Money - Increase Your Wealth - hypnosis download

Retrain your mind to bring more money in and use your money wisely. Release negative money habits from the subconscious mind. Let go of financial stress or worries. Create success in the best way for you, progress your career, create a positive relationship with money and wealth, make the correct investment choices, and be confident and motivated.

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  • Do you want to be more successful?
  • Do you want to attract wealth?
  • Do you overstretch yourself financially?
  • Do you have money but need more?
  • Are you trying to manifest money?
  • Relationship friction over money issues?
  • Debt or overdraft issues?
  • Chasing the next bill?
  • Unexpected expenses set you back?
  • Buy now worry about paying for it later?
  • Stuck in a job you can’t afford to leave?
  • Do you believe in the law of attraction?

I feel confident you will enjoy this product, to give you reassurance to give it a go I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  You can lay back with the volume turned down low and let the messages wash over you as you begin to make the changes you need for your good. One title per customer.

"I bought your download, Money Increase your wealth earlier this year. I was also listening to Napoleon Hills Think and Grow but the real change happened when your hypnotherapy shifted my mind in a positive way. I have now moved from being discharged from bankruptcy in May this year and from an £18k job to earning £36k in a matter of about 4.5 months. Many thanks." more testimonials

How does the hypnosis download work? 
The hypnotic messages in the recording will help you feel wealth on a deep level allowing you to create wealth. It is important to listen to the recordings regularly for several weeks or months to allow the mind to reprogram itself although most people notice positive changes in themselves within a few days. It is up to you how often you listen but the more you listen the more you will benefit. Keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. The recordings are designed for you to listen to at bedtime and they are deliberately short so there is no excuse for not finding the time to play them. If you are not prepared to press the play button as you get into bed then you are not ready to make the changes. You can listen to the tracks one after the other or alternate them on different days.

Track 1 - 19 minutes
Track 2 - 13 minutes
Track 3 - 7 minutes quick money boost

You may find you fall asleep during the recording which is fine as your mind will still hear the messages and the changes will still take place although I recommend you listen to the tracks all the way through at least once or twice. Listen to the recordings again anytime in the future to keep relaxed and focussed. Also listen to keep your spending under control at expensive times of the year such as Christmas or during times of change for example when changing job, during career moves, for business progress, to manifest wealth and money to you, when retraining or getting back into work.

Have you ever worried about Money?
This 'Money-Increase Your Wealth' digitally mastered hypnosis download is the perfect product for you to improve your relationship with money and to increase your wealth by releasing old limiting beliefs thus allowing you to reach your true potential.  Many people have heard of the 'law of attraction' to attract money and wealth to them but find they not able to be positive enough on a deep level to manifest the wealth they desire. This product was recommended in 'Spirit and Destiny ' magazine.

The tried and tested exercises in this recording will allow you to lie back and relax as your mind makes changes on a deep subconscious level.  As there is a lot of negative talk in the news about money and debt it is difficult to remain positive all the time, these tracks will help you feel great about money and create more wealth solutions using your own ideas and talents to be more successful.  You are one person, remember there is enough money out there for you despite the 'credit crunch'. 

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Also recommended with this product: 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem'

Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos

"A worthwhile investment to get yourself feeling good about money, CD helped me make long over due changes to attract wealth."

"I had the confidence to put my prices up since listening to the money CD, all my customers accpeted it as I felt comfortable saying it. I am £500 better off per month already. I found the recordings really professional and enjoyable."

"Since listening to hypnosis download I have broken the company sales record for the month, amazing."

"I haven't worried about money since listening to the recordings, I feel a shift that I am on the right path now  asI am more in control of my finances."

"I have read all the books and watched the films on attracting wealth but I still felt I couldn't really see the results I wanted, this money CD has changed my thinking.  I have rearranged my spending and already feel more wealthy."

"I have been doing the law of attraction for several years now but find it hard to manifest money for some reason, this recording has made me realise I didn't really believe I could have those things but since listening for several weeks I already feel more relaxed and calm about money and can see improvements with my finances.  This could be the secret to the Secret."

