Techniques for letting go of your worries

More people are worried about everyday life and the events happening in the news. We are more connected than ever before through every type of technology device which means we hear about other peoples worries and problems more too. In the past, if a friend or relative had a drama you may never have known about it or by the time you heard about it the incident would have resolved. But more people share a running commentary about the worries and problems in their daily life than ever before. Taking on board the stress of other people can cause you extra anxiety which can lead to over worrying. But how do you stop your mind from spiraling? A worry is usually a lot of small worries, let's say like this bunch of balloons. Imagine each balloon represent a small worry. Lots of small worries added together can create an overwhelming anxiety. But if you break down the worries into small things you will find each small worry is manageable. I suggest you try to identify the small things that are creating the bigger worry. When you release the smaller things the bigger worry will eventually automatically release. Typical worries can be not sleeping properly, worrying about the future, worrying about a friend or relative, worrying about being too busy or too lonely, worrying about money today or your pension in the future, or debt such as credit cards or how you will pay off your mortgage.


Imagine in your mind the bunch of balloons. Each balloon represents one of your worries. Then imagine letting go of each balloon one by one as you imagine letting go of your problems such as the sleep issues, money problems, family stress, work pressures or whatever is going on in your life. Practice releasing the balloons in your mind but also work on cutting the things out of your life which causes the worries. You can imagine the balloons floating up in the air any time you feel yourself worrying. Over time your mind will get into the habits of moving problems on by rather than being overloaded by them.

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