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  • Can you break the cycle of drinking alcohol?

    Can you break the cycle of drinking alcohol?

    Daily stresses added to the distress of dealing with life issues can turn people to drinking more alcohol. Alcohol addictions or drinking habits build up if you use alcohol as a way of numbing the challenges in life, of which there will always be some to deal with. The secret is to find new coping strategies to deal with life without alcohol being an escape from what is going on.

    When you drink to a certain level your tolerance for alcohol becomes higher, you don't feel drunk. You may feel fine and you might even be alright coping quite well. But there is a tipping point for everyone where you begin to drink more until your levels are unsafe or unhealthy. Alcohol can temporarily numb bad feelings but in the end, your emotions will need to be faced head-on for you to create a good life.

    Losing your tolerance

    Eventually, if you carry on drinking you will begin to lose your tolerance as your body may struggle to process the alcohol. You may begin to feel the alcohol sweat in your skin, have disrupted sleep and feel sluggish. Your liver may no longer be able to deal with the burden of the alcohol. The liver is the most forgiving organ in the body if you treat it well as it regenerates regularly but eventually even the liver has its limit. A drinker can go on to develop liver disease, a swollen spleen and other complications.

    Has your drinking been creeping up over time? Is your health progressively deteriorating? Are you struggling to see a way forward? Does a life without alcohol seem impossible? Are you more afraid of giving up drinking than you are of the health implications of drinking too much? Are you drinking to oblivion? Is your health progressively deteriorating? Has your drinking already affected your relationships?

    Alcohol and Relationships

    The cycle of alcohol pushes the people you love further away. You may have become some of the following;  unreliable, unreasonable, abusive, lashing out, blacking out, being embarrassing, arguing, insulting, saying things you regret later, falling over, unable to communicate or unfaithful due to drinking.

    For those in relationships with a partner who has become alcohol dependent or an alcoholic, it can be a lonely, frustrating and destructive partnerships to be in. Alcohol can fuel the relationship problems then the relationship problems can fuel the drinking so you end up caught in a vicious circle. To cope with the alcohol adversity in the end alcohol becomes your companion and your partner becomes a distant friend. But the destructive relationship with alcohol can cause the drinker severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression as well as the inability to perform at work. The endpoint to alcohol dependency can be a person sitting alone in a room with a bottle with no one left around them.

    Difficult life events can leave you spiralling down.

    The following events can be catalysts for turning to a glass of wine, spirits or beer; a bereavement, work stress, family problems, ill-health with a family member, money stress or loneliness. But remember these are all issues which can be resolved. People are coming through similar events all of the time. You just need to find a route through your challenges. It is good to identify what might be happening in your life that is leading you to drink too much.

    A client recently had a breakup as a result of their own drinking being 'out of control'. They had gone beyond hearing or caring about what they were doing to themselves and loved one. This is a story I have heard over and over again. It can leave a partner feeling trapped with the only solution being to finish with the drinker.

    Breaking habits

    As a therapist helping people to break the habit of drinking, I hear the same things over and over again '  I don't want to put my girlfriend, boyfriend wife or husband through it again.' 'Alcohol crept up and just became the thing that I do'. 'The alcohol began controlling me rather than me being in control of the alcohol.'

    A life without alcohol can seem impossible but there are solutions to break the habit of alcohol and deal with the problems in your life which may be causing you to drink to excess. I teach clients to become alcohol-free by re-programing their subconscious mind which holds their drinking habits and distress habits of dealing with life problems. By improving the way people think it is possible to establish new, safe and healthy habits about alcohol.

    How to become alcohol-free.

    I suggest you work on the subconscious level by listening to hypnosis downloads to break drinking habits or have one to one sessions to re-program your thinking around alcohol and your life issues.

    Recommend 'Take control of alcohol', 'Stop binge drinking for women', 'Stop binge drinking for men'. Also, my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' published by Hay House has an addictions chapter to help you take back control.

  • Have you ever felt you are not good enough?

    Hypnotherapy can improve your inner self belief so that you can eliminate any fear of rejection which may be holding you back.

    This month I am focusing on some techniques to help you overcome fear of rejection. Whether it be in a social setting, a work interview, in a relationship or in everyday life we have all felt at least slightly awkward at some point with the feeling that we might not be good enough.

