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I am a British hypnotherapist; motivational keynote speaker and author of the award-winning book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House. I've helped thousands of people, from all walks of life, to improve their lives around the world, including CEO's, Actors and Singers, through my one-to-one phone hypnotherapy sessions and my range of hypnosis downloads.

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I work with an array of topics including alcohol, stress, relationships, weight issues, anxiety, heartbreak, exam pressure, depression, confidence and business success. I am well known for my alcohol reduction system which I developed to help people take back control of their drinking.

My goal and my purpose are to keep people including children and teens on the 'amazing path' in life, and if they have fallen off because of life issues, I help lift them to get them back on track. I am compassionate, yet I have a no-nonsense approach, to move people on quickly by getting to the root of the problem and then by breaking the bad habits and building new positive ones.

Hayley Goes Sober on BBC One with Ailsa Frank (2:11 mins in)


The Call Centre star Hayley Pearce faces sobriety for a month during which time she has hypnotherapy with Ailsa Frank who is an alcohol reduction expert, see her working with Hayley in this fascinating episode  ( – also available on iPlayer BBC 3).


'Ailsa, your voice and accent put me totally at ease straight away and I have absorbed so much of your wisdom I cannot begin to express how much my life has improved. Every day now, I notice AMAZING synchronicities, and smile, breathing a silent 'thank you Ailsa'.' Alison from Brighton

My work is often featured in newspapers and magazines. The Sun, Telegraph Online, Daily Mail, Express, Independent, BBC, Daily record, Marie Claire, Best, Top Sante, Spirit and Destiny, Natural Health, What the Doctors don’t tell you, New, Chat, Pick Me Up, Take a Break, Health, Weekly News. Read More about me.

If you are interested in appointments, contact us or click here for prices. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy hypnosis downloads

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Previous press coverage:

"In the month following my first session [with Ailsa] I have earned an extra £1000." A journalist writing in The Express.

"Sarah left the session feeling cleansed and transformed, with a strong sense of having let a significant weight go." Case study, The Daily Mail.

"Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank (Hay House) is a dip-in, no-nonsense guide to shedding habits that are holding you back.
Utilising the power of positive thinking and self-hypnosis, the book delivers actionable tips on how to reframe your thoughts on everything
from alcohol reduction and clearing debts to dealing with heartache and health." Marie Claire Magazine

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