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This product is tailored for Men: take back control of your eating, stimulate your desire to exercise, retrain the subconscious to feel full quickly, release food cravings, let go of boredom and stress eating, stop eating for the sake of it, boost your confidence, improve your sleep, Three short tracks easy to fit into your busy schedule.

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Product Description


• Eating the wrong foods?
• Sluggish, tired, bored?
• Stressed and eating?
• Stressed and eating?
• Cravings for certain foods?
• Increasing weight gain?
• Low confidence?
• Increasing weight gain? 

• Lack of motivation?
• Eating well most of the time but unhappy with weight?
• Feeling hungry, eating too much?
• Worried about your health?
• Late night snacks?
• Eating at the wrong times of the day?
• Eating healthy but still overweight?
• Under exercising?







I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as I am confident you will enjoy this product. I suggest you turn the volume down low, lie back and relax as you let the messages wash over you. (One title per customer)

How does the ‘Weight loss for Men’ MP3 hypnosis download work?
You will go into a relaxation during which time I will talk you through a series of hypnosis messages and exercises to reprogram your deep subconscious mind reprogramming you with positive beliefs about food and exercise helping you to take control of your body size and shape.  This product is tailored for Men to get you exercising appropriately creating a toned masculine physique.  The hypnosis recordings will reprogram your mind safely by releasing the emotional crutch of eating, let go of food cravings, releases stresses, rebuild body confidence, create an enjoyable attitude towards exercise whilst restore healthy food habits allowing you to lose weight.  You will enjoy food in sensible amounts allowing you to reduce to a healthy slim body but will still be able to have a treat.

Just turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you, you may hear some information on some days or fall asleep on other days but the changes will still take place.  The recording is deliberately quick-paced and short to deliver the messages deep into your subconscious mind and easy to fit into your busy schedule.  Listen daily for several weeks or months and use them as a top-up to keep on track.  Most people like to listen at bedtime but you can listen at another time of day as long as you are lying down.

Before listening I recommend you write down how you feel about your weight, your weight, write down what you eat and what exercise you do, take a photo of yourself so in the future, you can compare the changes you have made. Set goals for what you want to achieve.

Track - 1 – 18 minutes
Track - 2 – 13 minutes
Track - 3 – 13 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

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Backing track on the hypnosis recording is by Danny De Matos www.shushstudios.com

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