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Self-help Author and HypnotherapistAilsa Frank

Ailsa Frank is a self-help author, motivational coach and leading hypnotherapist with a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach who teaches the AMAZING zone technique.
Through workshops, one-to-one therapy and her range of successful hypnosis mp3 downloads and her book, Ailsa has already helped thousands of people to identify what they
need to change in order to improve their lives and then to make those changes by moving their minds on from the past. 

She is well known for her alcohol reduction system which she developed to help people take back control of their drinking.  Although she also works with a variety of other subjects including heartbreak, stress, eating issues, debt, money issues, increasing wealth, parenting, relationships, finding love, health worries, addictions, fears, sleep, sales motivation, business success, confidence building and emotional issues.

In her new self-help book Cut the crap and feel AMAZING, Ailsa provides readers with the knowledge and tools to let go of the negative, rise above the dramas and get into the
amazing zone to ensure life follows a positive direction.

Ailsa’s work has been featured in numerous articles in national newspapers and magazines.

Previous press coverage:

"In the month following my first session [with Ailsa] I have earned an extra £1000." A journalist writing in The Express.

"Sarah left the session feeling cleansed and transformed, with a strong sense of having let a significant weight go." Case study, The Daily Mail.

"Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank (Hay House) is a dip-in, no-nonsense guide to shedding habits that are holding you back.
Utilising the power of positive thinking and self-hypnosis, the book delivers actionable tips on how to reframe your thoughts on everything
from alcohol reduction and clearing debts to dealing with heartache and health." Marie Claire Magazine

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