Hypnotherapy can improve your inner self-belief so that you can eliminate any fear of rejection or feelings of not being good enough, which may be holding you back

This month I am focusing on some techniques to help you overcome the fear of rejection. Whether it be in a social setting, a work interview, in a relationship or in everyday life we have all felt at least slightly awkward at some point with the feeling that we might not be good enough.

3 tips to help you feel good about yourself

1) The feeling of 'what if I am not good enough?' probably started at an early age. So for this exercise imagine a really confident version of yourself today, then visualise yourself starting school with this confident self-belief. Imagine your school, the pupils and the teachers are smaller in your mind, then imagine going into your first day of school feeling good about yourself. See yourself going through each year of your education with a new confidence. See yourself making friends easily and being popular in the class. 2) Re-write your history in your mind so you can overcome any past confidence knocks. Visualise things going as you would have liked them to turn out, such as see yourself getting the job, being wanted by someone you lost, being loved by a family member or being picked for the team. By seeing things going well you will override old habits of rejection which could be affecting you today. 3) Turn the conversation with yourself into optimistic phrases such as 'What if I succeed?', 'What if I get a great job?', 'What if people like me?', 'What if I am loved?' You can also try my new 'Release Fear of Rejection' hypnosis download recording. This will allow you to make changes whilst you relax or sleep at bedtime, to find out more click here You can combine my 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem' hypnosis recording with my hypnotherapy book Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING. The techniques will help you to tailor your life by cutting out the negative habits so you can feel AMAZING. Chapter 5 will boost your confidence. Best wishes Ailsa One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually 2-4 appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from my website shop to tackle the various issues in your life. Follow me on Twitter for more tips and advice @AilsaFrank Like my Facebook page Ailsa Frank Author and Hypnotherapist Follow me on Instagram ailsafrank Watch my YouTube channel Ailsa Frank Hypnotherapy Thank you to all those who emailed me testimonials recently. If you want to anonymously share your hypnosis success story please let me know by replying to this email. In return for your story, you will receive a free download hypnosis recording of your choice. Also, you can review my products on Amazon. Buy hypnosis downloads from www.ailsafrank.com