Become aware of your worries so you can let them go

Are your words fuelling your anxiety? Is your automatic response to look for the drama or worry about things that do or don't exist?

To get yourself into new positive thinking make your phrase of the month "I am ready to find the positive in everything".

Here are 3 tips to help:

1) This is where I am - Simply accept this is where you are in life right now. Accept whatever has happened or is happening, hold your hands up and surrender to where you are in life. Then write down what is worrying you, or what you would like to change, so you can begin to make a plan of action to do things differently to enhance your life moving forward. By holding 'where you are' in your hands and accepting it exists you can begin to let go of the battles in your mind.

2) Be aware of what you are saying - Start to notice the conversations you have with yourself or other people. What topics are you discussing, are they negative and fuelling your stress, are they making you anxious? Try to focus on more positive things happening around you and turn your internal conversations with yourself into reassuring sentences such as "I can live a really comfortable life. I can feel comfortable in my life. I can create a happy life. I can be safe. I am safe and everything is fine."

3) Remind yourself when things worked out well - Everyone faces challenges in their everyday life, some more difficult than others but, by focussing your mind on previous times you overcame things it will remind you that life has a way of working out well. You can and you will get through whatever is going on right now.

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