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Build confidence and self-esteem by releasing churned tummy and awkward feelings, let go stress from confidence issues, the messages will retrain the subconscious to feel comfortable and confident in all situations, boost your confidence at work and socially, feel confident with work presentations or performances, improve your relationship with people and feel an inner calm. Three short tracks are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

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Product Description


• Do you want to feel more comfortable?
• Do you lack confidence?
• Confidence issues have held you back?
• Do you feel out of your comfort zone?
• Worried when speaking?
• Worried about the week ahead?
• Do you lack relationship confidence?
• Awkward feelings?
• Bad feelings?
• Do you want to be more confident?
• Being bullied?
• Low self-esteem?

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
 on this hypnosis download.  
You can lay back and relax as you begin to make changes for your good.  I suggest you put the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. (One title per customer)

“Since listening to the hypnosis download I feel comfortable inside and know I can cope easily with each situation.”  more testimonials

How does "Build Confidence and Self Esteem" hypnosis download work?
The messages in the recording will help you to get back to being your true self by releasing the negative traits and behaviours you have taken on over time, maybe they built up over years. It is important to listen to the hypnotherapy recording for several weeks or months although most people see positive changes in themselves within days. It is up to you how often you listen but the more you listen the more you will benefit. Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. The recordings are designed for you to listen to at bedtime and they are deliberately short so there is no excuse for not finding the time to do them.

If you are not prepared to press the play button as you get into bed then you are not ready to improve your confidence.

You can listen to both tracks one after the other or alternate them on different days.

Track 1 - 15 minutes
Track 2 - 10 minutes
Track 3 -   7 minutes - Quick Confidence Boost

You may find you fall asleep during the recordings which are fine as your mind will still hear the messages and the changes will still take place. You can try to listen to the track all the way through at some point.

I recommend you listen to the recordings anytime in the future for relaxation and a confidence boost or before a social event or important work event.

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Backing track on the Recording is by Danny De Matos

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