Hypnosis for heartbreak, break up and bereavement by Ailsa Frank

Heartbreak, Break up, Divorce and Bereavement Hypnotherapy (as seen in the Daily Mail).

I highly recommend my 'Heartbreak & Loss' hypnosis downloads priced £14.99 These recordings will give you immediate support, help you sleep and will help you to move on with your life. Easy to download and listen to in the privacy of your own home. 

Heartbreak is a topic which affects everyone at some point in their lives from a school crush, loss of a pet, a break up from a short or long-term partner, a divorce or even the loss of a loved one.

We are constantly programming ourselves with our experiences of life. When you invest time thinking about, being with or loving someone all those emotions and feelings become part of who you are. When that person ceases to be in your life for whatever reason, life can feel empty leaving an open emotional wound. Many people feel betrayed or rejected when a relationship ends or devastated when they lose someone close.  Hypnotherapy deals with the turmoil of the experience, helps you let go of the person and puts the past into perspective. The person will still be part of your past but you will feel more comfortable with them, rather than it being devastating to live without them.

One of the biggest problems people face is the ‘what ifs’. 'What if this had happened?' 'What if it had been different?' 'What if I had done or not done this or that?' All the negative self-talk ends up programming your mind not to move on causing you further hurt and distress.

In my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' I teach you how to let go of the negative, rise above the drama and get into the AMAZING zone to move your life forward.  There are chapters on heartbreak, loss and bereavement, relationships and finding new love. Everything you need to know is in the book to take back control of your mind and your life. The book is written with hypnotherapy techniques to move the mind forward as you read it.

How does the Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy releases the issues on a subconscious level and then retrains your mind into positive self-talk helping you move on from the situation. The hypnotherapy helps to undo the film running in your mind of the person you have lost so life can become meaningful and purposeful again. Most people can relate to running events over again and again in their minds, hypnotherapy will break this habit helping you to bring yourself back into the now with optimism for the future. Listening to hypnosis download recordings is a cost-effective way of getting support in the privacy of your own home. Some people prefer to have one to one sessions usually 2-3 are required. I recommend you try the Heartbreak download and the Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing book first as most people make all the changes with these.

Why is hypnotherapy different to counselling?

During counselling, you talk about your problems and upsets on a conscious level but you don’t make the changes in the deep part of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy changes the habits of the way you feel about things on a deeper level allowing you to move forward from previously stuck feelings. In the same way, you may find talking to a friend about your problems may make you feel better for 5 minutes but the wound of the event is still there as you didn’t change in the subconscious part of the mind. You may find yourself having the same conversation with the friend another time as you never really moved on. Or you could find yourself telling everyone your problems, people may even avoid you as you repetitively talk about the same issues. If you don’t talk to other people you may just be having the negative conversation with yourself which is reinforcing what you don’t want.

Can’t get them out of my head?  With hypnotherapy, you can.

Hypnotherapy breaks the habit in your mind in this case ‘over the person you have lost’ and releases the emotional turmoil you may feel as a result of that loss. You can’t change the situation but you can change the way you feel about the person and the circumstances. Just in the same way when someone wants to let go of alcohol, hypnotherapy will help them feel different about the alcohol so they are not interested to drink it. With a heartbreak therapy, you can change the way you feel about the person.

How many appointments?

One to one hypnotherapy appointments is tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each clients requirements.

I like to move people on as quickly as they can safely make the changes so most people have 2-4 sessions although some have a few more. I try to keep it to a minimum, teaching the client what to do so they can get on with things themselves. 


“After years of counselling which was just going over old ground talking about the same issues, hypnotherapy with Ailsa has actually moved me on. I was crying every day from a breakup and betrayal now I don't message friends because I am not coping instead I manage my feelings. The techniques and phone sessions have taught me so much. I have also moved on from childhood feelings of my dad not wanting me or being in my life.”  Natasha, Norwich

“Since reading the book I feel much better about everything. I will now focus on letting go of her.”

“Before the hypnotherapy, I was crying at the mention of his name but now I feel fine and don’t mind he is getting on with his life with his new partner.”

“Ailsa's recordings are excellent and keep you topped up on the positives in life.  I feel everything is clearer.”

I also recommend my ‘Build confidence and self-esteem’ £14.99 (as seen in the Daily Express) to help you get back to your true self, learn to feel at ease again and move on from a past relationship or heartache issues.

'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' £14.99 (as mentioned in Independent newspaper, Bella Magazine, Women's Weekly and Times) in which you will learn to let go of the negative thinking, release any hurt feelings, rise above the situation to move your mind and life on quickly and get into the Amazing zone. There is a chapter on heartbreak, loss, divorce and bereavement, other chapters include getting into the amazing zone, learning to Smile again,letting go, making new choices and decisions, get back to a positive attitude, building solid relationships, releasing past relationships, learning and moving on from the past, finding the right kind of love, feeling at home and comfortable in your self and life.

Reasons for seeking Heartbreak Hypnotherapy:

  • • Break up
  • • Hurt
  • • Betrayal or guilt of an affair
  • • Divorce
  • • Loss of a loved one
  • • Emotional Pain
  • • Romantic rejection
  • • Lovesickness
  • • Heartache
  • • Emptiness
  • • Loneliness
  • • Grief
  • • Bereavement
  • • Loss of a family member, child, parent or pet