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  • Let go of Brexit stress

    How to let go of Brexit stress or other uncertainty you may be facing

    Here are some tips to help you to be more optimistic about the future.

    1) Say to yourself "Everything happening in my life is good for me. Everything happening at this moment is good for me. Everything happening is creating a great future." Visualise a wiggly string leading you through life helping you to find everything you need along the way.

    2) Put any worries in your mind on to clouds then imagine the breeze blowing them away. Allow your feelings to pass as the clouds pass too. Repeat regularly.

    3) Visualise a time ten years from now. You are looking back at what has been a wonderful ten years.  See yourself having a happy life enjoying work, financial security, hobbies, activities, family, and friends. Imagine things have worked out amazingly well.

    Whatever your thoughts about Brexit, you may have found it stirred up uncomfortable feelings. It is important to manage those feelings rather than let them spiral into negative thinking. The above techniques will help you. I would also recommend you listen to my Release Everyday Stresses hypnosis recording which has messages to help you cope well with change. By dealing with stress it will help you to stop drinking alcohol to excess.

    Also my hypnotherapy Money-Increase Your Wealth recording is great to help you to feel good about money so that you wake up relaxed with new ideas and the confidence to earn more.  If you believe Brexit will be great for you then it will. When people listen to this one they change their spending, saving and earning habits to be better off. I gave a copy to my window cleaner who came back 6 weeks later and charged me more. The recording had given him the confidence to put his prices up although it was a little cheeky to charge me more too! Actually, I was very proud of him and it was another proof that the recording works.

    Retrain your mind with my hypnosis download "Money - Increase Your Wealth" to attract more wealth to you, use your money wisely, create success in the best way for you, progress your career, create a positive relationship with money, make the correct investment choices, release financial stress or worries. Three short tracks easy to fit into your busy schedule.

    Also recommended from my hypnosis download store:

    I am available for hypnotherapy phone appointments which cost £150 each, usually, 2-4 sessions are required. To book an appointment contact me through my website.

    Chapter 11 of my book  ‘Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING’ by Hay House, gives some great stress-busting techniques.

  • 4 Tips to Break Addictive Alcohol Habits

    Try my 4 tips to break addictive alcohol habits

    Firstly, Identify the stresses and emotions that fuel your alcohol addiction. Then you can begin to deal with those issues and change your relationship with alcohol to set yourself free from the old drinking behaviour. 

    Why am I drinking too much?

    You need to focus on making changes that will break the repetitive habit of routinely reaching for alcohol. Regularly drinking alcohol creates a pattern in your subconscious in the same way we learn anything from repeating the behaviour.  The first time you do something, it can be difficult but over time what you have learnt becomes second nature. Your drinking habits have become second nature which is why it can be difficult to break out of the routine. You have to remember there is an addictive side to alcohol which creates positive brain chemicals which make you feel good. But gradually the enjoyment of alcohol is marred by the side effects, but by then you could be hooked.

    Why does hypnotherapy work?

    Hypnotherapy is a treatment which gives you the opportunity to release alcohol addiction from the subconscious mind, which is done by breaking habits and releasing cravings, so you lose the interest in drinking. But hypnosis can be used to take you into a relaxed state of mind which can then be used to shift your thought patterns around alcohol and create a new relationship with drinking. The hypnotherapy achieves this by forming new alcohol beliefs in the subconscious. Do the following experiment to prove to yourself that it is possible to adapt to something new.

    Understanding your behaviour

    Try moving the rubbish or garbage bin in your kitchen. For a while, you will keep going back to the old place, but before long you will get used to the bin being somewhere else and will go to it automatically, without having to think about it. It’s the same thing with an alcohol addiction or bad habit that you want to change: you need to change the behaviour and do it over and over again until you get used to the new way of being. It works because you store the habit in your subconscious mind and, once you have reprogrammed yourself, it will become natural for you to behave in a new way. The same will happen when you change your alcohol habits, and eventually, you will get used to the changes which will override the old ones forming a new alcohol habit. Hypnosis for changing alcohol habits fast tracks the process.

    You invested time in learning your addictive alcohol behaviour. You the, therefore,d to spend time breaking the alcohol habit too.