"I have stopped thinking about the changes I can make to have more money , instead I have started to action things such as investments for the future."

"I am really good at manifesting good things into my life but money has been a stumbling block for me.  This hypnosis download made me feel calm striaght away and confident if I really feel good about money I will manifest money using the law of attraction.  I have more confidence with ideas and can see a positive difference with money already."

"I am spending less and earning more since listening to the money tracks!"

"This download takes cosmic ordering onto a whole new level!"

"I read the book 'The Secret' a while ago but have found it hard to be positive although I believe it to be the answer but this money CD has given me the deep belief and I feel so good about money, I feel so positive."

"I feel in control, free from the demons I had about money and a strong feeling that  I will have money left at the end of the month which has already begun to happen. CD is fab!

"I love the 7 minute quick money boost track.  i do it daily and I am so organised and focussed."

"I am spending less since listening to the increase your wealth CD.  I Feel much better as I am in control of impulse buying.  I have opened a savings account instead and I am now transferring savings each month!"

Since listening to the money hypnosis CD I am invoicing more each month.”

“My parents always argued about money when we were children. They made me nervous about money and I have always felt stressed planning everything in my head and always playing catch up with the bills. Since listening to the hypnosis CD I feel everything is going to be fine, I have rearranged my spending habits and I have started to see that I do have more money. I am happier as I am making steps to increase my wealth too.”

"I listen to track one of the increase your wealth Download in the morning before work and track two at bed time, perfect length for me, very soothing voice.  I feel really contented about money since listening,  I am more in control of money and I am looking for a new job.Thanks"

"Before listening to the increase your wealth MP3 I worried about money particularly for the kids and mortgage it felt like I was always chasing the next bill, I described money as "STRESS and not enough".  But since listening I am not spending on silly things,  I feel fine about money,  I am sleeping well and my stress levels have dramatically gone down.  Now I feel I can focus on making more money as I am not spending time worrting anymore." 

"I have been under enormous financial stress over the past few years  listening to the increase your wealth hypnotherapy download has dissolved all my fears and concerns.  I feel more positive, more incontrol and my spending habits have positively changed already." 

"My goal is to have financial freedom and financial success, these money hypnosis downloads are helping me get on track." 

"I have seen a definate change in my spending habits since listening to the hypnosis MP3 download, I pick things up in the shop that I know I don't need and now I have the will power to put it back on the shelf.  I know it is a conscious decision and I feel in control.  I am more satisfied with what I have."

"I save money since listening to the increase your wealth download".

"Since listening to the increase wealth MP3 I spend my time more wisely getting on with things to increase my wealth rather that wasting time worrying about making money."

"I have noticed I have extra money sitting in my account and I transfer it to a savings account, before I would have just spent it." 

"I have had debt issues for a long time but since listening to the money download I can see a way through,  I feel it is going to be fine and I am actioning the steps to get back in control. The self hypnosis helps me Sleep better which is a relief."

"I use to wake in the night and spend time worrying about money over things like the next bill, money for Christmas, money for kids but since listening to the hypnosis tracks I am much calmer and I am not really thinking about money.  The panic feeling I had when paying bills has gone, now I just pay for things we need, I seem to spend less generally and appreciate what we have more.  Sleeping through the night and feel fresh in the morning."

"I am desperate to generate wealth and this hypnosis download has helped me let go of bad money feelings.  I haven't worried about money since listening to the recording. I feel positive to grow my business and will keep listening to keep on track"

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Who Can Benefit from the Money -  Increase your Wealth Hypnotherapy CD / MP3: 

This recording is for anyone who has ever wished they had more money, for anyone who wants to be more successful, or for anyone who has ever had bad feelings about money or for peaople who have struggled with debt. The exercises I will talk you through during the recordings will help your mind free itself of the limiting negative thoughts which are deep in your subconscious mind. This will help you come up with new ways of doing things, new ways of approaching things to increase your wealth and create comfortable feelings about money. It will help you let go of the worries, daily stresses, help you sleep better, feel good about your finances and help you to create more wealth using your mind positively.

