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Drinking out of control?

Hypnotherapy to reduce or stop drinking alcohol

My system of alcohol reduction hypnotherapy deals with the emotional issues connected to drinking too much alcohol such as; boredom and stress or upsets. The alcohol reduction hypnotherapy allows you to gain control of your choices again by breaking the habit of drinking, reprogramming your sleep patterns and releasing cravings, thus setting you free.

If you are interested in hypnotherapy phone appointments contact us or click here for prices. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy alcohol hypnosis downloads or get my award-winning 'Feel Amazing' app now to start listening straight away. Join the thousands of people who have taken back control of alcohol the Ailsa Frank way.
"Since the hypnotherapy, I now feel in control of the alcohol instead of alcohol controlling me." Janet from Surrey

How will you feel after the hypnotherapy for drinking less alcohol?

You will notice your cravings have diminished and you think less about alcohol. These new habits and patterns in your mind will allow you to say "no" to a drink whereas before you would have found yourself pouring a glass. You will begin to see results after the first session such as sleeping better, feeling happier with a weight lifted, finding yourself less interested in drinking, more refreshed in the morning and feeling more motivated at work and using your evenings and weekends more productively. Emotional issues such as low self-esteem will subside, so you can feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable without a drink at home and can feel at ease around drinkers without feeling you need to join the drinking. Most people think they feel fully confident but when you think back to the number of times you have had an extra drink from the persuasion of others you'll begin to realise that like everyone else you do need a confidence boost.
A Marie Claire magazine journalist writing about Ailsa's alcohol hypnotherapy phone appointments

"Since the hypnotherapy to stop drinking alcohol my once-toxic relationship with alcohol has gone through an unequivocal break-up. I start to notice other small shifts. For instance, I start buying sparkling water and filling my usual wine glass with it of an evening to relax. It feels just the same as drinking wine, minus the fuzzy head and rambling conversations over dinner. I also start running more regularly and practising yoga twice a week – a goal I’d worked towards for at least a year but never quite managed. I start eating healthier lunches and dinners and getting up earlier, feeling refreshed and energised rather than shattered and slightly depressed. The change is noticeable and quite remarkable."

There are two routes you can take to reduce your drinking;

Option one: You can have one-to-one hypnotherapy phone appointments which are tailored to break your specific drinking habits contact us. This will give you an opportunity to deal with other life issues that you may be facing. During the appointments, Ailsa will work through an alcohol addiction reduction plan moving clients on as quickly as safely possible, teaching clients how to manage life with less or no alcohol. The hypnotherapy is highly effective over the phone, usually 2-4 sessions required spaced 2 weeks apart. It is recommended you get the Feel Amazing app on your phone prior to the sessions as Ailsa will recommend recordings to listen to in between appointments. 

Option two: Alternatively you can listen to hypnotherapy recordings Take control of alcohol, Stop binge drinking for women and Stop binge drinking for men to provide you with the support to reduce alcohol addiction and habit in the privacy of your own home. Each alcohol hypnosis download is priced at £14.99 for one year of access in the Feel Amazing app, just the cost of a couple of drinks or you can buy a membership to access all 45 titles in the app. You can listen at bedtime or after work. You need to listen for several weeks to make changes. Thousands of customers around the world have taken back control listening to these recordings, visit the shop.

Whether you decide to listen to the hypnosis downloads or try the hypnotherapy appointments, we also recommend you read my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' which trains the mind to let go of the negative, rise above the drama and get into the amazing zone including a fantastic chapter on breaking the habit of addictions.

"I felt like a functioning alcoholic since my drinking increased during the lockdown but the hypnotherapy has changed all that." David from London

Hayley Goes Sober on BBC One with Ailsa Frank (2:11 mins in)

The Call Centre star Hayley Pearce faces sobriety for a month during which time she has hypnotherapy with Ailsa Frank who is an alcohol reduction expert, see her working with Hayley in this fascinating episode ( – (Originally on BBC One and BBC Wales but is still available to watch on iPlayer BBC 3).

How long does it take to change your drinking habit?

