• Why do women drink more alcohol?

    Since 2005, I have been helping women with my hypnotherapy techniques to drink less alcohol. When I started my career in hypnotherapy, I didn't expect to be working with alcohol reduction. But, early on I realised that women were drinking more alcohol than they wanted. And so began my journey to help women by incorporating hypnosis alcohol reduction as part of their therapy session. Gradually word got around that I had the solution to help women reduce their drinking. Streams of women began flooding through my hypnotherapy clinic doors.

    Dealing with the issues of why women drink

    The hypnotherapy alcohol sessions, offered women a dedicated and safe-space to discuss their challenges and talk about their alcohol drinking. By tailoring each hypnotherapy appointment; to break the drinking habit and by dealing with the issues behind the drinking; women were being set free. My work changed the subconscious beliefs in the deep part of their minds. My job was becoming ever more rewarding as I saw endless women take back control of their relationship with alcohol. Over and over I discovered that the stresses in women's lives were causing them to drink.

    More women asking for help with alcohol hypnosis

    It was clear at this stage which path my career was going down. Day in day out I was helping more women to change their alcohol intake. By now I was becoming known as the hypnotherapy alcohol reduction therapist. In the early days, my clinic was a small room in my house. But as time went on I rented a room in a clinic and began to offer phone appointments. My clients were now finding my services from all over the Uk and from other countries around the world.

    Approximately 70% of clients are women aged thirty and upwards, but the vast majority are in their forties and fifties. I think more women are drinking than before, but I don't think women drink more than men. It is more likely that women seek to find help more than men usually do.

    Why do women drink a glass of wine as a reward

    In my experience, I find there are quite a few reasons why women drink. For working women with relatively young or teenage children usually, they drink due to the pressure of juggling everything. Women regularly have difficulty with at least one family member, problems in their marriage or issues with a personal partner. It is common for mothers to find parenting a considerable strain. Relationship issues added to work demands and financial worries can create unbearable stress.

    Women's lives are taking their toll

    Reaching for a large glass of wine can seem like a good option. Wine becomes an alternative to sorting out the problems in your life. Ignoring the household friction or your feelings and needs takes a toll. Gradually one glass becomes two. Then two glasses become a whole bottle. Alcohol becomes a comfort like a reliable friend. Before you know it you have begun to lose yourself. As women naturally are nurturers they have no boundaries of knowing when to stop giving. Family, house chores and work take over. By now you are in so deep you don't even know how to run your life. Alcohol has become a quick way to switch off - my time - my escape - my reward. And an alcoholic drink helps women to sleep even though they are already exhausted.

    Stay at home mum stress

    For some women, the strain of parenting is because they are staying at home. For now, they have put their career on hold. They worked so hard to get a job which it turns out doesn't fit their family needs. Guilt feelings set in. Should you be working? Is it right you are a stay at home mum? What message does this give your children? Would being a working mum inspire your daughters? Will your son think women should stay at home? What do your friends think of you? Does your mother-in-law judge you for not contributing? The repetitive thoughts in your head dissolve with a glass of wine. So it's good to drink. Right? Everyone else drinks. It is normal or least it seems this way.

    Drinking alcohol makes women feel worse

    Slowly you feel worse when you drink. You may be affected by a hangover in the morning. In the beginning, you may have used alcohol to help you to get you to sleep, but now the effects of drinking break your sleep. But you can't break free from the cycle of alcohol drinking. You feel trapped. Drinkers also worry about their health and the effects their drinking is having on their already volatile relationships.

    It is easy to have a drink

    Then there is drinking more alcohol because you are bored or lonely. The kids are in bed. Perhaps you are single, or your partner is busy, and you feel alone and may as well be single. Then there are the women who don't have children, so they give their all to work. Drinking is part of their work culture. Alcohol is part of the job. And drinking is fun.

    The kids have grown up and flown the nest which has left you with an emptiness in their life. There is a void that needs filling. What will you do to fill your time or to make something of yourself and career? The workplace has moved on in the last ten to twenty years. You can no longer hide behind the achievements of your children as the spotlight is now on you. What are you are doing? You might enjoy your freedom since your family have moved on or you may be retired meaning you can have a drink now as you don't need to get up early tomorrow. A drink fills the gap of whatever is going on.

    Drinking has crept up over time

    For some women, drinking has just crept up over time, and it has become a habit. You have always had wine or gin to celebrate or commiserate. The drink is a way of life. Life would be boring without alcohol. Everyone drinks. Your life revolves around drinking. You don't remember a time when alcohol wasn't part of your life. But alcohol is addictive, so there is that element too. When you do try to slow down, reduce or stop drinking you find it is not easy.