Money and Business

I have helped many business clients increase their wealth. My hypnotherapy techniques help them to get focussed using their minds positively to come up with the best way to progress their business. I work to build confidence and balance the relaxation needed to enjoy the wealth they have freeing them from the financial trap of chasing so hard for things that they forget to enjoy the journey.  Hypnotherapy helps my clients prepare in their mind for meetings, negotiate well and manage their staff and clients to increase profits and boost company moral.

During my time helping clients with a range of issues, including weight loss, alcohol reduction, confidence, smoking, a common factor which arises is the worry of money issues. In my experience, even before the ‘credit crunch’, most people feel dissatisfied with money on some level at some point, either that they can’t keep up with their financial commitments or they can’t have what they would like for themselves and their family or simply they don't feel comfortable with the wealth they have.

Money Worries

Often people fear the future or over stretch themselves so they are constantly playing catch up to pay their bills. Few people plan for larger expenses such as holidays or Christmas or the car insurance thus leaving them on a constant roller coaster of fluctuating money stress. Many people who have money can’t relax and enjoy their wealth for a number of reasons including fear of losing their wealth, family or friends negative reaction to their wealth, pushing themselves harder so they over stretch themselves further.  Other clients may have debt issues whilst others gamble money away.

Question: Why would I need to listen a hypnotherapy recording on increasing wealth when I feel fine about my situation? 

Answer: Everyone at some point in their life has felt uncomfortable about money either not having enough or even having too much. Without hypnotherapy you will continue to create more negative situations as the habits and patterns are part of your subconscious mind. The hypnosis recording will help you let go of the past issues and patterns allowing you to use your mind in the best way for you so you can feel good about money and create more money in to your life. You will only make safe changes which you are ready for. You will decide how to increase your wealth this recording with help you to make those improvements.

Ask yourself: 

 Do you want more money? 
• Do you want things you can’t afford?
• Do you want more peace of mind?

Anyone can feel financially trapped from the wealthiest to the less well off for example: 

• Someone staying in a job they don’t like feeling they cannot afford to leave it. 
• women who feel they can’t earn what they are worth as they are bringing up a family. 
• Successful people who have poor quality of life due to work pressures. 
• Someone with debts or student loans. 
• Someone studying. 
• Someone who has the pressure of paying School fees. 
• Someone not able to provide the things they want to for their family. 
• Someone stuck in a financial rut paying for past mistakes. 
• Someone who spends more than they earn. 
• Someone who worries about losing their job. 
• Someone who has lost their job and can’t find another one that pays what they use to earn. 
• Someone well off who is embarrassed by their wealth.

People who search for these solutions can be helped by listening to the 'Money - increase your wealth' hypnosis recordings: 

How can I make money fast?
Hypnosis money magnet
Attract money now
Money and the law of attraction
I want more money
Help I need money
I need money
Money spells
Gratitude money meditation
Attract money now download
Money increase your wealth
Law of attraction
Manifesting money
Cosmic ordering money
The secret to money
Making more money

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Can I download the recordings to my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, via our feel amazing app.

Can I use the downloads/recordings/titles/membership on more than one device such as my Samsung phone and my iPad?

yes get the feel amazing app on your device and login into the app with the same email you have ordered from us.

How will I receive the download or membership?

Your order will be sent to the email address which you provide at the time of ordering. if you have not received it please check your junk mail.
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No problems, get the feel amazing app on your new phone and login into the app to access your purchases. once you logged in to the app all your purchases will be restored on your device. you can also send us your order details or your full name so we can help you out. It is common for people to lose access to the app when they lose or change their phones.

What is the difference between the 'Take Control of Alcohol' and 'Stop Binge Drinking' recordings?

Take Control of Alcohol is to break the habit of everyday or regular drinking.

Stop Binge Drinking is for people who don't drink very regularly but when they do have a drink they drink huge volumes finding it difficult to stop.

