There is always a lot to do in the last few days running up to Christmas and it can feel like you can't get through things. Tensions can run high in a family household. But remember you can and you will have a smooth Christmas if you take back control. You can follow my hypnotherapy style techniques. 3 tips to keep Christmas running smoothly;
  1. Run events of the next 2 days through in your mind with everyone getting along fine, everything wrapped and opened, food cooked perfectly.... Imagine it is the end of Boxing day, you are getting into bed having had a great time with everything having gone well. What your mind sees your mind delivers, this technique will help you get the positive outcome you are looking for.
  2. Smile your way through the next 2 days as smiling creates positive brain chemicals which stops you from slipping into stressed feelings. You will enjoy Christmas more if you smile more.
  3. Tell yourself 'You can and you will and you are organised, on time, getting everything done easily and efficiently' By firmly self-talking yourself into the positive you will find your mind can't slip into Christmas drama mode and you will enjoy a perfect 2 days.
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