    How can women break the cycle of drinking

    Women's lives are constantly changing, and every woman is different. What is needed is to manage problems as they arise whatever your circumstances. Hypnotherapy offers support to help transform your mindset to steer your life in the best direction for you. One-to-one sessions or hypnosis downloads help to overcome challenges and break the habit of drinking too much. Hypnotherapy works by releasing cravings and adjusting your relationship with alcohol on a subconscious level so that alcohol becomes less attractive. By improving confidence, relationships, finances and career, you can create a brighter future while being in control of your drinking. Anything is possible with the right mindset. Letting go of alcohol is incredibly liberating.

    You can find out more about one-to-one alcohol hypnotherapy phone appointments with Ailsa Frank or the hypnosis download Stop binge drinking for women Read the addictions chapter of my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House

  • 3 ways to believe in yourself

    Make time each day to boost your self-belief

    Often you can find yourself at the bottom of your list of priorities because you lack the confidence to respect and value yourself as work, family, and friends can get in the way.

    Get into new positive thinking by making your phrase of the month "I am ready to believe in myself".

    Here are 3 tips to help:

    1) Create a new positive conversation - Begin each day with a positive chat with yourself. Use this time to list all the great things about yourself and your achievements so far. Congratulate yourself with phrases such as "Well done me" or "You are AMAZING". Get into the habit of speaking positively to yourself even if you don't fully believe the compliments initially. Eventually, you will believe the things you tell yourself and you will find you start to change your behaviour allowing yourself to be more confident.

    2) Protect time for yourself - With busy lives, people often rush from one week into the next without really recharging their batteries during the weekend. Other people's lives can take over your own, so make a conscious effort to find time each week to do things you love. If you have children it is important to let them see you enjoying yourself too. Life shouldn't just revolve around your kids as they could grow up with a selfish attitude expecting their partners to run around them. Teach your daughters and sons about the importance of Mums and Dads taking care of themselves too. So when they grow up they will look after themselves and expect their partners to do the same. Lead by example and have the confidence to put yourself first at some point every week.

    3) Identify any issues that need addressing - Notice when and where you lack confidence then visualise those situations going well. For instance, if you lack confidence at work see yourself handling things competently. If you lack confidence being around certain people imagine them respecting you or even looking up to you. If you lack confidence about the way you look imagine looking and feeling great, see yourself taking care of yourself with healthy eating, sensible exercise and looking good in your clothes.

    You can read more about improving your confidence in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House). Or try my Build confidence and self-esteem hypnosis download.

    One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually, 2-4 appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from the Ailsa Frank .com website shop to tackle the various issues in your life. To make inquiries about booking Ailsa as a motivational speaker or workshop host please reply to this email.

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  • 3 ways to keep your life on track

    Focus some time each day to keep your life on track

    Try to carry forward into the rest of the year the good changes you have made during January.

    Get into new positive thinking by making your phrase of the month "I am ready to keep my life on track"

    Here are 3 tips to help:

    1) Create a calm life - each evening get into the habit of nurturing yourself. Try taking a shower or having a warm bath after work then change into comfy clothes so you can switch off from the events of the day. Do some gentle stretches or yoga type exercises to relax your physical body whilst you focus your mind on your breathing. Drink herbal tea instead of caffeine drinks, sugar or diet drinks or alcohol.

    2) Use positive language - by adding the word AMAZING into your everyday sentences. "I am having an AMAZING day, week and year" "I can find AMAZING solutions to create a great life".

    3) Identify any issues in your life - that you are not happy about then gradually work to eliminate them throughout the year. By making small changes you can quickly free yourself from problems. Be creative to find solutions by changing your daily and weekly routines. If you argue with a family member over the same issues make an effort to have new conversations. If you are stressed about work try to be more organised. If you are not sleeping well try listening to recordings at bedtime. There are answers to every problem.

    You can read more about taking control of your life in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House).

    One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually, 2-4 appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from my website shop to tackle the various issues in your life. To make enquiries about booking Ailsa as a motivational speaker please reply to this email.

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    Thank you to all those who emailed me testimonials recently. If you want to anonymously share your hypnosis success story or share how my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing has helped you, please let me know by replying to this email. In return for your story, you will receive a free download recording of your choice. Also, you can review my products on Amazon.

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  • Can you break the cycle of drinking alcohol?

    Is it time to break the cycle of drinking too much alcohol?