Hypnotherapy works quickly moving clients forward to their goals but each person makes progress at a different pace. People begin to see changes after the first session and continue to make progress with the support of recordings and with each follow-up appointment. One hardened drinker can make the changes in two phone sessions because they are ready for it whilst another may take six sessions or a more moderate drinker may need four appointments. Everyone responds differently, but you will only reduce down at a safe pace for you with Ailsa's system. The success of sessions comes from the commitment of the client sticking to appointments and listening to follow up relaxation hypnosis recordings in between appointments recommended by Ailsa and available in the Feel Amazing app. Eventually drinking less will become second nature. Some hypnotherapists will say you need to give up alcohol altogether or try to sign you up for a course at the beginning. But Ailsa works with a minimum of 2 appointments and further ones based on the individual needs of each client. and you can choose whether to reduce down alcohol or stop drinking altogether. 

"I still wanted to be able to enjoy a drink on occasions and the hypnotherapy has put me in control." James from Utah

"I can't thank you enough, you came into my life at the right time. I don't know how I would have got in control of my drinking without you. You have taught me so much and made me view alcohol differently." Ingrid from Hamburg

Hypnotherapy is a fully conscious deep relaxation where the mind is more able to take on positive suggestions thus making it easy to change alcohol habits and patterns. You have programmed yourself to drink alcohol in the same way that someone programmes themselves to drive a car. If you try to forget how to drink at your current level, you can't in the same way you can't forget how to drive. The drinking habit is merely an alcohol programme in your mind. Safe hypnotherapy relaxation will help change that alcohol programme in your mind similar to putting new software into a computer. This will allow you to create new drinking habits. You will only make the changes you want, so you are very much in control of the changes you will make. You can choose to stop drinking altogether or to still enjoy the odd glass of wine or bottle of beer.

What is the difference between hypnosis, hypnotherapy and meditation?

People are often confused as to what the difference is between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, but once combined with therapy it becomes hypnotherapy. The hypnosis technique is used to access the deeper part of the mind for the therapy to take place on an unconscious level. Hypnotherapy is similar to deep relaxation, which feels as if you have just woken but can't be bothered to get up. During the hypnotherapy visualisation techniques old connections to drinking, which could be 'triggers', can be released; a certain time of day you drink, or, a place or people that you associate with alcohol. By reframing old memories, you can easily break free from attachments connected to alcohol. Meditation is a state of relaxation whilst hypnotherapy directly shifts habits and patterns.

"Relief not wanting to drink it feels a huge mountain has shifted. I feel like a different person" Jennifer from San Diego, California

"Sleeping amazingly - the quality of sleep much better and deep. Before I would wake sluggish and it would often ruin the weekend. I thought I didn't really need hypnosis but now I wonder how I ever got this far in life without it. The hypnosis downloads work well and I like the fact the tracks are short and easy to fit into my day" Penny from Dallas Texas

"You have been a major contributor to me giving up alcohol. I still had to put the effort in but I have done it, at times it wasn't easy! The hypnosis recording really helped" Anne from Guildford, Surrey

"Since the hypnotherapy sessions, I have reduced alcohol to a sensible amount, stopped smoking and remarkably I have stopped gambling. I have saved so much money I feel so rich!" Tom from London

"I don't know what was in the hypnosis Mp3 as I was asleep before the end every time, but I feel the difference as I am sleeping like a log." Debra from Los Angeles, California

Alcohol consumption often builds up over time becoming a habit hard to break with willpower alone and can cause anxiety, self-hatred, shameful feelings, depression, fear of being out of control and blackout trauma. Drinking alcohol can increase following a bereavement, a prolonged illness or a financial crisis. Typically people drink out of habit and for a quick way to switch off. There are a number of reasons for increased drinking including relentless work demands, the stress of being a parent juggling everything, relationship issues and the pressure of running your own business. In contrast, it can be a boredom habit or something to fill time when lonely or simply love the taste and feeling of drinking. There can also be social drinking pressure from fellow workers, family or friends. More recently homeworking, lockdown restrictions, coronavirus worries, loss of a job, fear of redundancy and homeschooling have been fuelling an increase in drinking.

