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    5 step sleep guide

    You may struggle to get to sleep, or perhaps you wake in the night. Insomnia can cause enormous strain. But, quality sleep is about prioritising. So, begin to prepare yourself for bedtime with my 5 step sleep guide using some hypnotherapy style techniques;

    Step 1 - Slow your day down

    Try moving more calmly and take deep breaths at intervals throughout the day. Then speak more positively to yourself. Tell yourself that you can, and you will efficiently complete everything.

    Step 2 - Take control of your thoughts

    Write down on a piece of paper your worries, or list tomorrow's tasks to be completed. By putting your thoughts on a page, you will free you from the clutter in your head, which will prepare your mind for bedtime and the morning ahead.

    Step 3 Quiet-time visualisation

    Find a quiet place to sit in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. Then visualise yourself walking along a beach, with the waves coming in and out on the shore. Imagine the beach represents your whole life, and each grain of sand symbolises your skills, talents and experiences. Imagine you are holding a handful of sand each grain depicts your stresses. Then see how small the sand grains are in comparison with the vastness of the whole beach. Now allow the grains to slip through your fingers as you imagine letting go of your problems. Visualise the waves washing them away. There will always be things we have to deal with in life. You will often find you have a small pile of sand in your hand. But imagine that you can let it go each day. (try this technique on the train or bus on the way home or after dinner in the evening).

    Step 4 - Bedtime

    Quietly and calmly enter the bedroom. Once you are in bed, feel the softness and protection of the bedclothes. Be aware of the feeling of being inside your body.

    Step 5 - Rapid eye-blinking technique

    This hypnotherapy technique relaxes you and tires your eyelids. Lay comfortably in the dark with your eyes open. In your mind begin counting backwards from 300. And, slowly count the numbers, until you feel you can't keep your eyes open any longer. Then blink rapidly, as fast as you can, for 30 seconds. Or until your eyelids begin to feel heavy and sleepy. When you can't blink your eyes anymore, close them, and feel yourself let go. Allow yourself to sink into the bed beneath you and drift off to sleep.

    Further sleep solutions

    Here is a short film with ideas for a good night's sleep which includes some hypnosis techniques to break insomnia.

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    You can read more in my book about my hypnotherapy methods for relaxation, sleeping well, releasing anxiety and managing depression. Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House).

    Today I offer one-to-one hypnotherapy phone sessions to help clients sleep well. Because by break old sleeping patterns and restoring new habits, you can get a good night sleep again. When you are frustrated, you may say 'Help I can't sleep'. But over two and four hypnotherapy sessions you can change your feelings towards sleep. During appointments, we work on the factors which could be stopping you getting to sleep or interrupting your sleep. There are many common causes which prevent healthy sleep patterns which include; relationship strain, living with young children, work worries, financial stress and fear of not waking on time. Often excess drinking can disrupt sleep patterns. If people can't sleep, they can reach for an alcoholic drink to help them sleep better. But over time the effects of the alcohol begin to wake them up in the night. Hypnotherapy reprograms the subconscious mind by breaking both the cycle of drinking and not sleeping well.

  • Has disrupted sleep left you feeling exhausted?

    Take the sleep challenge

    I challenge you to a Good Night's Sleep with my new hypnosis download. If you don't sleep I will give you your money back. You can lie back and listen as your stresses dissolve into a distant memory. I suggest you listen regularly over several weeks to retrain your mind to sleep well.

    I help clients to take back control of their sleep by reprogramming the mind on a subconscious level. People's lives can be blighted by regular lack of sleep often caused by worries or health issues. Hypnotherapy offers a quick way to shift your state of mind and create physical and emotional relaxation to get you back on track.

    This hypnosis recording is carefully crafted to set you free from past sleep issues such as waking in the night, worrying in the night, bad dreams, difficulty getting to sleep or poor quality of sleep. It is suitable for anyone wishing to enjoy a good night's sleep. The exercises and techniques will tap into your natural sleep patterns so you can feel refreshed in the morning having had a full night's deep sleep. There are so many elements that need to be right for a good night's sleep, so the messages in this hypnosis download will allow you to restructure you waking day and pre-bedtime sleep preparations enabling you to get to sleep fast and cope with your waking day well. Press the play button at bedtime then drift off into a deep slumber. Also useful for night shift workers and for travellers to counterbalance time zone changes and cope with jetlag.

    Testimonial: "After listening to the Good Night's Sleep hypnosis recordings I am out like a light and wake feeling refreshed like never before." 

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