    3 tips to help you feel good about yourself;

    1) The feeling of 'What if I am not good enough?' probably started at an early age. So for this exercise imagine a really confident version of yourself today, then visualise yourself starting school with this confident self belief. Imagine your school, the pupils and the teachers are smaller in your mind, then imagine going into your first day of school feeling good about yourself. See yourself going through each year of your education with a new confidence. See yourself making friends easily and being popular in the class.

    2) Re-write your history in your mind so you can overcome any past confidence knocks. Visualise things going as you would have liked them to turn out, such as see yourself getting the job, being wanted by someone you lost, being loved by a family member or being picked for the team. By seeing things going well you will override old habits of rejection which could be affecting you today.

    3) Turn the conversation with yourself into optimistic phrases such as 'What if I succeed?', 'What if I get a great job?', 'What if people like me?', 'What if I am loved?'

    You can also try my new 'Release Fear of Rejection' hypnosis download recording. This will allow you to make changes whilst you relax or sleep at bedtime, to find out more click here

    You can combine my 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem' recording with my book Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING. The techniques will help you to tailor your life by cutting out the negative habits so you can feel AMAZING. Chapter 5 will boost your confidence.

    Best wishes

    One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually 2-4 appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from my website shop to tackle the various issues in your life.

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  • 5 things to create comfortable and enjoyable sex

    Create a comfortable sex life - unleash your true sexual enjoyment

    A woman experiences all sorts of issues throughout her life which can get in the way of her fully enjoying sex - pregnancy, urinary issues, monthly cycles, menopause, a bad sexual experience, a break-up or betrayal or a medical examinations to name a few!

    Our life experiences store in the subconscious part of the mind. This can leave you with a build up of irritations causing a low sex drive, bedroom boredom, painful sex or a lack of attraction towards your partner.
    A male body generally ticks along on an even keel whereas a woman's body is constantly changing with hormonal cycles and life interruptions. I find more female clients complain about their husbands or boyfriends expecting them to be switched on in the bedroom like a iPad or mobile phone, which can be annoying even putting them off sex altogether. I have helped thousands of people with alcohol reduction over the years. A common theme that arises with female clients is the need to drink alcohol to feel sexually free as things are not always flowing and natural with their partner. 
    My  'Comfortable Sex for Women' hypnosis recording will reset your mind so you can feel great about the way you look naked, let go of any past traumas, have new confidence to pleasure your partner but also be pleasured by your partner, feel good about your body and your partners body and create stronger orgasms. Whether you have had a particular past event which has set your sex life on the wrong course or you just generally want to improve your sex life this hypnotherapy download will help you make the changes smoothly and effortlessly.

    Here are some tips to help you:
    1) Play new relaxing music when you make love to create a new atmosphere in the bedroom.

    2) When you begin making love visualise yourself climaxing as your mind will create what you ask it to do. By visualise the outcome you want you will create those pathways in your mind.

    3) Smile as you make love to create positive chemicals in your brain to make you happier and more relaxed.

    4) Visualise several times in the past you enjoyed sex with your partner to invoke positive memories.

    5) Set aside quality time in your week to make love when you are relaxed and not tired. Often sex is the last thing on a persons list of things to do. Plan your week so your have time to invest in your relationship.

    To make changes on a subconscious level try my Comfortable sex for Women hypnosis recording. You can also read my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing which teaches easy to do techniques to improve all areas of your life (published by Hay House available as a paperback, e book, kindle and audio)

  • 20 Inspirations to Improve Your Life

    1. Wave goodbye to excuses. Let them pass like clouds in the sky.
    2. Cut debt from your life to feel AMAZING. Spend less and earn more by using your skills.
    3. Smiling little and often will over time improve your life.
      Inspirations to improve your life.
    4. Laugh at life and feel AMAZING.
    5. This has happened but I can and I will turn it into something good.
    6. Every word you speak is shaping your life. Choose your words carefully.
    7. Piece your life together like a jigsaw puzzle and make it AMAZING.
    8. Let being a parent be a positive adventure.
    9. Your smile is the most AMAZING tool you have to improve your life.
    10. When you don't know the answer, presume things will work out AMAZINGLY well.
    11. You don't need to be 100% ready to give things a try...
    12. Let life be an adventure.
    13. You can carry on. You can get through this. You are doing it.
    14. You can find a way to make your life even better than it was before.
    15. The little things that make you smile will help you through your day.
    16. Goodbyes are opportunities for new hellos.
    17. What are we waiting for? Let's start living.
    18. You create your bad habits. But you can create good ones too.
    19. Appreciate the small things.
    20. Start with one thing, then another one thing until you have got everything done.