    4 Tips to break bad alcohol habits

    4 tips to break addictive alcohol habits 4 tips to break addictive alcohol habits

    1) Saying: "I won't drink alcohol this week" and then as soon as the week starts you have a drink and decide to stop another day.

    How to break the habit of drinking alcohol:

    Make as many small changes in your day so that you break some of the familiar habits which contribute to you alcohol drinking. For example, drive a different route home, get home at a slightly different time, change the evening routine, go straight for a shower after work, have sparkling water in a wine glass instead of alcohol. Self-talk positively "I can be in control, I am in control, I am sober". Visualise yourself without an alcoholic drink, visualise yourself having a herbal tea, brushing your teeth and getting into bed totally sober, see yourself waking in the morning refreshed.

    2) Saying: "I won't get stressed" but then finding yourself do just that which leads to an alcoholic drink later that evening.

    How to break the stress fuelling your drinking:

    Speak positively to yourself throughout the day "I can get this done really easily, I am getting more done in less time, I am finding ways to be relaxed." When you feel yourself rushing, feeling stressed or hear the tension in your voice, consciously pull back to avoid getting caught up in the drama and say to yourself "It's all working out fine, it is all resolving AMAZINGLY well, what if this is AMAZING."  Imagine your stresses passing like clouds in the sky, let them pass. Imagine everything has worked out well. The less stressed you are, the more in control of your alcohol habits you will be.

    3) Saying: "I won't spend money" and then allowing yourself to buy alcohol.

    How to break the habit of spending money on alcohol:

    Imagine all the people who have less than you and instantly you will feel more wealthy. Say to yourself "I am happy with what I have, my life is AMAZING and AMAZING things happen to me".  Visualise yourself going through your week without spending money on alcohol such as avoiding the alcohol section in the shop. Imagine having more money saved each week from not buying alcohol.  Set up a savings account specifically for the money you would have spent on alcohol, with monthly payments to build up your funds. Even if you think you can't afford to save start saving you need to begin saving now. When people stop or reduce their alcohol drinking, they find they have a lot more spare money. Set a goal of something healthy you would like to do such as a spa day, a flying lesson, a Ferrari track day..., build your alcohol fund to pay for it at some point in the future.

    4) Saying: "I will eat healthy foods" which you manage all day but then you get home and snack on foods which you associate with drinking alcohol.

    How to break the habit of eating junk food when drinking alcohol:

    Change your routine when you get home such as having a shower then change into a comfortable tracksuit, sit in a different chair to eat your dinner and sitting on a different seat in front of the TV.  Also, move the snacks in the kitchen to another cupboard so your mind doesn't slip into old comfortable habits which may trigger alcohol habits.  Do yoga stretches whilst you watch TV also try drinking herbal tea.  The more healthy a routine you create the least likely you will be to want an alcoholic drink. Visualise a red triangle in your mind imagine putting the cravings into the triangle and shrinking it down until they are gone.  Visualise your healthy routine without alcohol in your mind the last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

    Hypnotherapy sessions or hypnosis recordings allow you to make alcohol habit breaking changes on a subconscious level. You can read more on each of the product pages of my hypnosis downloads:

    "Take Control of Alcohol"

    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women"

    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men"

    One-to-one hypnotherapy appointments Click for more information

    Also, read my addictions chapter in my book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House (available as a paperback, ebook, kindle, and audio).

  • Stressed Mum who wanted to get sober


    Parents have never been under so much pressure with work and family stresses meaning turning to drinking alcohol for comfort after work is a common way to cope

    Karen, 45, a busy successful working Mum, reduced her alcohol drinking habits after listening to my hypnosis downloads for alcohol reduction. Read about how she became more confident, less stressed generally, drank less and banished sleepless nights. Hypnotherapy is a great way to quickly break long established bad drinking habits which can be quite life-changing for many people. As a hypnotherapist, I love working with alcohol reduction as I have seen how it takes over peoples lives but I also know how easy it is to break the bad habits when you shift the root of the problem on a subconscious level. It is very satisfying work to see people back in control of their lives in a short space of time. I interviewed Karen to see first hand how the recordings had reshaped her relationship with alcohol.

    Before listening to the hypnosis for alcohol reduction:

    How much alcohol were you drinking and how often?

