Weight Loss for Men - hypnosis download

This product is tailored for Men: take back control of your eating, stimulate your desire to exercise, retrain the subconscious to feel full quickly, release food cravings, let go of boredom and stress eating, stop eating for the sake of it, boost your confidence, improve your sleep, Three short tracks easy to fit into your busy schedule.

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• Eating the wrong foods?
• Sluggish, tired, bored?
• Stressed and eating?
• Stressed and eating?
• Cravings for certain foods?
• Increasing weight gain?
• Low confidence?
• Increasing weight gain? 

• Lack of motivation?
• Eating well most of the time but unhappy with weight?
• Feeling hungry, eating too much?
• Worried about your health?
• Late night snacks?
• Eating at the wrong times of the day?
• Eating healthy but still overweight?
• Under exercising?







I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as I am confident you will enjoy this product. I suggest you turn the volume down low, lie back and relax as you let the messages wash over you. (One title per customer)

How does the ‘Weight loss for Men’ MP3 hypnosis download work?
You will go into a relaxation during which time I will talk you through a series of hypnosis messages and exercises to reprogram your deep subconscious mind reprogramming you with positive beliefs about food and exercise helping you to take control of your body size and shape.  This product is tailored for Men to get you exercising appropriately creating a toned masculine physique.  The hypnosis recordings will reprogram your mind safely by releasing the emotional crutch of eating, let go of food cravings, releases stresses, rebuild body confidence, create an enjoyable attitude towards exercise whilst restore healthy food habits allowing you to lose weight.  You will enjoy food in sensible amounts allowing you to reduce to a healthy slim body but will still be able to have a treat.

Just turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you, you may hear some information on some days or fall asleep on other days but the changes will still take place.  The recording is deliberately quick-paced and short to deliver the messages deep into your subconscious mind and easy to fit into your busy schedule.  Listen daily for several weeks or months and use them as a top-up to keep on track.  Most people like to listen at bedtime but you can listen at another time of day as long as you are lying down.

Before listening I recommend you write down how you feel about your weight, your weight, write down what you eat and what exercise you do, take a photo of yourself so in the future, you can compare the changes you have made. Set goals for what you want to achieve.

Track - 1 – 18 minutes
Track - 2 – 13 minutes
Track - 3 – 13 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

I also recommend with this product: ‘Build confidence and self-esteem’, ‘Take control of alcohol’, ‘Stop binge drinking for Men’ & 'Money- increase your wealth

Backing track on the hypnosis recording is by Danny De Matos www.shushstudios.com

Weight Loss for Men - Hypnosis Download


Age: 30

Weight before: 13 stone

After listening to hypnotherapy download: 11 stone

Weight loss: 2 stone (12.7 kg)

Before and After Photos

Before After
Terry weight loss for men before image Terry weight loss for men after photo

“I just wanted to get the motivation to get back on track with eating and exercise which is what the download did for me”

Before listening to the hypnotherapy:

“I feel I need to lose weight and my weight makes me unhappy, I would like to get back to my old weight of 11 stone 4lbs.  I want to feel healthier and look good and be able to wear more fitted clothes as I currently wear baggy tops to hide my size.

I would like to cut down on snacking in the evening whilst watching TV, I am in the bad habit of eating crisps, sweets and cakes. I snack as it is a habit of going into the kitchen to see what we have, also I get a little bored and I feel hungry.  I also eat too much junk food because we don’t have time to prepare fresh food, I can’t see how the time factor can change to eat healthier.  The food I will miss the most is Burgers, take away Indian, Chinese and Fish & Chips.  I don’t eat a ready meal.  I only eat 2 pieces of fruit per week.  We eat some freshly cooked foods such as stir fry, spaghetti Bolognese and soup, but we often have these with oven chips.

I don’t drink much alcohol maybe, 3 beers a week and half a bottle of wine. I would like to be able to not have a drink as I know I don’t need it.

I don’t exercise but have I have wanted to do for ages but I don’t have the willpower to do it.  I would like to cycle, swim and be more active generally as I sit at work and then I sit in the evening at home.  I don’t worry about my health but I do get stressed about money, work and achieving things.  I sleep pretty well but go to bed too late so I feel tired in the morning.”

After listening to the hypnotherapy download:

“I only listened to the recording a few times as I was not very focused but I started to notice a difference almost immediately when I drove past MacDonald’s and didn’t stop to buy something. I didn’t bother having a bottle of beer in the evening or snacking and I tended to go for healthier options.  I took my bike out the first weekend going for a cycle over the fields.”