Drinking goals Most clients do not want to stop drinking altogether but would instead like to reduce down alcohol to a safe limit, as they may be concerned about health issues, are tired of feeling sluggish or alcohol is impacting on work performance and career. Other people find their relationships are being affected by the effects of excess alcohol. Hypnotherapy is a treatment that offers a solution to get you back in control of alcohol. Some clients reduce initially but then decide to give up drinking altogether a few months later as they get used to the reduction in alcohol and feel ready to let it go altogether. Most clients choose to reduce down to an occasional social drink or only have an alcoholic drink at the weekend which is why Ailsa's hypnotherapy system is so popular as this is all possible in the way that she works.

Break the habit of drinking If you have ever made a decision not to drink, but then find yourself drinking, then it is useful to know that it is an unconscious action that is making you take the drink. An example would be you may find yourself going to the fridge to take a drink after work when consciously you know you shouldn't, but you do it anyway. It is similar to moving an item in your house, but later you find yourself continually going back to the old place, you know you moved the item, but the unconscious mind is pre-programmed with the old place in the same way your mind is on autopilot to have a drink. Hypnotherapy is a practical tool to release and rewrite the past so you can move on quickly with new sober habits. Hypnotherapy has been well known for breaking smoking habits but it is also highly effective for breaking drinking habits too as seen in recent research.

"Not only has my control of alcohol improved significantly but I am now less stressed due to the relaxation exercises you taught me and I am living a far healthier and happier lifestyle." Natasha from Cheshire

"Since giving up drinking, I have embarked on training for a charity run and feel good about my health and myself. Many thanks." Dave from Wolverhampton

"Feel happier, more in control and thrilled. I was amazed to stop at one glass of wine the evening after the session." Margaret from Guildford

"Wow, what a great session. I met friends at the pub that night as it had previously been arranged. But I felt different, I had two drinks followed by a couple of soft drinks. I feel drinking more than a couple is just not for me anymore." Graham from Bromley

"It was such a relief when I found your website to know there are answers to my drinking problem. Since the appointment, I've not touched alcohol in the week and at a social event I drank little." Caroline from Hertfordshire


How can hypnotherapy help?

Firstly, hypnotherapy allows you to break bad habits and release cravings related to drinking too much alcohol, and release worries or uncomfortable past experiences which may be triggering anxiety or depression or the need for an alcoholic drink from loneliness or boredom. 

Secondly, hypnotherapy builds and enforces positive habits like feeling relaxed, sleeping well, learning to live without alcohol, creating weekly routines that don't involve drinking, to boost your motivation and confidence. Hypnotherapy trains the subconscious to take on board the new behaviours so you can stay sober. Hypnotherapy is a tool used by top athletes, singers and public speakers for improved skills and is also well known for study focus and exam success. Hypnotherapy fast tracks the changes that could otherwise take a long time. People often cave in when on a diet or when giving up cigarettes or alcohol because it takes too long to make the changes. During the hypnotherapy, to help the process of change you can make the flavour of alcohol less palatable by changing the association in the subconscious; this means the drink no longer has the same appeal. Hypnotherapy can re-root addictive thinking and dissolve cravings too.

If you are interested in appointments, contact us or click here for prices. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy hypnosis downloads or get the Feel Amazing app with 4 free titles

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Read more testimonials from clients after hypnotherapy appointments with Ailsa Frank:

"Drinking under control since second hypnotherapy appointment and I haven't even thought about using cocaine. Feeling very calm about the future whereas before I was incredibly fearful and stressed. It feels good to be in control." Kevin from London

"It's been lovely working with you and thank you so much for helping my husband and me to take control of our drinking finally. Honestly, it's such a relief and has already had a hugely positive impact!" Hailey from Sydney

"I was drinking at least one bottle of wine per night, now I drink occasionally and never on my own. Your hypnotherapy approach allows me to have the odd drink with friends socially." Chloe from Manchester

"I was sceptical, but it turned out to be the best money I have ever spent. I feel liberated to stop alcohol abuse." Jack from Cardiff

"I decided to have one-to-one appointments of hypnosis to stop drinking. I am glad I did as it allowed me to put a few skeletons from my past to rest." Louise from Newcastle

" I would like to thank you for the huge difference your hypnotherapy has made to my life; I no longer feel an urge to drink when I am stressed after work and can now for the first time put a cork back in a bottle of wine and leave some for another day." Emily from Bristol