    I wouldn't drink a lot during the week. Maybe a small glass of wine three nights a week. But then we have something we call red wine Friday, with friends from my son’s school. It would happen most Fridays from 6pm ish, we would gather at one of our houses and try new varieties of red wine that we had discovered or enjoy old favourites. Sometimes, I would just share a bottle of wine with a friend, other times we would go all out and I would drink a bottle and perhaps a few liqueurs. Invariably I felt hungover the next day. On Saturday if I was feeling very hungover, I wouldn't drink, otherwise, I would have a small glass of wine at home. Perhaps two glasses of wine on a Sunday or a cocktail and if we went to a friend’s house for lunch on Sunday where I would consume at least another half bottle of wine. If there was a school function, I would drink at least a bottle of champagne or a bottle of wine.

    How has your alcohol drinking increased over the years?

    I’ve always drunk too much. From when I first started drinking at about the age of 15/16. My mother had a drinking problem, and I guess I took my cue from her. But I barely drank when I was pregnant with my children and my drinking definitely decreased when the kids were small. I was breastfeeding so I couldn’t drink and when they wake up so early, the thought of having a hangover is just too unbearable.

    Was there an event in your life which triggered drinking more alcohol?

    I started drinking more when my son started school. He goes to a private school where some of the parents think they are incredibly special and I found that a few glasses of wine definitely made them more bearable. We’ve also been through some very tough times financially and this coincided with first my mother-in-law dying of cancer and then my mother being diagnosed with bowel cancer.  I definitely started hitting the bottle more regularly. I even took some of her anti-emetics for cancer after one really good alcohol binge! After she died, there was an awful lot of “celebrating her life” with champagne.

    Is there pressure to drink more alcohol from friends or family? How?

    Definitely. I come from a long and proud line of alcoholics, and I’ve tended to choose friends who are the same. That was one of my biggest anxieties, how people would react if I cut down on my drinking. I’m usually the life and soul of a party, I was worried about what they would say, and also if I would find them all boring, without a few drinks inside me. It was a big concern for me.

    Before listening to the hypnosis alcohol recording what was your sleep like, were you waking in the night?

    During the week if I kept to my one small glass of red wine, and I drank it after I had eaten something, I wasn’t too bad. But as soon as I went over one glass or drank on an empty stomach, I wouldn’t sleep. The weekends were a nightmare. I often had a terrible night’s sleep after red wine Friday. If we had a long lunch on Sunday, I would barely be able to work on Monday.

    Has your alcohol drinking ever caused you embarrassment?

    Without a doubt. I get outrageous when I drink. I did backward rolls on my friend’s dining room table after a particularly good Sunday lunch, I’ve danced on the table at events at my son’s school (which is not unusual, there is a group that tends to get out of hand). I’ve told the headmaster he’s got a small penis (I really wouldn’t know having never seen it) I’ve been ridiculously flirty…the list goes on!

    How would you sum up how you felt about your alcohol drinking in a sentence?

    Drinking doesn’t make me happy.

    Where did you drink alcohol?

    Being a parent I mostly drank alcohol at school events and at friends’ houses.

    Did you need alcohol to give you confidence or help you have a good time?

    I like the feeling of abandonment that alcohol gives me. It also helps when you’re hosting your own party or dinner party and you’re feeling anxious.

    After listening to the Ailsa Frank alcohol hypnosis recordings:

    I had been mulling over trying out hypnosis to stop drinking for a couple of years now. But the crunch for me came, not after the weekend of binge drinking we’d just had, but after a lunch, I went to at a girlfriend’s house on a Tuesday after the kids had gone on holiday. It was a really interesting group of women, people I didn’t know very well and I suppose I felt a slight need to impress. I drank alcohol far too quickly and immediately started getting that feeling of being out of control. I don’t actually like the initial feeling and I usually drink more alcohol to get to that real feeling of I-don’t-care-about-anything. I knew I had work to do, so I didn’t go too berserk. I probably had two to three glasses of wine and then an espresso to wake me up.  But that evening I hit such a downer, I didn’t know what to do. I felt just so depressed, and not because I had said anything embarrassing or done anything wrong, I just realised that too much alcohol or drinking when I’m stressed or unhappy is basically a recipe for more unhappiness.


