How hypnotherapy can help to cut down your drinking? by Ailsa Frank

By Ailsa Frank D.hyp MHF, Hypnotherapist in Berkshire

More women are reaching for a glass of wine at the end of a long day either looking after small children or to elevate the stress of juggling a busy work life with being a Mum. Hypnotherapy is a great way to get back in control of your Alcohol intake.

It is well publicised in the press the increase in alcohol consumption in the UK. For many it is unclear what the safe levels are for women to drink but one report suggested for simplicity 1 bottle of wine per week for women ( and up to 2 bottles for men). So the question is do your drinking habits exceed this? If so hypnotherapy could be a good route to let go of alcohol cravings and habits. Women drinking 3 units (2 unit = 175ml wine) of alcohol regularly per day are increasing the risk to their health.

Many people like the taste of wine therefore they do not want to give up all together but find it hard to reduce down on their own. The subconscious mind becomes programmed with what ever we teach it and just like learning to drive a car once the mind has learnt how to do this it is almost impossible to forget how to drive. In the same way a person teaches themselves how to drink alcohol once learnt it is hard to stop or change their drinking habits; it is as if a software of ‘how to drink’ is running in the program of their mind.

Hypnotherapy is a deep fully conscious safe relaxation during which time the mind is able to take on board more positive suggestions. A common question asked is can I be hypnotised? Everyone experiences hypnosis in ordinary life when daydreaming or reading a book. The hypnotherapist will take the client in the relaxed feeling during the session and then make the changes discussed previously with the client.

Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank who is based in Ascot says “I see more and more clients for alcohol many of them women whose drinking levels have crept up over a period of time. They gradually begin to realise they are becoming dependant on alcohol. During the sessions I teach them stress management techniques so they can feel more relaxed as a parent or with work pressures. My approach tackles the root of the drinking whether it is boredom, stress related or another cause. Many clients comment on how much calmer they feel after the treatments. My work is very rewarding as I see people let go of the obsession of drinking and restore balance to their relationship with alcohol.

Some clients are sceptical at first and can’t imagine the hypnotherapy working or life without a regular drink but soon they begin to wonder how they ever drank so much. The benefits are rewarding as clients sleep well, wake in the morning refreshed and begin to deal with work and home life easily. Many clients notice how cheap their supermarket shopping becomes as they reduce down the volume of alcohol they buy whilst others are amazed at how few empty bottles they have for recycling.

After the hypnotherapy sessions with Ailsa, Pauline a mother of two from Berkshire said “Before the Hypnotherapy I use to drink every night after returning from a stressful day at work. I really believed it was normal even quite fashionable to have half a bottle of chardonnay, some nights a whole bottle. As everyone I know drinks I just felt one of the crowd but now I realise the alcohol was controlling me. Now I am in control of the alcohol I feel so much better for it.”

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