• 3 ways to stop feeling lonely

    3 techniques to help you to stop feeling lonely

    Are you feeling lonely even though people are around you? Or are you actually on your own too much of the time?

    Studies have shown that we do need the company of others in social interaction to live a long and healthy life. Just speaking to the person in the local shop can make a difference. But on the other hand, people can feel alone in a busy life when they feel others don't understand them or give them the space they require.

    To get yourself into new positive thinking make your phrase of the month "I am happy with my own company and relaxed in the company of others".

    Here are 3 tips to help:

    1) This is who I am -  Simply accept this is who you are and this is how you feel. By accepting your feelings you can then focus to rectify them. Know you have the ability to steer your life in the direction you want it to go by making new choices to change the issues which you are facing. "It is okay to feel how I do. I can change things for the better."

    2) Imagine you are surrounded by people - Feel the feeling of being surrounded by people who care about you. Visualise a positive interaction with other people. If you have people around who are too overwhelming then see them reduced down in size so they feel more manageable. Imagine laughing with people and you can also smile to lift your mood which will help.

    3) Plan ahead - Work out when the lonely times occur in your week then plan ahead to avoid these by make arrangements to fill these times. Be proactive by arranging to meet with friends, family, social or hobby groups to fill your diary up with like-minded people. Enjoy your time alone by doing the things you like such as cooking your favourite food and watching a movie you want to see. Get out of your home each day to be around people in the shops, parks and cafes. Relax into life as you realise this is a phase of your life, enjoy this time as much as you can. If your life is too busy, meaning you need more time alone, have the confidence to create time for yourself. It is all about getting everything into balance.

    You can read more about how to find the amazing in your life in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing (published by Hay House). Or try my Release Fear of Rejection or Stop Worrying hypnosis download.

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  • Could your alcohol drinking be affecting your children?

    10 Questions to help you assess your drinking and its affect on your children

    More children are witnessing their parents drunk either on the weekends or on a normal school night as Mums and Dads turn to alcohol to escape from their daily pressures. Here are a few simple questions to help you understand how your alcohol drinking might be affecting your children. It is easy to brush off your alcohol drinking as nothing to worry about but as children feel uneasy around adults who drink it could be affecting your relationship with them as well as their perception of alcohol.  Be honest with yourself as you answer the questions to build a picture of your alcohol habits.

    "My 15-year-old son's behaviour is dreadful so I drink to cope with him. The whole household is stressed and disfunctional. Since listening to the hypnosis downloads I am drinking less and my son's behaviour is better. One day last week I had a bad day at work so I drank to excess for the first time in ages. This time I could see a direct effect on my son whose behaviour got worse. I think it is my drinking that makes him so moody and aggressive. Now I think about it,  I am sure his behaviour became bad because of my drinking. Then it became a cycle of me drinking to cope. I have noticed he has no respect for me when I drink."

    1.  How often do you drink alcohol in front of your children? e.g. every day, three times per week, only at weekends.

    2. Is your alcohol drinking increasing or decreasing as your children get older? By how much has your alcohol drinking increased over the last 2 years? e.g. from two glasses of wine to three.

    3. When there is a crisis do you reach for an alcoholic drink in front of the children? "Mummy needs a glass of wine" or "Time for Daddy to have a beer."

    4. What time of day do you begin drinking alcohol in front of the children? e.g. at 5pm, during their bath time routine, whilst they eat their dinner.

    5. How do you sleep with or without a drink of alcohol? Do you wake feeling sluggish? Do you get up in the night? Are you irritable with the children when you have been drinking?

    6. Have you ever done something embarrassing in front of the children when you have been drinking alcohol? What and when? How often?

    7. Are you aware children pick up your habits on a subconscious level meaning they may accept your alcohol behaviour as normal once they are adults?

    8. When you were a child do you ever remember being around a drunk adult? How did you feel about that person when they were drinking alcohol? e.g. I didn't like it or they smelled of alcohol, bad breath...

    9. Have your children ever brought up your alcohol drinking or tried to stop you drinking? What is their body language when they mention it? e.g. angry, frustrated, they remove the glass of wine....

    10. Would you like to deal with your stresses so you don't feel the need to drink alcohol so regularly?

    Remember everything we do is a habit. Children learn from the habits of other people's behaviour around them, in effect you are hypnotising them. Think about what message are you giving your children about life and alcohol. Hypnotherapy is a useful tool to break bad habits to take back control of alcohol again.

    "The hypnosis download to reduce alcohol has helped me take back control. The Relaxation hypnosis download for teenagers has helped my teenager release the stress of living with a parent who has drunk alcohol too much."

    Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House, has useful techniques to help with alcohol reduction.

    Also, I recommend:

    "Take Control of Alcohol" hypnosis recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women" hypnosis recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men" hypnosis recording




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