Focus some time each day to keep your life on track

Try to carry forward into the rest of the year the good changes you have made during January.

Get into new positive thinking by making your phrase of the month "I am ready to keep my life on track"

Here are 3 tips to help:

1) Create a calm life - each evening get into the habit of nurturing yourself. Try taking a shower or having a warm bath after work then change into comfy clothes so you can switch off from the events of the day. Do some gentle stretches or yoga type exercises to relax your physical body whilst you focus your mind on your breathing. Drink herbal tea instead of caffeine drinks, sugar or diet drinks or alcohol.

2) Use positive language - by adding the word AMAZING into your everyday sentences. "I am having an AMAZING day, week and year" "I can find AMAZING solutions to create a great life".

3) Identify any issues in your life - that you are not happy about then gradually work to eliminate them throughout the year. By making small changes you can quickly free yourself from problems. Be creative to find solutions by changing your daily and weekly routines. If you argue with a family member over the same issues make an effort to have new conversations. If you are stressed about work try to be more organised. If you are not sleeping well try listening to recordings at bedtime. There are answers to every problem.

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