Drop a Dress Size - 10 Minute Daily - hypnosis download

This hypnosis download will help you get into a positive 'Drop a Dress Size' mindset. Many people want to reduce their size so they can fit comfortably into clothes but lack the motivation. This recording will reset your subconscious mind to release old eating and lifestyle habits which could be holding you back. By listening daily, to this 10-minute track, you can create new positive healthy habits to keep you focussed to reduce your clothes size and keep the weight off.

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Product Description


Can't seem to lose weight?
Fed up with diet/binge cycle?
Your clothes don't fit?
Can't shift a clothes size?
• Feel bloated and fat?

Time to drop a dress size?
Lost weight but want to maintain it?
Want to lose weight for a special occasion?
Lack of motivation to lose weight?
• Ready to take back control of yo-yo dieting?




"Since listening to the download to Drop a Dress Size I am more conscious about what I eat and drink. Often I find myself making a choice I wouldn't previously make. I eat different foods at different times of the day. I have started a gentle morning stretching routine. As a result of the changes my clothes are feeling loser."
Bev from Cambridge.

Allow the messages to wash over you as you listen regularly with the volume turned down low. You can listen at bedtime or another time of day as long as you are in a safe place. Never listen whilst driving.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for this download. I am confident anyone will find this hypnosis track helpful to reduce their clothes size.

How does the 'Drop a Dress Size' hypnosis download work?
Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive others are more negative. We need to eat to live but a line can be crossed on how much food or what type of food we consume. Once a bad eating habit is established your mind will be programmed to repeat this behaviour. Hypnosis for weight loss helps break bad habits in the subconscious mind replacing them with healthier ways of feeling, exercising and eating. Over time this new behaviour will allow you to make better choices to reduce a dress or clothes size. By releasing old emotional habits, releasing cravings, rebalancing stress levels and hormones you will feel focused to reach your goals safely. This hypnosis track will reset your thinking. You will only make changes which are positive for you.

Press the play button, lie back and relax as you allow your mind to take back control.

"Over the years of working with many clients, I have encouraged them to drop one dress size at a time rather than focus on all the weight loss. This way it makes weight loss much more manageable. It can be frustrating for people who want to lose weight but they can't control the cravings which stop them eating less. I listen to this track myself from time to time just to keep my weight where I want it to be. Hypnotherapy never feels like a diet it instead makes you less interested in food and more interested in self-care routines, healthier food choices and realistic exercise. It is the perfect way to break old habits which you may have been battling with for many years. This recording will give you the daily motivation to stay focused on creating a realistic and enjoyable healthier lifestyle. I recommend you listen regularly to keep on track."

Best wishes

One Track – 10 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button

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Backing track on the Hypnosis recording is by Danny De Matos www.shushstudios.com

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