    You can read more in my book Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING which is published by Hay House. The chapters cover cutting the negative from your life covering topics such as relationships, money, career, parenting, stress, health and addictions such as alcohol and more...

    You can also find a selection of hypnosis downloads to help support you popular titles include Take Control of Alcohol, Stop Binge Drinking, Build Confidence and Self Esteem, Weight for Women, De-stress Your Life.....

  • 5 reasons why Trump may not be that bad

    How to find the positive in the Trump Presidency - coping and managing your feelings




    1. He is engaging people in politics.
    2. He is highlighting divides which needed to be addressed at some point anyway.
    3. He is showing us that change can happen quickly when you put your mind to something.
    4. He is highlighting the fact that governments need to work for everybody to avoid unrest.
    5. He is living proof that if you believe in yourself enough you can get any job you want.

    Good and Bad

    When Trump leaves the Oval office the good bits of Trump will remain and the bad bits will be corrected. He will have been right on somethings and wrong on others which is no different from any other government.

    Coping with Trump

    The best way to cope with any challenge is to keep a positive focus. It can be difficult to see the way through something so try managing your daily worries by imagining them floating away like clouds moving in the sky. By visualising your problems passing on by you will train your mind to find solutions and avoid being stuck in repetitive negative thought patterns.

    Trump is a blip in the history of the world which should put things into perspective for you.

    Managing your conversation

    Anxiety builds up when people fear the bad in a situation rather then the good. 'What if it is a disaster?' instead of 'What if this situation works out okay?' Try changing your conversation with yourself to a more optimistic language which will prevent you from slipping into frustration.

    Focus on your own life, making it the best it can be whilst sticking to your truth. Always be open to seeing situations from all sides allowing everyone to voice an opinion allows people to get things off their chest in the end common sense will prevail. Get out of the black and white ridgid thinking and get into the grey area where solutions can be found. You can turn anything into a positive with the correct mindset.

    You can buy my 'Stop worrying' hypnosis recording to help you manage every worries. Visit my shop click here

  • Bad AS level Exam Grades

    Bad AS Level Exam Grades - I need help to get into University.

    Due to a break up around the time of my exams I got bad exam results. I used to be such a good student and try hard. Since the I got the bad grade in my AS levels I have no confidence in my ability and struggle to stay focuses with the belief I'm going to fail anyway. I need help and to fix this before my exams so i'm able to work hard and achieve the grades i need for uni.

    Thanks for your question - my advice would be;

    Firstly I would recommend you buy my Study motivation and exam success. This will reset your thinking so you can let go of the past disappointment and focus on getting the best results from now on wards. You can also buy my teens relaxation for 13-18. This is for anyone in education up to completing A levels. These recordings will change your belief in yourself. You will see that you become fully focused. You can't afford to let the actions of an ex boyfriend put you off your life path for success. If he had been right it would have worked out. He has set you free.

    Regarding getting into Uni you are not the first person to underperform in your AS's. This means nothing as you still have time to do well in your A levels. It will help if you visualise positive future scenarios as if they have already happened such as;

    1) Already in University finishing your first, second and third years doing well.

    2) Laughing to yourself as you receive great results in your A levels.

    3) Having offers from several Universities and you being able to choose the best one.

    4) Doing well in your mock A levels.

    5) Being in a great job post degree because you have done so well.

    Always switch your mind to a positive outcome.

    You can buy my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing which teaches you tools such as these. It would be great for you to read at this stage in your life to set you up with coping mechanisms. It will teach you when things don't go to plan to rise above the drama and turn it into something better. Chapter 5 has motivation techniques to help you. You can buy it as a kindle, ebook, hardcopy.....

