Comfortable Sex for Women

Many women suffer for years with painful sex which affects both themselves and their partner.  Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in alleviating some of the negative habits which have built up contributing to uncomfortable sex.  Every experience we have forms a pattern in our mind and in our physical body.

For example, a clumsy examination by a Doctor, childbirth, episiotomy, sex abuse, difficulty with tampons, cystitis, menopause, an unpleasant sexual experience and pressure from a partner can all contribute to patterns which make sex uncomfortable.  Hypnosis works by releasing the negative patterns in the mind so you can put the past behind you which will allow you to move forward forming new positive sexual experiences.

Vaginismus(involuntary vaginal spasm), is a physical condition which can be alleviated by releasing any emotional issues at the root of the problem such as fear of penetration, the stress surrounding the condition and previous past traumas.

Many women drink alcohol to mask the pain or to relax them enough to be able to have intercourse.  Alcohol will not solve the problem.

Once the hypnotherapy begins to help you feel more relaxed in your mind your physical body will change too as the stress releases from your muscles.  You deserve a comfortable happy sex life you just need to find what will help you.


Most clients I see come for 2-3 appointments, on the first appointment which takes up to one and a half hours we talk through the problems before doing a hypnotherapy session.  During the hypnosis deep relaxation, your mind will begin to take on positive suggestions.  I will ask you to listen to a recording daily between appointments, the second appointment is usually about two weeks after the first and then monthly if further ones are required. 

I give clients a recording to listen to which helps them reinforce the changes.

Alternatively, you can buy a download from my website 'Comfortable Sex for Women'

It is important you see a Doctor check you do not have an infection or another medical condition. Hormones may be a contributing factor although many Doctors will not check this so do your own research.  A lack of vitamin B12 can cause nerve irritation which can cause pain this can easily be rectified with B12 patches or B-complex vitamins, always seek professional advice.

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"I had struggled with vaginismus for many years but it wasn't until I got married that it became a massive issue.  I would feel unbearable pain and was desperate for a solution after a few visits to a doctor and a therapist was unsuccessful I started to feel very depressed and started avoiding my husband.  After a while I decided to look for alternative methods of treatment and that is when I started reading about hypnotherapy sessions but didn't have high expectations but I was shocked at the results after just one session I felt so much better and was able to have a physical relationship with my husband which I had never been able to do in the past because of the amount of pain I felt whenever we tried.  After a couple more sessions and with the help of the Hypnosis Recordings I was given I am now able to have a normal physical relationship with my husband.  I cannot thank Ailsa enough for all the help she has given me.

I would recommend Ailsa to anyone suffering from vaginismus.  I still can't believe I have been able to overcome this problem so quickly with Ailsa's help."

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