Weight Loss for Men Hypnosis Download Testimonial:

“The weight loss recordings have helped me be motivated to exercise and work out regularly and to make better food choices.”


What results can I expect to see?


Week 1:

You may notice you are feeling more relaxed, sleeping better and you are more comfortable around food.  You may think about having a snack and decide not to or have the willpower to say no. You may notice you are attracted to healthier options, perhaps the times of day you eat have changed slightly,  you may feel less interested in foods which are not for your good or you may automatically order a smaller size of something. 

Week 2:

As you continue to listen you may notice you start or increase exercise, look forward to exercising, you may notice you are more focused on tasks and work and less food focussed.  You may find you are sleeping even better which is important to create a slim, fit, body as much overeating is due to tiredness, also your body does important repairs whilst you sleep rebalancing your body systems and hormones which all play a part in slimness.

Week 3:

As you continue to listen you notice you are making exercise part of your weekly routine, perhaps you are exercising with more enthusiasm, you ignore foods in the shops which are not for your good, you leave snacks you would have normally eaten, you feel full quicker and eat less, you feel satisfied with smaller portions.    Your clothes will begin to feel loose as you change shape and begin to slim down.

Week 4:

You are starting to lose weight perhaps your clothes feel looser, exercise feels normal for you, having well-balanced meals is normal, choosing healthier options is normal, you think about having a treat but then decide not to or just have one biscuit instead of half a packet.  You have smaller portions in restaurants or just have one course.

Week 6:

The changes are feeling normal and natural, you are wearing your clothes differently thinking about your style, perhaps your clothes feel more comfortable or you fit into a smaller pair of trouser, presenting yourself well, eating at the correct times of day, you think about what you are buying and eating. You are feeling more relaxed and hopeful that everything will be fine. You feel positive to carry on listening to the recordings as part of life or a top up to keep on track.

Reasons for weight gain:

Rushing eating on the go
Eating because you are stressed or tired
Drinking extra alcohol
Eating at the wrong times of day
Low confidence issues
Buying the wrong foods
Too much temptation in shops or in cupboards at home
No time to exercise
Lack of motivation to exercising
Disturbed sleep patterns

Can I download the recordings to an Android phone such as Samsung or a tablet?

Yes, click on the download link next to each track on the order email. This will save the mp3 download directly to your android phone or tablet.

Can I download the recordings to my iPhone or iPad?

You can save the download tracks to your computer and then drag the recordings to your itunes OR if this is too complicated for you we can arrange for your recordings to be put into a free app called Dropbox. It is much easier than you think. After purchase simply follow the instructions provided. Our customer care team will be happy to help.

Can I put the download recordings on more than one device such as my Samsung phone and my iPad?

Just purchase the titles you want then save them on to as many devices as required by following the instructions for each device. Instructions will arrive with your order. For further help contact our customer care team.

How will I receive the download?

Your order will be sent to the email address which you provide at the time of ordering.

I didn't receive my download?

The reasons for not receiving the downloads is due to you filling in your email address incorrectly OR your downloads were emailed to you but it went into your spam/junk folder. Or there was a delay in the payment system which blocked your order being sent via email.

Simply contact our support team through the contact page so they can arrange for your order to be re-sent to you.

I lost the download.

No problems send us your order details or your full name so we can resend you the tracks. It is common for people to lose their downloads when their computer crashes or they lose their phone.

The download doesn't play all the way through; it stops after a few minutes?

If your download stops it is because you have an iPhone or iPad and you are playing the recording from the order email. Apple have restrictions so to get around this you need to first save each track to your computer before playing them and then drag the recordings to your iTunes OR if this is too complicated for you we can arrange for your recordings to be put into a free app called Dropbox. It is much easier than you think. After purchase simply follow the instructions provided on your order email. Our customer care team will be happy to help.

What is the difference between the 'Take Control of Alcohol' and 'Stop Binge Drinking' recordings?

Take Control of Alcohol is to break the habit of everyday or regular drinking.

Stop Binge Drinking is for people who don't drink very regularly but when they do have a drink they drink huge volumes finding it difficult to stop.

Start with the recording which describes your drinking best.

Some people buy both recordings to cover all types of drinking as they associate with the two titles.

How long do I need to listen to the recordings?