"I can take it or leave alcohol since the alcohol hypnosis session. It is now like a cup of tea I have one occasionally, but if I don't have one, it doesn't matter." Katie from Devon

"I think I should have done this a long time ago. I now sleep soundly, and I am more relaxed as I have not drunk alcohol since the session which is what I want. I still get an occasional urge, but I make a coffee instead, or the feeling passes anyway." Brian from New York, New York

Here is a guide to help you understand if you could benefit from hypnotherapy. Ask yourself if you relate to any of the following:

  • • Is boredom fuelling your drinking or has drinking become a habit of something to do?
  • • Are you stressed and are finding alcohol helps you to relax or unwind?
  • • Are you gaining weight from over drinking or is your drinking increasing?
  • • Is alcohol affecting your relationships or does alcoholism run in your family?
  • • Do you binge drink regularly or drink more than you want to?
  • • Do you drink too much alcohol on your own or are you hiding your drinking from others?
  • • Do you feel the urge for alcohol or have a battle with cravings? 
  • • Do you think that only a few drinks per week are unrealistic for you?
  • • Do you have an overwhelming need for alcohol at a certain time of day or evening?
  • • Do you wake in the middle of the night due to wine, beer or spirits, perhaps you need the loo? 
  • • Do you use an alcoholic drink to help you get to sleep but then alcohol disturbs your sleeping?
  • • Are you determined on a Monday to drink less this week, but fail to do so?
  • • Is feeling hungover and groggy spoiling your weekend or affecting your job?
  • • Have you ever been so drunk you've not been able to remember much of the night before?
  • • Are you ashamed of your behaviour when you get drunk or worried about what you said?
  • • Have you, offended people, while you were drunk?
  • • Are you aggressive or angry when you drink or do you fall asleep?
  • • Are your children or family unhappy with your alcohol drinking?
  • • Are you worried about your long-term health or feel you are trapped in an unhealthy drinking cycle?
  • • Do you drink for the sake of it and wonder if you are becoming an alcoholic?

"I used to think I was an alcoholic but it is three years since I stopped drinking alcohol due to the hypnotherapy appointments, thanks." Tina from Durham

"I had a big drinking problem over several decades. I didn't really remember a time when I wasn't drinking. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to stop drinking but each time I tried to stop the alcohol withdrawal got the better of me as the cravings were so strong. Giving up alcohol seemed impossible. But the hypnosis alcohol help has changed that to my surprise. Now my drinking is under control and so is my weight." Pauline from Adelaide

"I was always the last one to leave the party and would hardly remember anything about what had happened. I was desperate to change but found I could not stop drinking now or ever it seemed. But that changed with the hypnosis to stop drinking with Ailsa. I feel happier and more in control. I am thrilled. I can go to meet friends and know I will come home sober at a sensible time. I would recommend your hypnotherapy alcohol program to a friend." George from Leeds

"The hypnosis download for alcohol reduction has stopped me from losing my driving license as I was regularly drink driving. If I lost my licence I would have lost everything, my job and home. I can't thank you enough." Debbie from Maidenhead

"I wish I had met you 20 years ago, it is the best money I have ever spent." Sarah from Birmingham

"I used to breathalyse myself before doing the morning school run now I have the odd drink at the weekend." Michelle from Dublin, Ireland


The public service watchdog, the Audit Commission, has warned that the economic downturn could lead to certain health problems including misuse of alcohol. If you answered yes to any one of the above questions then chances are it may be time to consider why you are drinking in the first place and to start to examine the emotional issues connected with the over drinking. Hypnotherapy can break the habit of drinking from the subconscious mind whilst dealing with the reasons behind the drinking.


Facts about alcohol:

  • • Anyone who drinks regularly can become dependent on alcohol.
  • • By the time a liver test detects damage, the harm may have been inflicted.

Alcohol Units can be confusing, so the easiest way to understand safe drinking levels is to never go beyond a couple of drinks at any one time and to limit your drinking to a maximum of 3 days per week. An occasional social drink is the safest way to drink. The body needs time off from alcohol to detox. 


If you are interested in hypnotherapy phone appointments, contact us or click here for prices. Alternatively, visit the shop to buy alcohol hypnosis downloads.

