Make time each day to boost your self-belief

Often you can find yourself at the bottom of your list of priorities because you lack the confidence to respect and value yourself as work, family, and friends can get in the way.

Get into new positive thinking by making your phrase of the month "I am ready to believe in myself".

Here are 3 tips to help:

1) Create a new positive conversation - Begin each day with a positive chat with yourself. Use this time to list all the great things about yourself and your achievements so far. Congratulate yourself with phrases such as "Well done me" or "You are AMAZING". Get into the habit of speaking positively to yourself even if you don't fully believe the compliments initially. Eventually, you will believe the things you tell yourself and you will find you start to change your behaviour allowing yourself to be more confident.

2) Protect time for yourself - With busy lives, people often rush from one week into the next without really recharging their batteries during the weekend. Other people's lives can take over your own, so make a conscious effort to find time each week to do things you love. If you have children it is important to let them see you enjoying yourself too. Life shouldn't just revolve around your kids as they could grow up with a selfish attitude expecting their partners to run around them. Teach your daughters and sons about the importance of Mums and Dads taking care of themselves too. So when they grow up they will look after themselves and expect their partners to do the same. Lead by example and have the confidence to put yourself first at some point every week.

3) Identify any issues that need addressing - Notice when and where you lack confidence then visualise those situations going well. For instance, if you lack confidence at work see yourself handling things competently. If you lack confidence being around certain people imagine them respecting you or even looking up to you. If you lack confidence about the way you look imagine looking and feeling great, see yourself taking care of yourself with healthy eating, sensible exercise and looking good in your clothes.

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