How does Hypnosis work exactly? - Ailsa Frank Hypnotherapy

How does Hypnosis work exactly?

We have already outlined the idea that hypnosis puts the conscious mind in a backseat position to allow the sub conscious to step forward and be communicated to by a qualified hypnotherapist. Our conscious mind is the main driving force behind our thoughts, feelings and actions while the sub conscious creates the imagination and impulses that we feel. That is not to say that the sub conscious mind makes us do things we are not in control of, it is simply the source of creativity and feeling freer than what the conscious mind allows.

When the sub conscious mind is 'opened' during hypnosis, hypnotized people can think differently because the conscious mind is not filtering and analyzing the information as it is being taken in. Under hypnosis, the subject can feel that the suggestions made by the hypnotherapist are coming directly from the sub conscious mind and not from another person. We react immediately to these suggestions and impulses and consider things we wouldn't have otherwise opened our minds to.

The sub conscious mind is also the store cupboard for all of one's memories. In certain sessions while under hypnosis, the subject can access past events (stretching back for years and years) that they had completely forgotten about. Hypnotherapists may use hypnosis to bring up memories that relate to a personal problem that the subject is suffering from. In our everyday lives, with the modern day stresses that we face, many people cannot begin to identify why they are suffering with a personal problem. It is only when under hypnosis that a subject can see that a personal problem today can be related to a past event that could have occurred many years before. As the mind is in a suggestive state during hypnosis, 'false memories' can be created to 'mask' the real-life memory causing a personal problem. For this reason, hypnotherapy must be taken very seriously at all times and only highly qualified hypnotherapists should practice this form of alternative medicine.