Ailsa Frank

  1. Help I can't sleep

    Help I can't sleep
  2. 5 tips to curb your drinking

    5 tips to curb your drinking ain the run-up to Christmas
  3. Has disrupted sleep left you feeling exhausted?

    Take the sleep challenge I challenge you to a Good Night's Sleep with my new hypnosis download. If you don't sleep I will give you your money back. You can lie back and listen as your stresses dissolve into a distant memory. I suggest you listen regularly over several weeks to retrain your mind to sleep well. I help clients...
  4. Use your skills in life

    Your skills are the most valuable asset you have Most people will earn their money from their unique set of skills. Look at what your skills are with people or with work then embrace them, build upon them and use them wisely. If you are feeling stuck or want change in your life, be patient. Plan well. Build upon who you...

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