5 tips to curb your drinking in the run-up to Christmas

You have possibly drunk over many years, and your social life could revolve around drinking. Everything you have experienced with alcohol has created a habit in your mind. By changing as many routines as you can, you will be able to break the behaviour of drinking too much. By thinking and acting differently, you will begin to overlay new behaviour over your old habits.

1. Turn your house into a spa hotel

Try to weave into your routine calm music, warm baths, herbal teas and early nights. The more you look after yourself, the less likely you will become stressed and need a drink. 

2. Go to a cafe

Create new experiences by arranging to see friends in alcohol-free zones for breakfast or afternoon tea rather than meeting for dinner in the evening.

3. Start with sparkling water at all social events

Openly mention that you are thirsty and would like water as no one will stop you having a glass of water. After drinking the water allow yourself to have one glass of wine, beer or gin whilst make an effort to sip this slowly. After this alcoholic drink switch back to a glass of water. You can alternate soft drinks and alcoholic drinks through the evening which will slow the drinking. Aim for a maximum of one or two alcoholic drinks.

4. Only pop in for an hour to potentially heavy drinking events

When you arrive at an event, mention that you can only stay for an hour or so because you have a commitment the following day such as an early work meeting or phone call first thing. If you are confident about your story from the outset you may be surprised at how easily people accept your decision to go home early. Over time you feel completely relaxed at being the partygoer who drinks less and gets to bed on time.

5. Visualise yourself back home safe, sound and sober

Visualize yourself totally sober and in control back at the house and see yourself brushing your teeth after returning back from a social event. By visualising positive outcomes regularly, you will program your mind to behave this way.

Remember your thoughts are controlling your life. By improving your mind, you will over time, create the new healthier results. I have helped thousands of people to stop or reduce drinking with my hypnotherapy program. You can change your drinking with a change of mindset. by following my 5 tips to curb your drinking you should be able to take back control.

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