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  • 3 ways to stop feeling lonely

    3 techniques to help you to stop feeling lonely

    Are you feeling lonely even though people are around you? Or are you actually on your own too much of the time?

    Studies have shown that we do need the company of others in social interaction to live a long and healthy life. Just speaking to the person in the local shop can make a difference. But on the other hand, people can feel alone in a busy life when they feel others don't understand them or give them the space they require.

    To get yourself into new positive thinking make your phrase of the month "I am happy with my own company and relaxed in the company of others".

    Here are 3 tips to help:

    1) This is who I am -  Simply accept this is who you are and this is how you feel. By accepting your feelings you can then focus to rectify them. Know you have the ability to steer your life in the direction you want it to go by making new choices to change the issues which you are facing. "It is okay to feel how I do. I can change things for the better."

    2) Imagine you are surrounded by people - Feel the feeling of being surrounded by people who care about you. Visualise a positive interaction with other people. If you have people around who are too overwhelming then see them reduced down in size so they feel more manageable. Imagine laughing with people and you can also smile to lift your mood which will help.

    3) Plan ahead - Work out when the lonely times occur in your week then plan ahead to avoid these by make arrangements to fill these times. Be proactive by arranging to meet with friends, family, social or hobby groups to fill your diary up with like-minded people. Enjoy your time alone by doing the things you like such as cooking your favourite food and watching a movie you want to see. Get out of your home each day to be around people in the shops, parks and cafes. Relax into life as you realise this is a phase of your life, enjoy this time as much as you can. If your life is too busy, meaning you need more time alone, have the confidence to create time for yourself. It is all about getting everything into balance.

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  • 3 solutions for coping with social anxiety

    Solutions to help you cope with anxiety in social situations

    I think everybody at some point has felt slightly anxious or awkward going into a situation. Nowadays it's becoming more common with more people suffering from it.

    Three things I would say to help you:

    1. Change your state of mind.  The feeling is in your body because your mind has created it. So by changing your mindset, you will feel better in your body. So for this, you could imagine someone who is really confident - perhaps Simon Cowell who is really over the top. Imagine stepping into their body, imagine how it would feel, their posture, being relaxed. Then bring that feeling into your body.  Imagine yourself having that comfortable feeling. You can practice this anytime or place.
    2. Learn to reassure yourself.  Remember you are not alone - someone confident can be feeling nervous too. This feeling is something that you have learned to do from the fear of the unknown. If you do feel any anxiety coming on, reassure yourself by saying "I am fine.  I am going to be ok. This is fine. This is ok, I am doing really well. This is really really fine. I am going to be ok". Consciously relax your body.
    3. Before and after the event.  To help you feel comfortable about going to an event, see in your mind events going well, speaking to people, having plenty to say, and laughing.  It's always good to ask someone a question to get a conversation going. Imagine it is after the event, you are on your way out of that event, leaving and coming home and imagine it has gone really well, and you are really relaxed, you are smiling.

    Something you can do when you are in social settings so that other people don't feel anxious is always invite people into your group if you are standing and chatting.  If you see someone there just make way for them to join in as well because if you do that for someone else, someone one day will do that for you.

    You can read more about my hypnotherapy methods for reducing social anxiety in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House).

    One to one hypnotherapy phone sessions with Ailsa cost £150 each, usually, 2-4 hypnosis appointments are required. Or use a combination of hypnosis download recordings from my website shop to tackle the various issues in your life.

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  • 20 inspirations to improve your life

    Inspiring techniques to help you improve your life

    1. Wave goodbye to excuses. Let them pass like clouds in the sky.
    2. Cut debt from your life to feel AMAZING. Spend less and earn more by using your skills.
    3. Smiling little and often will over time improve your life.
      Inspirations to improve your life.
    4. Laugh at life and feel AMAZING.
    5. This has happened but I can and I will turn it into something good.
    6. Every word you speak is shaping your life. Choose your words carefully.
    7. Piece your life together like a jigsaw puzzle and make it AMAZING.
    8. Let being a parent be a positive adventure.
    9. Your smile is the most AMAZING tool you have to improve your life.
    10. When you don't know the answer, presume things will work out AMAZINGLY well.
    11. You don't need to be 100% ready to give things a try...
    12. Let life be an adventure.
    13. You can carry on. You can get through this. You are doing it.
    14. You can find a way to make your life even better than it was before.
    15. The little things that make you smile will help you through your day.
    16. Goodbyes are opportunities for new hellos.
    17. What are we waiting for? Let's start living.
    18. You create your bad habits. But you can create good ones too.
    19. Appreciate the small things.
    20. Start with one thing, then another one thing until you have got everything done.