    If you follow the above you will be absolutely fine. If you want sessions let me know but I think you should start with the recordings and book as they are very powerful and cost effective for you.

    Another tip

    Get plenty of relevant work experience in the field of your degree as this will make you stand out from everyone else. Universities want to see people who are organised and dynamic with a passion for the subject. Ask around with any contacts you may know or approach local businesses. Work free for companies so you can write the experience on your CV. If you have any University interviews coming up you can speak about your work experience then. You will be remembered for your initiative.

    Once you have your A levels under your belt no one will ever look at your AS grades. Keep focused and push ahead. Your poor AS results will be the making of you, I have seen it time and time again. I have taken time to write this for you as I believe in you - Good luck!

    Study Motivation and Exam Success Click here

    Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing Click here

    Relaxation for Teens age 13-18 Click here



  • Confidence Boost Story

    Confidence boost story with hypnosis

    Alison, aged 38 yrs, sought confidence hypnotherapy to help her cope with work nerves, which she felt were hampering her chances of progressing her career.

    Before the hypnotherapy;

    'I would often avoid putting myself forward for work presentations or going away on work trips. I compare my-self to other colleagues which makes me feel inadequate. I often put myself down with repetitive negative conversation about how rubbish I am. I avoid anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. The worse day I remember was when some clients flew in from abroad. I just froze in front of them during my presentation. I wanted the floor to swallow me up. I remember as a teenager I had a few minor embarrassing moments speaking in front of the class at school but as I have got older the feelings have got worse. I also feel self conscious when out socially with people who I don't know well. At some functions I have avoided dancing unless I have had a lot to drink. Using alcohol to cope with nerves has been a way of coping. But having recently curbed my drinking I decided it was time to tackle my nerves. I had read about hypnosis helping people with confidence issues. My life is full on with kids , work and a husband. There is quite a lot of stress at home with general bickering. This makes it harder to focus on work so often I go to work feeling unprepared for things. I particularly hate unexpected work situations sprung on me, like a change of plan for a meeting or to the days schedule. ' Alison said.

    After the hypnotherapy;

    'Since listening to the hypnosis tracks I have found my sleep has improved greatly. I get up in the morning ready to take on what the day throws at me. I seem to be handling the children better, I am aware now that they have been ruling the roost for too long. I have had a calmer approach when speaking to the children and a new confidence to claw back my power instead of giving in to their demands. At work I have better eye contact as I feel more comfortable looking directly at people. I also noticed I feel more confident in the company of the staff who I manage. As I am friends with them it can be difficult to tell them what needs to done but now I feel more at ease telling them. The other day I volunteered to chair a meeting, it was weird as I said I would do it, which felt kind of strange as before I would be slipping to the back of the room to avoid being asked. Several colleagues congratulated me on a great meeting. At home I stood up for myself over some arrangements with my in-laws. My husband and I are getting along better. Generally life is calmer. The changes happened gradually after listening to the hypnosis over several weeks. I intend to keep listening to the downloads to improve my life further.'

    Boosting your confidence on an inner level can set you free to reach your true potential. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to change your old thinking habits to create  a new more confident you.

    For more information about hypnotherapy for confidence and self-esteem issues click here or to buy my Build Confidence and Self Esteem hypnosis download priced £14.99 click here

  • Help my parents are drunk

    Are you a good role model for your kids or are you programming them to drink?

    Alcohol is part of the British culture but with home drinking becoming so popular is it time to revaluate what affects it could be having on children who are seeing parents drunk.

    Busy lifestyles make it easy to slip into the habit of having a glass of wine or beer after a hard day but recent reports by Drinkaware suggest that 46% of 10-14 year olds have seen at least one of their parents drunk. It is indicated that children who see their parents drunk are twice as likely to get drunk themselves.  It is also estimated that one in three children live with an adult binge drinker.

    Wine O'clock

    I  have found over the years that many of my clients drink alcohol when they’re getting the kids ready for bed or at bath time.  For some it is easy to pour a glass of wine to unwind after a days work or to reward yourself for looking after the children. Howvever it is important to remember that everything a child experiences becomes part of who they are. A young persons subconscious mind absorbs information around them forming their core belief system. We are being hypnotised by the world around us.