It's hard to imagine being able to take back control of your drinking easily but here are some more client comments after hypnotherapy appointments with Ailsa Frank:

" I lost my job due to my alcohol abuse. Since I have found the alcohol hypnosis downloads to change drinking habits I am back to my old self. I now have a better job. I only drink occasionally with friends." Martha from Chicago

"I love Ailsa's hypnosis downloads. The control alcohol one has changed my life. Now I listen to other titles like the Stop worrying and Releases everyday stress." Sandy from Miami, Florida

"Every day I was being offered alcohol by mums at the pickups from playdates, after a school football match, work events, friends and families houses. To say 'no' to an alcoholic drink would make me sound like a weirdo. But since I have started listening to the alcohol hypnotherapy recordings I don't care what other people think. I just drink a small amount, have more fun and have the confidence to be myself without alcohol too. I think many people are alcoholics or verging on alcoholism but don't even know it. Is it normal to drink a bottle of wine per day, but now I don't think so. Thank you. Penny from Liverpool

"Really impressed with the results of the alcohol hypnosis appointments, very pleased. I never imagined I could leave wine in the bottle and not feel the urge to finish it. The hypnosis recordings work really well at relaxing me." Jan from Seattle, Washington

"I found an addiction centre which wanted £5000 to help me reduce alcohol addiction. I felt it was too extreme and I didn't have the money. Ailsa made it easy in 2 hypnotherapy sessions to get back in control. I did my homework of listening to the alcohol hypnosis download and the follow-up techniques which helped me with all areas of my life." Susan from London

“I use to drink ¾ of a bottle of whiskey per night plus beers on top. I haven’t touched a drop of whiskey since the hypnotherapy alcohol sessions. I feel really in control just having a couple of beers occasionally. Thanks, I am really impressed with the changes. I couldn’t have done it without the hypnotherapy.” Gareth from Hull

“I wasn’t aware of how badly depressed alcohol made me until I gave up after the hypnotherapy alcohol sessions. I feel I have got my life back. Thank you.”Tara from Hong Kong

"My husband thought the alcohol hypnotherapy was too expensive for me to do but now he thinks it is the best money I have ever spent. I have benefitted from our appointments which have made a big difference and I am really grateful for that, thank you. Also, I know to follow my own judgement from now on and do things that feel right without being persuaded otherwise." Jo from Darlington

"Best value, I have saved so much money since reducing down alcohol, the hypnotherapy has paid for itself already.Great." Dean from Edinburgh


"I've let go of worries" Ascot Berkshire

"Since the hypnotherapy I've stopped arguing with teenage children, they seem more relaxed, and I do too" Mary from Bracknell, Berkshire 

"Thanks for the last session which was very reassuring and comforting. Thanks for all your support." Sharon from Blackpool

"I thought alcohol rehab was the only option to stop drinking until I found your website and that is when everything began to make sense. Ailsa your approach and easy-going attitude made me feel safe and not judged in any way. Your knowledge helped me understand and change my choices. I didn't realise that hypnotherapy would be so helpful for my whole life. I am more in control and like myself more. I feel more positive and very relaxed. I feel less guilty about silly little things which in the past could have felt monumental, but now I can take them in my stride. The follow-up tools you taught me are valuable at times of stress. I enjoy the hypnosis sleep recordings to get me off to sleep instead of drinking." Mrs K Egham, Surrey

"I didn't want to quit alcohol altogether, but I felt I was getting a bit of an addiction and binge drinking at weekends was becoming more common. I didn't know how to stop drinking. Most Mondays I was going into work looking wrecked but the first Monday after the hypnosis I woke on that Monday morning looking ten years younger as I had been so in control of my weekend drinking. My skin wasn't sweating and my face wasn't red anymore and that was just after a few days. I was really impressed with the results. Hypnotherapy is great prevention for alcohol-related illness." Jason from Dundee, Scotland

"Years ago I tried counselling for several months through the NHS, but it made me feel worse, and I couldn't move on with my life. The hypnotherapy has dealt with alcohol-related anxiety problems, and I am in control for the first time in twenty years." Daniel from Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I started drinking more heavily after a regretted abortion not only have you helped me cut down drinking but I finally feel peace over the termination." Sophie from Surrey 2008

'Take Control of Alcohol' hypnotherapy recording/MP3 download by Ailsa Frank priced £14.99 (as seen in The Sun and Natural Health magazine),

'Stop Drinking Go Sober' £14.99 (New)

'Stop binge drinking for Men' £14.99, 'Stop binge drinking for Women' £14.99 (as seen in The Telegraph, Marie Claire and Best magazine).