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  • Let go of the negative

    How to let go of the negative to achieve true success -  

    The book that is changing lives...  "Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing" by Ailsa Frank

    Have you ever wondered how to let go of the negative to achieve true success? Well, this book has been stirring up the publishing world with the rights already sold in several languages. What makes this book different is that author Ailsa Frank is a seasoned hypnotherapist. She teaches you how to let go of the negative to achieve true success. Early on in the book, Ailsa stresses the importance of shifting the negative thoughts and patterns from the subconscious so you can make amazing things happen in every area of your life.

    Many people believe in the law of attraction and positive thinking. If you haven't released the limiting beliefs on an unconscious level, you will end up layering positive feelings on top of a negative foundation. Eventually, you can become frustrated as you find yourself unable to achieve what you really want to. Just like building a house with unstable foundations, eventually, the house will begin to develop cracks and problems. The book has been written in a way which moves your subconscious mind on from negative thoughts to positive ways of thinking as you read it.

    The aim of the book is to “gradually cut the negativity from your life and feel AMAZING.”

    Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing empowers you to rise above the drama and get into the AMAZING zone. Ailsa shares her tried and tested methods which she has used with thousands of clients in her one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions and in her established hypnosis CDs and download range. By adjusting your mindset you will learn to manage your life better and sort through the things you need to change. The useful step-by-step tips and chapter summaries make it easy to apply the techniques to everyday issues; stress, finances, relationships, parenting, addictions, health, heartache, and loss...making it a guide for life. Written with common sense guidance, inspiring client stories and great anecdotes you will soon be living life in the AMAZING zone with new motivation. The book is easy to read with simple but effective techniques to show you how to let go of the negative and achieve true success.

    Daily challenges

    Ailsa is an experienced hypnotherapist working with topics including alcohol reduction, building confidence, wealth, career success, weight loss. She works with adults, families, children, and teenagers. The thread of the book is to find the way through the negative challenges which people face on a daily basis. Even when things are not amazing, she encourages readers to use their energy to find solutions by taking control of thoughts and ultimately the situation.

    "People face real problems on a daily basis perhaps a parent with dementia, a friend with cancer or a financial struggle. By using the techniques to shift the negative worries you can stop yourself slipping into more negative thoughts and situations. The techniques will also release old situations from reoccurring such as always attracting having a difficult boss, never finding the right love or never having enough money. By healing the deep beliefs you unconsciously hold, you can free yourself to find an enjoyable way through even a tough situation" says Ailsa.

    People often question why bad things happen when they were trying to be positive. The book explains how the subconscious can be holding you back. Then the book gives you the tools to eliminate and ultimately let go of the negative thinking on a subconscious level. You can live your life in the amazing zone by using the techniques in this book.

    One of the techniques from the book to help you release negative spiralling thoughts is Ailsa's "Clouds in the Sky" technique.

    To release negative thoughts or worry, using the fingers of your right hand to rub, tap or press the knuckles of your left hand to reassure yourself that everything will be fine. You can do this subtly in front of other people – if you clasp your hands, no one will notice you rubbing, tapping or pressing your knuckles. Say to yourself, ‘Let it go. Let it pass.’ Imagine the bad feeling passing by. Thoughts are fluid, moving objects that will pass like clouds move across the sky if you allow them to do so. Repeat the exercise until the bad feelings pass. Also repeat it regularly throughout the day to ward off anxious or worried feelings. 

     “This book leaves you feeling like you’ve had a heart to heart with a wise friend. Ailsa has something new to offer with no mumbo-jumbo nonsense. I stayed with the book to the end. Go on then why not Cut the crap and Feel Amazing!” Amanda Riley-Jones, freelance journalist

    "Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING" by Ailsa Frank

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