    Daily stresses, added to the distress of dealing with life issues, can turn people to drinking more alcohol. Alcohol addictions or drinking habits build up if you use alcohol as a way of numbing the challenges in life, of which there will always be some to deal with. The secret is to find new coping strategies to deal with life, without alcohol being an escape from what is going on.

    When you drink to a certain level your tolerance for alcohol becomes higher, and you don't feel drunk. You may feel fine and you might even be alright coping quite well. But there is a tipping point for everyone where you begin to drink more until your levels are unsafe or unhealthy. Alcohol can temporarily numb bad feelings, but in the end your emotions will need to be faced head-on for you to create a good life.

    Losing your tolerance

    Eventually, if you carry on drinking you will begin to lose your tolerance as your body may struggle to process the alcohol. You may begin to feel the alcohol sweat in your skin, have disrupted sleep and feel sluggish. Your liver may no longer be able to deal with the burden of the alcohol. The liver is the most forgiving organ in the body if you treat it well, as it regenerates regularly but eventually even the liver has its limit. A drinker can go on to develop liver disease, a swollen spleen and other complications.

    Has your drinking been creeping up over time?  Is your health progressively deteriorating? Are you struggling to see a way forward? Does a life without alcohol seem impossible? Are you more afraid of giving up drinking than you are of the health implications of drinking too much? Are you drinking to oblivion? Is your health progressively deteriorating? Has your drinking already affected your relationships?

    Alcohol and relationships

    The cycle of alcohol pushes the people you love further away. You may have become some of the following:  unreliable, unreasonable, abusive, lashing out, blacking out, being embarrassing, arguing, insulting, saying things you regret later, falling over, unable to communicate or unfaithful due to drinking.

    For those in relationships with a partner who has become alcohol dependent or an alcoholic, it can be a lonely, frustrating and destructive partnerships to be in. Alcohol can fuel the relationship problems then the relationship problems can fuel the drinking so you end up caught in a vicious circle. To cope with the alcohol adversity in the end alcohol becomes your companion and your partner becomes a distant friend. But the destructive relationship with alcohol can cause the drinker severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression as well as the inability to perform at work. The endpoint to alcohol dependency can be a person sitting alone in a room with a bottle with no one left around them.

    Difficult life events can leave you spiraling down

    The following events can be catalysts for turning to a glass of wine, spirits or beer: a bereavement, work stress, family problems, ill-health with a family member, money stress or loneliness. But remember, these are all issues which can be resolved. People are coming through similar events all of the time. You just need to find a route through your challenges. It is good to identify what might be happening in your life that is leading you to drink too much.

    A client recently had a relationship breakup as a result of their own drinking being 'out of control'. They had gone beyond hearing or caring about what they were doing to themselves and loved one. This is a story I have heard over and over again. It can leave a partner feeling trapped with the only solution being to finish with the drinker.

    Breaking habits

    As a therapist helping people to break the habit of drinking, I hear the same things over and over again '  I don't want to put my girlfriend, boyfriend wife or husband through it again.' 'Alcohol crept up and just became the thing that I do'. 'The alcohol began controlling me rather than me being in control of the alcohol.'

    A life without alcohol can seem impossible but there are solutions to break the habit of alcohol and deal with the problems in your life, which may be causing you to drink to excess. I teach clients to become alcohol-free with hypnosis by reprogramming their subconscious mind which holds their drinking habits and distress habits of dealing with life problems. By improving the way people think it is possible to establish new, safe and healthy habits about alcohol.

    How to become alcohol-free

    I suggest you work on the subconscious level by listening to hypnosis downloads to break drinking habits or have one to one hypnosis sessions to re-program your thinking around alcohol and your life issues.

    I recommend my hypnosis recordings
    'Take control of alcohol'
    'Stop binge drinking for women'
    'Stop binge drinking for men'
    Also, my hypnotherapy book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' published by Hay House has an addictions chapter to help you take back control.

  • Have you ever felt you are not good enough?

    Hypnotherapy can improve your inner self-belief so that you can eliminate any fear of rejection or feelings of not being good enough, which may be holding you back

    This month I am focusing on some techniques to help you overcome the fear of rejection. Whether it be in a social setting, a work interview, in a relationship or in everyday life we have all felt at least slightly awkward at some point with the feeling that we might not be good enough.

    3 tips to help you feel good about yourself

    1) The feeling of 'what if I am not good enough?' probably started at an early age. So for this exercise imagine a really confident version of yourself today, then visualise yourself starting school with this confident self-belief. Imagine your school, the pupils and the teachers are smaller in your mind, then imagine going into your first day of school feeling good about yourself. See yourself going through each year of your education with a new confidence. See yourself making friends easily and being popular in the class.