Start with the recording which describes your drinking best.

Some people buy both recordings to cover all types of drinking as they associate with the two titles.

How long do I need to listen to the recordings?

Try to listen to the recordings every day for 3 weeks. You can alternate the tracks on different days. After this listen a few times per week until you make all the changes you want to make. You can listen again later for a top-up at any time in the future or for relaxation. Repetition of listening is important.

How soon will I see the results?

Some people begin to see changes within a day or a few days whilst other people see results within a few weeks. You may begin to notice you sleep better, you are more relaxed, your habits are changing and you are thinking less about the problems. Gradually you will make different choices as the new habits establish and you will begin to feel better in yourself.

When should I listen to the recordings?

Most people listen at bedtime. You can put the volume down low, let the messages wash over you and just fall asleep. Other people like to do a short track in the morning or after work on the sofa. As long as you are in a safe place find the time which suits you best.

How is it best to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings?

Turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. You don't need to hear all the words or keep up with the information or analyse the content instead just lay back and relax. The words will filter into your subconscious mind for you to make safe changes that you are ready for. Listen daily or regularly for 3 weeks or until you have made all the changes you want to make. Most people rest on the bed or on a sofa.

Can I listen to more than one recording title at the same time?

You can listen to more than one title but it is usually best to focus on one and then gradually introduce another title. Once you have listened to each topic for a focussed period of time you can then dip in and out of any of the recordings to keep yourself relaxed and on top of things.

What is the difference between the hypnotherapy recordings and having a one to one hypnotherapy session?

The recordings are very cost-effective. They are designed to cover as much as possible and they are complete programmes. But a one to one phone appointment will deal with more specific issues related to you personally. One to one sessions are more expensive but get directly to the root of the problems although tens of thousands of people have successfully made all the changes they want by listening to the recordings. There is no right or wrong but instead, do what suits you and your budget best.

- Some people make all the changes with the recordings.
- Some people start with the recordings and then have sessions later to tackle specific problems.
- Some people only have one to one phone sessions because they want to sort out a combination of issues specific to them.
- Some people start with one to one phone sessions and then go on to use the recordings later for relaxation to keep balanced.
- Ailsa's goal is to provide affordable solutions to help everyone improve their lives.

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

Most people are sceptical as to whether the hypnotherapy will work for them. Many people desperately need it to help them so they can be scared that it might not. People are generally surprised at how effective and enjoyable the hypnotherapy is. It is rare for hypnotherapy not to work. Ailsa Frank gives a 30 day money-back guarantee on recordings to give you the confidence to give the hypnosis downloads a try.

Do I need to buy the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing?

The book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing is a great tool to assist you in your life generally but is separate from the hypnosis downloads and recordings. The book is based on the work which Ailsa Frank does with clients. It is easy to read with chapter summaries, enjoyable techniques and her great guidance to help you improve your life. It is written in a way which moves your mind on from problems as you read it. The beginning chapters cover getting into the 'Amazing Zone', letting go of worries/stresses, making new choices and being motivated. The following chapters go on to cover all life issues such as money, relationships, parenting, health, heartaches and loss. Following its success since being published in the UK in 2015 it is now being published in foreign languages around the world.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you are not happy with a recording for any reason we will give you a refund. Just contact us through the website contact page providing your name and order details, ask for a refund. We pride ourselves on customer care to help you have peace of mind. We have sold tens of thousands of recordings but are only asked for refunds very occasionally.

There is no CD option on the recordings in the web shop?

Due to the increase in demand for downloads we have stopped selling titles in a CD form. However, some of our downloads are available as CDs on

I am not sure if my order went through or did I order twice by mistake?

You should receive an order confirmation. If you order twice by mistake a refund will automatically be sent to you within 48hours. If you are unsure about an order use the contact form to ask any questions.

I have a question not cover in FAQ?

Use the contact form on the website to ask any specific question or call during UK working hours 9:00 am to 19:00 pm.