Stop Worrying - 10 Minute Daily - hypnosis download (free)

This relaxation hypnosis download will help you to let go of daily worries and anxious feelings. It is easy to let your mind spiral into worrying thoughts but as you lay back and relax the messages will drift your worries into a distant memory. The techniques will help you to flow with life instead of worrying yourself into stress. The new habits created will help you manage your life with an inner calm. An enjoyable relaxation to help you enjoy life more.

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  • Anxious churned tummy?
  • Too much stress?
  • Wasting time worrying?
  • Distracted with worries?
  • Worries keep me awake at night?
  • Finding things to worry about for the sake of worrying?
  • Anxious about future events or safety?
  • Worrying about other peoples problems?
  • Trying to control things causes me anxiety?
  • Drinking alcohol to cope with worries?




"Since listening to the stop worrying hypnosis download I found it easier to let go of problems which I would have worried about in the past. My inner voice tells me not to go there which is a big relief for myself and the family."

One short 10-minute track to listen to at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down. Never let the driver of a car listen whilst driving.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this download. I am confident that anyone will find this track helpful to eliminate worries and anxious feelings.

How does the 'Stop Worrying - 10 Minute Daily' hypnosis download work?
Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive others are more negative. During this relaxation download, your mind will be able to safely get your beliefs back into balance. With a more focused mind, you will find yourself avoiding worrying thoughts instead of replacing them with solution focussed and more optimistic mind. Press the play button, lie back and relax as you let your worries dissolve into a distant memory.

"Over the past ten years, more and more clients worry as part of their regular daily thoughts. This can cause stress to yourself and your family and friends around you. You probably got into the habit of worrying without even noticing or perhaps you experienced events which changed your life in some way. Letting go of worries using hypnotherapy is one of the easiest things to do. All you need to do is let the messages wash over you. You will still control as you only make changes to improve your life at a pace that suits you. When you let go of worries you can use your mind to get on with more important things. Also, I have found with clients when you worry less you will find there is actually less to worry about as life tends to take a smoother path."

Best wishes

One Track – 16 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

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'De-stress Your Life', 'Overcome Challenges' and 'Switch Off from Work' to help you feel at ease in yourself.

Try reading my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' (hardcover or e-book) which has useful techniques for yourself and your family. Chapter 3 will give you useful tools and techniques to manage your thoughts better.

Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos

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