    2) Re-write your history in your mind so you can overcome any past confidence knocks. Visualise things going as you would have liked them to turn out, such as see yourself getting the job, being wanted by someone you lost, being loved by a family member or being picked for the team. By seeing things going well you will override old habits of rejection which could be affecting you today.

    3) Turn the conversation with yourself into optimistic phrases such as 'What if I succeed?', 'What if I get a great job?', 'What if people like me?', 'What if I am loved?'

    You can also try my new 'Release Fear of Rejection' hypnosis download recording. This will allow you to make changes whilst you relax or sleep at bedtime, to find out more click here

    You can combine my 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem' hypnosis recording with my hypnotherapy book Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING. The techniques will help you to tailor your life by cutting out the negative habits so you can feel AMAZING. Chapter 5 will boost your confidence.

    Best wishes

    One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually 2-4 appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from my website shop to tackle the various issues in your life.

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  • Let go of the negative

    How to let go of the negative to achieve true success -  

    The book that is changing lives...  "Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing" by Ailsa Frank

    Have you ever wondered how to let go of the negative to achieve true success? Well, this book has been stirring up the publishing world with the rights already sold in several languages. What makes this book different is that author Ailsa Frank is a seasoned hypnotherapist. She teaches you how to let go of the negative to achieve true success. Early on in the book, Ailsa stresses the importance of shifting the negative thoughts and patterns from the subconscious so you can make amazing things happen in every area of your life.

    Many people believe in the law of attraction and positive thinking. If you haven't released the limiting beliefs on an unconscious level, you will end up layering positive feelings on top of a negative foundation. Eventually, you can become frustrated as you find yourself unable to achieve what you really want to. Just like building a house with unstable foundations, eventually, the house will begin to develop cracks and problems. The book has been written in a way which moves your subconscious mind on from negative thoughts to positive ways of thinking as you read it.

    The aim of the book is to “gradually cut the negativity from your life and feel AMAZING.”

    Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing empowers you to rise above the drama and get into the AMAZING zone. Ailsa shares her tried and tested methods which she has used with thousands of clients in her one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions and in her established hypnosis CDs and download range. By adjusting your mindset you will learn to manage your life better and sort through the things you need to change. The useful step-by-step tips and chapter summaries make it easy to apply the techniques to everyday issues; stress, finances, relationships, parenting, addictions, health, heartache, and loss...making it a guide for life. Written with common sense guidance, inspiring client stories and great anecdotes you will soon be living life in the AMAZING zone with new motivation. The book is easy to read with simple but effective techniques to show you how to let go of the negative and achieve true success.

    Daily challenges

    Ailsa is an experienced hypnotherapist working with topics including alcohol reduction, building confidence, wealth, career success, weight loss. She works with adults, families, children, and teenagers. The thread of the book is to find the way through the negative challenges which people face on a daily basis. Even when things are not amazing, she encourages readers to use their energy to find solutions by taking control of thoughts and ultimately the situation.

    "People face real problems on a daily basis perhaps a parent with dementia, a friend with cancer or a financial struggle. By using the techniques to shift the negative worries you can stop yourself slipping into more negative thoughts and situations. The techniques will also release old situations from reoccurring such as always attracting having a difficult boss, never finding the right love or never having enough money. By healing the deep beliefs you unconsciously hold, you can free yourself to find an enjoyable way through even a tough situation" says Ailsa.

    People often question why bad things happen when they were trying to be positive. The book explains how the subconscious can be holding you back. Then the book gives you the tools to eliminate and ultimately let go of the negative thinking on a subconscious level. You can live your life in the amazing zone by using the techniques in this book.

    One of the techniques from the book to help you release negative spiralling thoughts is Ailsa's "Clouds in the Sky" technique.

    To release negative thoughts or worry, using the fingers of your right hand to rub, tap or press the knuckles of your left hand to reassure yourself that everything will be fine. You can do this subtly in front of other people – if you clasp your hands, no one will notice you rubbing, tapping or pressing your knuckles. Say to yourself, ‘Let it go. Let it pass.’ Imagine the bad feeling passing by. Thoughts are fluid, moving objects that will pass like clouds move across the sky if you allow them to do so. Repeat the exercise until the bad feelings pass. Also repeat it regularly throughout the day to ward off anxious or worried feelings. 

     “This book leaves you feeling like you’ve had a heart to heart with a wise friend. Ailsa has something new to offer with no mumbo-jumbo nonsense. I stayed with the book to the end. Go on then why not Cut the crap and Feel Amazing!” Amanda Riley-Jones, freelance journalist

    "Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING" by Ailsa Frank

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