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Do You Sleep Well?

Many people get into bed and instead of resting their minds they use this time to think about things that need to be done or they find it hard to let go of the days’ events.

It is common to worry about something forthcoming such as a presentation at work, an exam or even about waking up on time in the morning. Instead of winding down at bedtime ones’ mind can become a playground of activity.

Other people began a pattern of not sleeping well as early as being a child which may have been triggered by a stressful event in the family or in the news. Often sleep is disrupted by an event which happened in the past which the person is unaware of today.

Hypnotherapy can change poor sleep into a distant memory. Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank, says “I use hypnotherapy with clients to restore balance to their sleep by firstly releasing everyday stresses, work pressures or exam stress this puts things back in perspective allowing the client to focus on what is important or by releasing the past so the mind is able to take on board new sleep patterns.  The hypnotherapy helps them to change habits and beliefs about sleep so they naturally become a good sleeper. It is wonderful to see the positive changes people make especially when they may have spent many years struggling with something that should be natural and important for their health.”

Sleep accounts for a third of our lives getting it right is important to make the most of your waking day. Some research suggests a lack of sleep affects chemicals in the brain which control eating behaviour which could contribute to weight gain. Being overtired can make you overeat by ‘eating for an energy boost’ when your body really needs forty winks. A good nights’ sleep allows your body to rest and rebalance.

How many appointments?

One to one hypnotherapy appointments are tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each clients requirements.

I like to move people on as quickly as they can safely make the changes so most people have 2-4 sessions although some have a few more. I try to keep it to a minimum, teaching the client what to do so they can get on with things themselves. 

Client comments:

“Last night I slept so well, it’s the first time in years!” M’s G Berkshire

"The best money I have ever spent, how can you put a price on a good nights sleep!"

"I did the hypnosis recording every night for a few weeks and then began to sleep through the night."

"Each session helped me feel better and gradually my sleep rebalanced, in the beginning, I was impatient but now I can see working through the layers of problems allowed me to get a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. Thanks."

"I listened to the sleep hypnosis download with scepticism, when it finished I thought I must turn the player off.  The next thing it was morning and as it said on the hypnosis download I woke at the perfect time fully refreshed!" Berkshire

"The hypnotherapy has improved my sleep quite considerably, most nights I sleep right through."

"I sleep like a log after listening to the sleep hypnosis recording. Thanks" Mr.B Berkshire

Tired of not getting a good night of sleep?