Your skills are the most valuable asset you have

Most people will earn their money from their unique set of skills. Look at what your skills are with people or with work then embrace them, build upon them and use them wisely. If you are feeling stuck or want change in your life, be patient. Plan well. Build upon who you are already. Work hard. Be polite. Be kind. Create a worthwhile route forward for yourself but don't underestimate the skills you already have. Also, remember every experience good or bad will have built some skills which you can draw upon throughout your life.

When I became a hypnotherapist I didn't just stop doing my previous job. I earnt money from my existing career whilst I built my new hypnotherapy business. It took several years before I was earning full-time money from hypnotherapy and my writing work. Keep very focused and be sensible. Rome was not built in a day!

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