    That was the 13th August. I think I got the hypnosis binge drinking downloads the next day. The alcohol hypnosis downloads initially just made me want to sleep. At first, I listened to the long one, and I did it every day. I didn’t have a problem not drinking during the week but I was anxious for the weekend because I knew that the family was coming around for my son’s birthday on the Sunday and I was worried that I would drink too much. I got my husband to make me a mojito with one capful of rum and I drank that and a half a glass of wine the whole afternoon and evening. My brother-in-law got very drunk but I was pleased to find that I didn’t find him irritating, just endearing.

    Becoming sober

    I carried on listening to the hypnotherapy downloads, not always every day, but I was finding that I was sleeping better and despite the fact that I was very stressed about work and the kids were on holiday, I had more patience and less road rage! I also had quite an emotional response to the second hypnosis recording about your inner child. My daughter looks just like me, so every time the recording mentioned my inner child, I just pictured her and I got a real sense of how I was not being a good enough mother to her, not just with my drinking, with everything. I found that that recording reduced me to tears more than once.

    The next time I drank was nearly two weeks later

    It was a very strong mojito when we went out to dinner as a family. I didn’t enjoy it and I wished that I had ordered the virgin one. We then went to a family wedding, with my husband’s family who also likes a bit of a party, but I had one sherry and a glass of wine the whole night. My biggest hurdle was when my friends got back from Italy and we had our first red wine Friday after the holidays. I listened to the short hypnosis downloads twice that day and for the first time it felt automatic, I didn’t need to remind myself not to down my drink (which is my downfall). The host poured me an enormous glass of red wine (think Cougar Town size!) as I arrived, and I made it last the whole evening. I drank water, I didn’t let anyone top up my wine glass and it felt completely natural. The host got fairly merry, but again, it didn’t worry me. I went home at a reasonable time, I had a good night’s sleep. It was brilliant!

    The last hurdle was sports’ day at my daughter’s school where we usually start on the champagne as soon as the bar opens. I usually find myself anxious to have the first glass, mostly because I find the competitiveness of some of the parents at these schools quite hard to take. But I drank coffee and tea, and even when two girls were particularly unkind to my daughter – they invited her to play and then told her she couldn’t come - I didn’t feel the need to drink, I just wanted to take her home.

    This is what I have found since I’ve started listening to the alcohol hypnosis downloads and have cut down on my drinking:

    • I’ve slept better
    • I’m less hormonal
    • I’ve been more motivated as far as work goes. (I’m a Film scriptwriter)
    • I’ve definitely been more careful with money
    • I’ve recognised that I don’t need to spend time with people who make me feel bad about myself – I think I used the drinking as a way of giving me Dutch courage to cope with that type of person
    • I’m more focused on my children in a good way. Not in a hovering way. Just in the sense that I want to spend time with them doing fun things. It’s just made me more aware of being a good parent, of being there for them, instead of slumping in front of the TV with a glass of wine or going to a friend’s house and letting them get on with it while we all get pissed!
    • I don’t know if I would feel comfortable in every situation but I definitely feel a lot better about not having a drink in my hand.

    I have enjoyed these hypnosis downloads so much, I’m going to try the weight loss one!

    I am amazed at how I go to social gatherings and I do not even feel like downing a glass of wine like I used to. It just sits there, and I sip it and I’m fine…it really, really works!

    "Cut the Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House
    "Take Control of Alcohol" Hypnosis Recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women" Hypnosis Recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men" Hypnosis Recording



  • Could your alcohol drinking be affecting your children?

    10 Questions to help you assess your drinking and its affect on your children

    More children are witnessing their parents drunk either on the weekends or on a normal school night as Mums and Dads turn to alcohol to escape from their daily pressures. Here are a few simple questions to help you understand how your alcohol drinking might be affecting your children. It is easy to brush off your alcohol drinking as nothing to worry about but as children feel uneasy around adults who drink it could be affecting your relationship with them as well as their perception of alcohol.  Be honest with yourself as you answer the questions to build a picture of your alcohol habits.

    "My 15-year-old son's behaviour is dreadful so I drink to cope with him. The whole household is stressed and disfunctional. Since listening to the hypnosis downloads I am drinking less and my son's behaviour is better. One day last week I had a bad day at work so I drank to excess for the first time in ages. This time I could see a direct effect on my son whose behaviour got worse. I think it is my drinking that makes him so moody and aggressive. Now I think about it,  I am sure his behaviour became bad because of my drinking. Then it became a cycle of me drinking to cope. I have noticed he has no respect for me when I drink."

