De-Stress your Life - 10 Minute Daily - hypnosis download

This relaxation hypnosis download will allow you to release the stress in your life. When we are stressed we create habits of life being harder than it needs to be. The techniques will help offload your negative habits and patterns giving you a more optimistic outlook. By managing daily stresses you will be in a more positive frame of mind and you may be surprised at how good things start to happen more and more. You will find yourself embracing opportunities and appreciating the good in your life. An enjoyable relaxation to get life into balance.

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Product Description


  • Be more optimistic
  • Learn to feel more relaxed
  • Let go of negative feelings
  • Create a more positive mindset
  • Enjoy the pace of life
  • Believe in success for yourself on a deep level
  • Release past struggles and tensions
  • Cope better with daily life
  • Grasp opportunities as they arise
  • Believe in your life improving





"Have noticed less frantic and surprisingly positive things seem to be happening generally in life."

One short 10-minute track to listen to at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down. Never let the driver of a car listen whilst driving.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this download. I am confident that anyone will find this track relaxing and benefit from the changes to flow more with life whilst being motivated.

How does the 'De-Stress your Life - 10 Minute Daily' download work?
Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind some of which are positive others are more negative. During this relaxation download, your mind will be able to safely get your beliefs back into balance. With a more positive mind, you will generate more good opportunities and be in the right place at the right time for good things to happen. You can also turn the bad into good by being more solution focussed and relaxed. Press the play button and lie back and relax as you de-stress.

"It is important to relax every day so you can avoid carrying the stresses of today into tomorrow. This quick ten-minute recording can be listened to daily to give you extra support in a stressful life. We all want to believe good things can happen to us but most people don't really believe this can happen fully on a deep subconscious level. Every time we have a disappointment it can create a negative belief in your mind. This hypnosis download will help you let go of the negative layers allowing the good to flourish in your life as you feel less stressed. "

Best wishes

One Track – 10 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

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'Release Everyday Stresses - 10 Minute Daily' relaxation and 'Build Confidence and Self-Esteem' to help you feel at ease in yourself.

I urge you to also read my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' (hardcover or e-book) which has useful techniques for yourself and your family. The Stress, rest and relaxation chapter will teach you how to take control of your stresses.

Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos

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