    Whatever is normal to a child will feel normal to them as an adult so parents who drink could be programming children to drink themselves. Even if you don’t drink in front your children they will still pick up on alcohol habits by seeing the bottles of alcohol in the supermarket trolley or the empties the morning after in the recycling bin. Everything has an imprint on your childs mind so be careful as to what you are surrounding them with.

    I have treated hundreds of clients for reducing alcohol with hypnosis and many of them do drink infront of thier children. I have also helped many teenagers with all sorts of issues from exam and sports improvement to releasing stress and worries. My teenage clients often tell me that it can be upsetting or stressful to see their parents drunk.

    Regular drinking

    Alcohol is a drug but it is accepted as legally part of our society which gives people the greenlight to drink too much. Pubs and clubs are social hubs which should be there for occasional drinks but often lure people into a culture of drinking regularly. As it is cheap and easily avialble to drink at home over recent years it has become a daily ritual rather than something for the weekend.

    In everyday life if someone doesn’t drink they are considered a bit of a “fuddy-duddy”. If you say you don't drink then people may think you are a recovering alcohol. For this reason many people can't imagine life without a drink as they want to be socially accpeted by friends and family. Many peoples activities and lives may revolve around drinking. I tend to work with clients to help them reduce down although those who do want to stop altogther do so successfully. Here are some client stories to help you asses whether drinking in front of your children is a good thing or not?

    Hugos story (age 14)

    "My Mum thinks she is handling the drink really well but I notice she sways, slurs her words and is quite irrational when she has had a drink. In the morning she is more grumpy if she has had a lot of alcohol the night before. I hope I won't be like this with my children when I grow up. I am sure our Dad left us because of Mums drinking. It is hard to get any sense out of a parent who has had a few glasses of wine. I can see it in her eyes that she just switches off as she stops caring. She slumps on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand with the bottle on the coffee table. She tops up her glass until she finishes the bottle. I usually go to my bedroom before she starts saying silly things. Sometimes she wakes me up to tell me something because she dosen't realise it is late as she loses all sense of reality. One time she broke something I had made for a project for school. In the morning she didn't remember because she asked me why my model was broken which really irritated me. She thinks I am a typical moody teenager but actually it is her behaviour that makes me slam doors from frustration. She has no respect for herself or for me. How can I respect her if she is drunk?"


    Susans story (age 48)

    "I used to drink in my 20’s and 30’s, as a busy professional, it was just part of the job, everyone drank. My parents both drank so it felt pefectly normal that I would drink infront of my children. Although I never liked my parents when they were drinking as it made me feel on edge not sure which way to take them. I remember my son, aged about 5 at the time, saw me throwing up after I had mixed my cocktails. I was recently in a relationship with an alcoholic, and my son, now an impressionable 17 year old, was witness to this mans extreme and drunken behaviour. When I later saw my son having spells of getting drunk, it was difficult for me to reprimand him as I was seen to have double standards.  It was much harder for me to assert ground rules. Teenagers have enormous peer pressure to drink neat spirits, it is seen as the norm. My son’s response was “Well Mum, you did it when you were my age.” what could I say to that? I would however in hindsight wished I had seen the damage I was doing by drinking in front of him when he was young. As a parent I want to protect my son. If I could turn the clock back I would have drunk more sensibly and perhaps I would have a better relationship with my son.”

    Carolyn's story (age 42)

    "My drinking has caused a lot of tension between me and my husband which filters out to the whole family. It was only when I reduced down my drinking, by listening to the Take control of alcohol hypnosis recording, that I realised my drinking was having a bad affect on my daughters behaviour. She has been excluded from school before now which I suppose made me drink more. It became a vicious cycle of my drinking and her behaviour issues. I suppose I am not a very good role model for her when I crash out drunk because I finish a whole bottle of wine on a weekday. As I reined back my drinking with the hypnosis I found I was seeing the problems more clearly with my daughter. Once I was sober she began to listen to me as she had more respect for me. Taking back control of my drinking has enhanced not only my own well being, sleep, clarity but my families quality of life has improved too. The thought of wanting to stop drinking alcohol hung over me like a big black clouds for so long. Do I miss drinking? The answer is no way, I actually feel as if I have been handed a second chance and I have my life back. I don't miss drinking one bit. I just wish I had found the hypnosis downloads earlier. I don't want my children to see their parents drunk ever again."