    1.  How often do you drink alcohol in front of your children? e.g. every day, three times per week, only at weekends.

    2. Is your alcohol drinking increasing or decreasing as your children get older? By how much has your alcohol drinking increased over the last 2 years? e.g. from two glasses of wine to three.

    3. When there is a crisis do you reach for an alcoholic drink in front of the children? "Mummy needs a glass of wine" or "Time for Daddy to have a beer."

    4. What time of day do you begin drinking alcohol in front of the children? e.g. at 5pm, during their bath time routine, whilst they eat their dinner.

    5. How do you sleep with or without a drink of alcohol? Do you wake feeling sluggish? Do you get up in the night? Are you irritable with the children when you have been drinking?

    6. Have you ever done something embarrassing in front of the children when you have been drinking alcohol? What and when? How often?

    7. Are you aware children pick up your habits on a subconscious level meaning they may accept your alcohol behaviour as normal once they are adults?

    8. When you were a child do you ever remember being around a drunk adult? How did you feel about that person when they were drinking alcohol? e.g. I didn't like it or they smelled of alcohol, bad breath...

    9. Have your children ever brought up your alcohol drinking or tried to stop you drinking? What is their body language when they mention it? e.g. angry, frustrated, they remove the glass of wine....

    10. Would you like to deal with your stresses so you don't feel the need to drink alcohol so regularly?

    Remember everything we do is a habit. Children learn from the habits of other people's behaviour around them, in effect you are hypnotising them. Think about what message are you giving your children about life and alcohol. Hypnotherapy is a useful tool to break bad habits to take back control of alcohol again.

    "The hypnosis download to reduce alcohol has helped me take back control. The Relaxation hypnosis download for teenagers has helped my teenager release the stress of living with a parent who has drunk alcohol too much."

    Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House, has useful techniques to help with alcohol reduction.

    Also, I recommend:

    "Take Control of Alcohol" hypnosis recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women" hypnosis recording
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men" hypnosis recording




  • 10 Questions to help you assess your alcohol drinking 

    Alcohol Tired of drinking too much alcohol weekly?

    Assess your alcohol drinking

    It is easy to put off reducing alcohol for another day. Many people decide to have less alcohol after the weekend but each Monday fail to stick to the reduced alcohol plan. I have devised these simple questions to help you understand your alcohol drinking habits better so you can be inspired to finally take back control. Answer the questions honestly with yourself.

    1. How much alcohol do you drink and how often? e.g. 1 bottle of wine per night 4 times per week and 1 and a half bottles each night of the weekend.

    2. How has your alcohol drinking increased over the last years? (e.g. from a couple of glasses per night to 1 bottle a night in the last 5 years).

    3. Was there an event in your life which triggered drinking more alcohol? e.g. divorce, the stress of a job, becoming a parent, etc etc..

    4. Is there pressure from family or friends to drink alcohol? In what way?

    5. How is your sleep? Do you wake in the night? How many times do you get up?

    6. Has your alcohol drinking ever caused you embarrassment? How? At which events?

    7. How would you sum up how you felt about your alcohol drinking in a sentence?

    8. Where do you drink alcohol? e.g. home, bar, friends/relatives house, on your own, etc etc...

    9. Have you ever drunk alcohol to give you confidence or help you have a good time? Think about why.

    10. Would you like to take control of alcohol rather than alcohol controlling you?

    Your drinking built you over time through a series of habits and patterns. You can break those habits to take back control of alcohol again. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help.

    Read my book "Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House. Chapter 4 helps you to make good choices and decisions and Chapter 13 deals with addictions and obsessions.

