Solutions to help you cope with anxiety in social situations

I think everybody at some point has felt slightly anxious or awkward going into a situation. Nowadays it's becoming more common with more people suffering from it.

Three things I would say to help you:

  1. Change your state of mind.  The feeling is in your body because your mind has created it. So by changing your mindset, you will feel better in your body. So for this, you could imagine someone who is really confident - perhaps Simon Cowell who is really over the top. Imagine stepping into their body, imagine how it would feel, their posture, being relaxed. Then bring that feeling into your body.  Imagine yourself having that comfortable feeling. You can practice this anytime or place.
  2. Learn to reassure yourself.  Remember you are not alone - someone confident can be feeling nervous too. This feeling is something that you have learned to do from the fear of the unknown. If you do feel any anxiety coming on, reassure yourself by saying "I am fine.  I am going to be ok. This is fine. This is ok, I am doing really well. This is really really fine. I am going to be ok". Consciously relax your body.
  3. Before and after the event.  To help you feel comfortable about going to an event, see in your mind events going well, speaking to people, having plenty to say, and laughing.  It's always good to ask someone a question to get a conversation going. Imagine it is after the event, you are on your way out of that event, leaving and coming home and imagine it has gone really well, and you are really relaxed, you are smiling.
Something you can do when you are in social settings so that other people don't feel anxious is always invite people into your group if you are standing and chatting.  If you see someone there just make way for them to join in as well because if you do that for someone else, someone one day will do that for you.

You can read more about my hypnotherapy methods for reducing social anxiety in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House).

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