Attract Wealth

Do you want to change your Money habits or improve your relationship with money?

Visit for one to one hypnotherapy ‘Money workshop’ appointments to improve get your subconscious working with you rather than against you to improve your finances with Ailsa Frank at her clinic in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

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How does Hypnosis Work?

My system of hypnotherapy deals with bad habits connected to your relationship with money and releases any blockages which may be preventing you from reaching your true financial potential. During your appointment, you can discuss the changes you want to make, where you think things could improve and set goals for positive future finances.  The hypnosis will get you thinking in the best way and help you to make the changes you need to advance your life forward positively.

Hypnotherapy is a fully conscious deep relaxation where the mind is more able to take on positive suggestions thus making it easy to change habits and patterns.  You have programmed yourself over your lifetime with money habits including parents attitudes towards money and your own experiences.  Whether you have money but would like to feel better about it or create more, you have had money but lost it, you don’t have enough money, you have debts, loans, credit card bills or you get stressed about money issues hypnotherapy can help you break free of the old getting you feeling relaxed about your finances.  Every client is different so each session is tailored to suit the person needs.  You will only make changes which improve your situation.

You can listen to my hypnosis recordings and MP3s which area cost-effective complete programs for you to listen to in the privacy of your own home.  I recommended you make relaxation part of your routine hypnosis recordings are the idea for this I suggest you try  ‘Money –Increase your wealth’ and  'Build confidence and self-esteem'

Who needs Hypnotherapy? 

We are constantly hypnotising ourselves with repetitive thoughts, hypnotherapy allows you to make these thoughts more positive helps you to create the life you want, getting your subconscious mind on track to support you and help you reach your goals.

How many appointments?

One to one hypnotherapy appointments are tailored to deal with individual issues to suit each clients requirements.

I like to move people on as quickly as they can safely make the changes so most people have 2-3 sessions although some have a few more.  I try to keep it to a minimum, teaching clients what to do so they can get on with things themselves. 

I deal with the root of the problems in the session and then ask clients to listen to a ten-minute recording daily in between appointments. I recommend you use the follow-up tools which I teach to keep you on top off life.

Self Employed?

Hypnotherapy is an invaluable tool for self-employed people as the stress of running a business can be overwhelming; constant pressure to bring the money in whilst keeping on top of the everyday running of the business, staffing issues, accounts and so on...  The hypnotherapy can help you be more organised, worry less, get more relevant things done to improve the performance of your business, release stress allowing you to switch off from work during your home time.  Many self-employed people stop enjoying the business they once felt so passionately about, the hypnotherapy will help restore you back to a happy balance and help you feel good about money again.


“Sleeping well and have an inner calm that everything is going to be fine, no more worrying about things that will never happen anyway.  Business is thriving.”

Case study:


Age 26

IT manager

Reason for seeking hypnotherapy:

Stress and debt issues, can’t sleep as I wake to worry about money but can’t seem to stop spending, can’t see a way out of debt, feel trapped and overwhelmed.

Before the hypnotherapy:

I do a stressful job managing an I.T. department, I start work early at 8 am so have to be up at 6 am I usually get home around 7 pm.  Due to the recession, there have been a lot of cuts at work which has meant there are lots of changes to adhere to which is stressful also some redundancies to deal which on a personal level quite hard. 

I have always used shopping as a stress release and a hobby, in recent years internet shopping has been my downfall as you can do it anytime. I always like to look good at work so I tend to go for pricier items.  I have always overspent, when I was younger my Mum and Dad bailed me out but a few years ago they started to say no.  When I was at University I built up £10,000 debt on credit cards which my parents didn’t know about.  I was always allowed what I wanted as a child so I suppose I was spoilt.  I carried on behaving like I could have what I wanted but my ambitions didn’t match my salary.  I began to rack up debt on credit cards and store cards and then started moving the loans to 0% credit card deals.  Total debt around £35,000

What do you normally spend your money on clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup, facials, waxing, hair, drinking and eating out with friends, holidays?

After the hypnotherapy:

2 weeks after session 1 :

After the session, I felt very relaxed as if everything would be ok.  I noticed after I left the session I didn’t go into the boutique which I would normally do.  I haven’t bought any coffees out or snacks, I have taken a packed lunch into work instead of buying a sandwich.  I made an appointment to see citizen advise to get some advice on consolidating my debt. I am starting to see there is a way out of my situation instead of feeling trapped.  Sleeping better.

3 weeks after session 2:

Feel relieved, a huge weight lifted. I looked into going bankrupt but not really for me, too scary so instead, I have decided to minimise my spending and clear my debt as quick as I can.  I have started to sell my unwanted clothes on eBay and have done a car boot sale.  The hypnotherapy is making me think differently about what I earn and how I spend money.

4 Months later:

I have changed my job, in a better-paid position now, I have already cleared £4000.  Instead of going out I have been watching a film at home with friends at the weekend and cooking meals at the house instead of eating out. I realise I actually have money but I was just not budgeting properly.  Sometimes I pick something up in the shop but the voice in my head tells me I don’t need it and I put it back feeling fine about it.

Client comments after Hypnotherapy appointments with Ailsa Frank:

“Hypnotherapy has helped me to put things in perspective and stop worrying about money”

“Really relaxing, feel better about my finances and I am sleeping well.”

 “I have started to put things back in the shops that I know I don’t need, spending down, positive feelings up!”