    Try my hypnosis recordings:
    "Take Control of Alcohol"
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women"
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men"

  • Alcohol binge drinking feast at Royal Ascot

    This is the week when the village of Ascot rocks with lively partygoers who binge drink alcohol at the sophisticated Royal Ascot racing. The rest of the year it is a pretty peaceful place to live

    Royal drinking feast at Ascot Alcohol flowing at Royal Ascot

    In the calendar, the third week in June is home to Royal Ascot. Luckily the weather is sunny today which will make it an all-round better experience. There is nothing worse than summer frocks and high heels in the rain, all that mud, chilly wind, and hats blowing off!  Having lived in Ascot and the surrounding area for the past 12 years I am used to the routine of avoiding the town during the royal racing week. Although having said that if you pop into the high street between 2pm and 5pm you would find more life in a ghost town. All the cars, coaches and limos are parked up in the car parks, the racegoers are safely inside the grounds, small local shops and the doctors' surgery are closed. The traffic cones are on duty and the police are taking a coffee break before the drunks spill out onto the streets when the betting finishes. This is a great time to drive past the course to take a peek through the railings at the eccentric hats, latest fashions, top hats and tails which are all a truly wonderful sight.

    The bars inside the Ascot grounds charge extortionate prices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Quite a few people have told me they planned not to drink too much but when they realised the Ascot racecourse bars charged the same money for a bottle of water as for a bottle of beer which puts them off buying a soft drink. My advice would be to take your own drinks with you where possible although I am not sure if you will be allowed to take drinks through the main entrance. Otherwise, have a drink in the local pub before going into the ground.

    Binge Drinking

    Social events can put pressure on you to binge drink. If you are able to listen to hypnosis downloads to reduce alcohol intake in the days running up to a day out at the races you would benefit. The good thing about hypnosis to reduce drinking is that you will actually feel comfortable drinking less and confident without a drink in your hand in the company of friends but you won't feel that you are missing out as you'll still have a great time.

    Gary's story

    "I felt it was a bit boring to be listening to the hypnosis for reducing alcohol before the Ascot racing event but on the day I was glad I had. I often feel a real peer pressure to drink too much with friends but this year I drank sensibly, spent less and had a better time than before. I now listen to the recordings before a big night out with the lads or before a wedding type event. It puts me back in control but I still have a good laugh"

    Boozy Day Out

    If you ever find yourself in Ascot after the racing finishes you will view quite a different picture to before the racing begins. The sophistication of the arrival of the ladies and gentlemen to welcome the Queen in her carriage soon becomes a booze-fuelled binge drinking event. The only winners are the cash tills of the pop-up bars which charge extortionate prices for all drinks whether soft or alcoholic. Many people won't remember much about the day as it becomes an alcohol-infused blur.

    Ladies Day

    Yesterday I was shopping at a local shop, I asked if they would be attending Royal Ascot this year, "No," the owner said, "I haven't been for years not since the young people spoiled it with so much alcohol." It is true there is so much drinking during this week. It is scary how people think it is okay to bombard themselves with so much alcohol in such a short time frame. I am not into counting alcohol units as I believe once you have the need to start counting you are already drinking too much alcohol, instead be sensible, use your brain - a couple of drinks occasionally which is probably safe and healthy. Anything in life in buckets loads is not a good thing such as over-exercising, overworking, overeating and of course over drinking alcohol. The shop owner joked that Ladies Day at Royal Ascot could be more appropriately named Tramps Day. Increasing numbers of the women get so drunk they stagger, fall over or lay in doorways half asleep. I have been to Royal Ascot a few times, it is a great day out but each year the drinking just gets worse. The ladies powder room is a swill with swaying women teetering on their high heels with smudged lipstick, claggy weeps of mascara all of whom think no one has noticed they are bluntly drunk.

    Champagne Flowing

    These days equality means Women can drink as much as Men and for both sexes, it is not a good look. Think before you drink too much alcohol. Do you really want to end up totally sloshed after all the investment to get yourself ready for the big day? Is it really a good day out or could it be better with less alcohol? People are wasting their money on alcohol and risking their health too without even being aware of what they are doing. I urge people to take back control of their alcohol drinking to take back control of their lives and future. I have helped thousands of people reduce down their drinking with hypnotherapy sessions and hypnosis downloads. You don't need to stop drinking altogether. Have a great day out with a couple of drinks if you want. Enjoy getting dressed up but keep your dignity by avoiding throwing up in the gutter, sitting on the kerb with your head hung in your lap or be carried home by your friends, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. Bring back the Royal Ascot sophistication, please.

    Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House gives techniques for reducing alcohol
    Also, try my hypnosis recordings, available as downloads
    "Take Control of Alcohol"
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Women"
    "Stop Binge Drinking for Men"

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