basic.

2. Click on the link in the verification email from Dropbox after you create your Dropbox account

3. Reply to the order email.

4. We will email you back to check you got the download (after we put it in your Dropbox).

For Android phones or PCs, you just click on the download link next to each track on the order email. This will download the track directly to your device.

How to put music on your iPhone/iPad using iTunes

Use this option only if you have a computer/laptop and are a tech savvy.

1. Download the tracks to your PC/MAC first. When downloading the tracks you will need to select ‘save’ and not ‘open’ (open will play the tracks straight from the internet browser instead of saving them to your computer).

2. Save the tracks to a folder you can access later for example to the desktop, or remember the folder you have chosen.

3. On some internet browsers like internet explorer, Google chrome or Firefox you can press Ctrl-J to see the downloaded files. Left Click once on the mp3 track to mark it and then right click and select open containing folder. This will open the folder with all your downloads. Find the mp3 tracks.

4. Drag the window to the download folder the one side of the screen, so it is showing only half and when you open iTunes you can drag it to the other side of the screen so you can see both widows in the same time

5. Open iTunes (if you don’t have iTunes,  Click here to get iTunes, then install it)

6. Watch this video


** If it's too complicated don't get frustrated you can always ask us to post you a CD instead, just contact us here or call or number.