Try to listen to the recordings everyday for 3 weeks. You can alternate the tracks on different days. After this listen a few times per week until you make all the changes you want to make. You can listen again later for a top up at anytime in the future or for relaxation. Repetition of listening is important.

How soon will I see results?

Some people begin to see changes within a day or a few days whilst other people see results within a few weeks. You may begin to notice you sleep better, you are more relaxed, your habits are changing and you are thinking less about the problems. Gradually you will make different choices as the new habits establish and you will begin to feel better in yourself.

When should I listen to the recordings?

Most people listen at bedtime. You can put the volume down low, let the messages wash over you and just fall asleep. Other people like to do a short track in the morning or after work on the sofa. As long as you are in a safe place find the time which suits you best.

How is it best to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings?

Turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. You don't need to hear all the words or keep up with the information or analyse the content instead just lay back and relax. The words will filter into your subconscious mind for you to make safe changes which you are ready for. Listen daily or regularly for 3 weeks or until you have made all the changes you want to make. Most people rest on the bed or on a sofa.

Can I listen to more than one recording title at the same time?

You can listen to more than one title but it is usually best to focus on one and then gradually introduce another title. Once you have listened to each topic for a focussed period of time you can then dip in and out of any of the recordings to keep yourself relaxed and on top of things.

What is the difference between the hypnotherapy recordings and having a one to one hypnotherapy session?

The recordings are very cost effective. They are designed to cover as much as possible and they are complete programmes. But a one to one phone appointment will deal with more specific issues related to you personally. One to one sessions are more expensive but get directly to the root of the problems although tens of thousands of people have successfully made all the changes they want by listening to the recordings. There is no right or wrong but instead do what suits you and your budget best.

- Some people make all the changes with the recordings.
- Some people start with the recordings and then have sessions later to tackle specific problems.
- Some people only have one to one phone sessions because they want to sort out a combination of issues specific to them.
- Some people start with one to one phone sessions and then go on to use the recordings later for relaxation to keep balanced.
- Ailsa's goal is to provide affordable solutions to help everyone improve their lives.

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

Most people are sceptical as to whether the hypnotherapy will work for them. Many people desperately need it to help them so they can be scared that it might not. People are generally surprised at how effective and enjoyable the hypnotherapy is. It is rare for hypnotherapy not to work. Ailsa Frank gives a 90 day money back guarantee on recordings to give you the confidence to give the hypnosis downloads a try.

Do I need to buy the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing?

The book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing is a great tool to assist you in your life generally but is separate to the hypnosis downloads and recordings. The book is based on the work which Ailsa Frank does with clients. It is easy to read with chapter summaries, enjoyable techniques and her great guidance to help you improve your life. It is written in a way which moves your mind on from problems as you read it. The beginning chapters cover getting into the 'Amazing Zone', letting go of worries/stresses, making new choices and being motivated. Then following chapters go on to cover all life issues such as money, relationships, parenting, health, heartaches and loss. Following the success since being published in the UK in 2015 it is now being published in foreign languages around the world.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you are not happy with a recording for any reason we will give you a refund. Just contact us through the website contact page providing your name and order details, ask for a refund. We pride ourselves on customer care to help you have peace of mind. We have sold tens of thousands of recordings but are only asked for refunds very occasionally.

There is no CD option on some of the recordings in the web shop?

Due to the increase in demand for downloads we don't always produce every title in a CD form. However we are happy to burn a CD for you and pop it in the post. Just place the order as a download then contact our customer care by replying to the order email and request for a CD version to be posted OR Our customer care team will help you make sure you can get the download on to your phone. Many people think they need a CD but after contacting our customer care team they are helped to successfully get a download on their phone or computer.

Should I buy a download or a CD, what is the difference?

A download is a file of the recording which will be emailed to you after you order it. You will receive this almost instantly after purchasing. You can save the file then listen to the recording from your computer or phone. A CD is the same recording but in a CD form which will be posted first class daily from our shipping depot. You should receive this within a few days in the UK or outside the UK it can take up to several weeks depending on the country of destination. All CD's are posted free worldwide. If you want help with a download please let us know.

I am not sure if my order went through or did I order twice by mistake?

You should receive an order confirmation. If you order twice by mistake a refund will automatically be sent to you within 48hours. If you are unsure about an order use the contact form to ask any questions.

I have a question not cover in FAQ?

Use the contact form on the website to ask any specific question or call during UK working hours 9am to 5.30pm.