Self Hypnosis

I teach self hypnosis to my clients which is a relaxation technique which takes a few minutes each day that allows you to get your mind working for your benefit. You can do the technique in the morning when you wake as you lie in bed contemplating getting up. It only takes a few minutes although you can also use it for as long as you like. It works well on long flights to use up some of the time positively. Many of my business clients prepare meetings using the technique on flights. It also helps to use it in hotels when on business trips.

You can use it for setting goals and realising dreams or for whatever comes to mind . Some people make a list of things they want to change during the self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis positively enhances your beliefs and deep subconscious programming thus improving all areas of your life.

Self hypnosis used regularly can significantly improve your life.

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