    Chloe's story (age 18)

    "I just want to say my Dad reeks of booze sitting watching TV. He becomes really annoyingwhen he tells us what to do. His head hangs down and sometimes he dribbles, it is distgusting. Mum and dad argue over his drinking which upsets me and my sister. I find it hard to take authority from someone who I have little respect for. He 's not an alcoholic , he goes to work and only drinks in the evenings but i don't think he should drink on a work night. I don't think it is fair to see your parents drunk. I worry about his health as he may get ill from drinking too much alcohol. I do drink as everybody does."

    Interested to curb your drinking?

    If you are interested to take back control of your drinking try my hypnosis downloads ‘Take control of alcohol’ recording to break daily drinking habits OR 'Stop binge drinking' for bouts of excess alcohol drinking.  By reprogramming the mind the recordingswill help break the bad habit of drinking and restore healthy sleep. It is easy to listen as  with short tracks they can  fit into your busy schedule either after work or at bedtime.  Just put the volume down low and let the messages wash over you whilst you sleep.  You will begin to see differences to your drinking such as pouring the dregs of wine away, leaving wine in the bottle for another day, having alcohol free nights, feeling like a herbal tea instead. You will find your mind makes different choices putting you back in control.



  • Breaking Alcohol Drinking Habits

    Breaking alcohol drinking habits. 

    There really is much more to life than just drinking. By breaking alcohol drinking habits you can go out and find an AMAZING life that does not rely on alcohol.

    Throughout your life you may have been programmed by people drinking around you, by television programmes, adverts or living in a culture of drinking that has normalised it in your mind. Remember that there are people in every country in the world who drink very little and still have a good time.

    If you are using alcohol to help you relax or are relying on it in any way, try to find other, non-alcohol-related ways of relaxing and enjoying yourself so that your drinking doesn’t end up getting out of control. Sort out every area of your life so you can feel happier and more relaxed in your week.

    I recommend listening to alcohol reduction hypnotherapy recordings at bedtime to break drinking habits and also to help release emotional stress so that you feel relaxed and sleep better. You can listen to other titles of hypnotherapy recordings as well, such as ‘Confidence’ and ‘Relaxation’, which will boost your positive feelings about yourself. When you are naturally relaxed, you won’t feel the need for a drink.

    TIPS for breaking alcohol drinking habits:

    • Take a shower or have a bath after work to relax you.
    • Change into comfortable clothes when you finish your working day.
    • Drink herbal tea in the evening.
    • Drink sparkling water in a wine glass with a slice of lemon instead of alcohol.
    • Listen to hypnotherapy recordings after work or at bedtime.
    • Use the techniques in this book to change your life for the better.
    • Listen to hypnotherapy alcohol reduction recordings to release cravings and reset the program in your mind.

    Take the b out of booze and ooze personality without alcohol. Be the life and soul of the party without a drink. Work on your confidence so that you don’t feel you need to have a drink to enjoy yourself.

    Visualise your life positive technique

    Let go of the negative film in your mind of you being ‘the drunk’. Instead, visualise yourself doing healthy things with your time, such as  going to the theatre, sailing, running, watching movies, reading books ... It’s your choice.

    Photo drink diary

    Use your phone camera to make a photo drink diary by photographing everything you drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). This way you will really see what you are consuming. Share the pictures with a supportive friend so that you have to face up to what you are drinking. Eventually, your photo drink diary will include mainly non-alcoholic drinks, with the occasional drink of alcohol.

    SMILE as you think about being happy without a drink. it is easier than you think to start breaking alcohol drinking habits.

    To find out more read my book ‘Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing’ self-help book priced £14.99 www.ailsafrank.com and Amazon.

    Hypnosis for an extra boost for breaking alcohol drinking habits

    You can also listen to my hypnosis download recordings for help breaking alcohol drinkng habits. ‘Take Control of Alcohol’ & ‘Stop Binge Drinking for Women' or 'Stop Binge Drinking for Men' and 'Weight Loss for Women' or 'Weight Loss for Men' and Men’

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