Switch Off from Work - 10 Minute Daily - hypnosis download

This relaxation hypnosis download will help you to create habits of achieving a good work-life balance and to switch off from work. It can be difficult to prioritise your personal life when work demands put pressure on your time or family life can overrun your working day. Creating harmony between work and personal life is one of the biggest challenges people face these days. This recording will eliminate unnecessary worrying, offload stress and set your mind to come up with solutions to live your life in a better way. The recording will help you to work smarter not harder. An enjoyable relaxation to get your life into balance.

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Product Description


Want to enjoy your life more?
Are you too busy being busy?
Feeling life is out of balance?
Working too hard or too little?
Need to set new work rules?

Feel stressed about work or home life?
Dealing with too many things which cause stress?
However hard you work you never get on top fully?
You work evenings or weekends to catch up?
Drinking alcohol to cope with work and life pressures?




"Organising everyone and thing at home I was feeling like I had done a days work before I got to work. Then in the evenings, I was working to keep on top of emails. But since listening to the hypnosis download I have found myself to be more organised with better separation between home stress and work pressure. I can see I am tackling tasks in a more logical way. Feeling less frazzled"

One short 10-minute track to listen to at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down. Never let the driver of a car listen whilst driving.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for this download. I am confident that anyone will find this track useful to create a better balance between work life and home life.

How does the 'Switch Off from Work - 10 Minute Daily' hypnosis download work?
Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are useful to you whilst others are creating you more problems and stress. During this hypnosis relaxation download, your mind will be able to safely get your beliefs back into balance. With a more focused mind, you will find yourself avoiding the pitfalls which stop you from being able to separate between work and your personal life. You will find you achieve more in less time, sleep better and cope with life easier. Press the play button, lie back and relax as you let your mind reset. You will only make safe changes which are beneficial for you.

"This hypnosis recording is great for everyone to be smarter about the way they live their life to maximise work and their home time without the two merging into one. Today, technology makes it is easy for people to slip into work when they are at home or to deal with a family crisis whilst they are at work. 99% of the home or work problems are not really a problem at all but people get sucked into a habit of not having proper separation and boundaries. A spouse may ring their partner at work to tell them about a minor incident with the children or a colleague may email something that needs to be dealt with outside working hours not intending the employee to respond. This recording is designed to help you to divide your time better. Every life is different and every solution is unique for each person. The messages in this hypnosis track will help you to decide what works best for you to create a balance between you and your family crave."

Best wishes

One Track – 10 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

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Try reading my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' which has useful techniques for yourself and your family. Read chapter 3 to let go of worries, chapter 11 to manage stress and chapter 17 learning to cut out the excuses so you can genuinely feel at home in your life.

Are you working too much?

Regularly working long hours?

It doesn't matter how much work you do you never reach the end?

Feeling burdened with your workload but can't see the best way to fix the problem?

Buzzed up by work but bored at home so would rather work to escape family time?

Feeling a work overload?

Pressured to take work home at the weekends?

Working on the weekends because you don't have a social life?

Dread Mondays?

Are you unreliable at sticking to family or social arrangements?

Do you put your work before family which causes arguments?

You don't make time for hobbies or family as you prefer the buzz of working?

You wish you had time for family but you have to work which you resent?

You would like to have balance but you don't know how to create it?

Chasing money makes you work harder than you really need to if you balance your expenses better?

Feeling trapped on a treadmill?

Searching for ways to regularly recharging your batteries to help you to cope better.

Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos www.shushstudios.com

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