Ailsa Frank registered hypnotherapist and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register has already helped thousands of people take control of their drinking and turn their lives around. You can try one-to-one telephone appointments or you can buy her tried and tested alcohol hypnosis downloads which are a complete program on their own, try 'Take Control of Alcohol', 'Stop Drinking Go Sober', 'Stop Binge drinking for Women' or 'Stop Binge drinking for Men'. 

More information;

More women are reaching for a glass of wine at the end of a long day either looking after small children or to alleviate the stress of juggling a busy life. Hypnotherapy is a great way to get back in control of your alcohol intake read more

Alcohol hypnotherapy expert, Ailsa Frank, who specialises in alcohol hypnosis reduction, has helped thousands of people to take back control of their drinking or to stop drinking alcohol altogether using hypnotherapy. 

Here is how I can help you to change your drinking and stop alcohol abuse;

I can help you to get in control of your drinking habits and reduce the alcohol down using my hypnotherapy alcohol reduction program with personalised phone appointments or hypnosis downloads all in the privacy of your own home. 

I connect with clients all around the world. If you are interested in phone appointments with me or you have a question contact us or see my prices. Alternatively, visit my shop for alcohol addiction reduction hypnosis downloads which you can begin listening to today.

“I was binge drinking so severely that I couldn’t remember what I had done the night before and often found myself in odd places I didn’t remember getting to. Since the alcohol hypnotherapy sessions, I can meet friends and have one or two drinks and then go home sober. My relationship with my girlfriend has improved and we spend the weekends doing enjoyable things rather than me being ill and hungover. Many thanks” Andrew from Brighton

“I was drinking 8 cans of lager per day since the session I have reduced down to 8 cans per week. It’s incredible! I am glad I tried it. I have learnt not to ask friends what they think as they told me not to go for the hypnotherapy and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made."Lisa from Carlisle

"I craved red wine, now I don't really even think about it. Thank you" Maria from Islington

"I was reading on the BBC about going alcohol-free with stealth drinking but I found the cravings for alcohol were still strong if I abstained. It is one thing to change to alcohol-free beer or alcohol-free wine but I needed more as the cravings were still there. This is when the hypnosis for alcohol reduction helped as it changed the way I thought about alcohol. I came across Ailsa Frank's website where I purchased the hypnosis downloads Take control of alcohol and Stop binge drinking. The two titles have helped me get my life back." Michael from Leicester

"I wasn't convinced to begin with that the hypnotherapy for alcohol would help as I was scared it wouldn't but it has. My marriage has improved as a result. The relaxing hypnosis download really helps too. The wine sits in the fridge and I have no interest to pour it" Patricia from Ascot, Surrey

"An alcohol rehab centre wanted £3500 to stop me drinking but I didn't feel my problem was as big as that and I didn't have that sort of money. The alcohol hypnotherapy has changed my life putting me back in control and letting go of past life stresses." Jenny from London

"Having used alcohol to get to sleep for much of my adult life it is refreshing that I sleep much better without alcohol, not waking in the night at 3 am like before. I am enjoying a much deeper sleep since listening to the alcohol hypnosis downloads. I thought I would need a personalised session but the recordings have done the trick." Valerie from Houston, Texas 

"Quitting alcohol was so difficult before I found the hypnosis. Now my family have noticed how much nicer I am. My husband said I am such a nice person now I drink less since the alcohol hypnosis therapy." Donna from Philadelphia

 Hypnotherapy can have a positive effect on reducing drinking. In one particular study, 31 participants, who were being treated for alcohol use disorder, were split into two groups and one was given Hypnotherapy and the other Motivational Interview Therapy. The Hypnotherapy sessions got participants to envisage themselves resisting drinking alcohol in a variety of ways including remaining calm and avoiding situations that trigger the urge to drink. Results from the study showed that a higher number of participants in the Hypnotherapy reported complete abstinence and also experienced less emotional stress.