Stop Binge Drinking for Women - hypnosis download

Tailored for women to stop binge drinking, as seen in the Telegraph. Reprogram the subconscious mind to reduce drinking to a safe level. Feel fine with just a couple of drinks. Boost your confidence to feel comfortable with less alcohol. Be a sensible drinker and know your limit. Release the need for excess alcohol and have fun drinking less with other people. Be in control of alcohol, release stress and improve sleep.

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  • Drink to get drunk?
  • Pressure from others to drink alcohol?
  • Alcohol is affecting your relationships?
  • Spending too much on alcohol?
  • Embarrassed about the night before?
  • Once you start drinking, you don't stop? Weight gain from overdrinking?
  • Drinking to drown your sorrows?
  • Need alcohol to feel confident?
  • Worried about your health?
  • Bad behaviour?
  • Bored/Lonely/ Depressed?

As seen in 'Marie Claire', 'The Telegraph', 'Best Magazine' and ' Health Magazine'.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as I am confident you will enjoy this product. I suggest you turn the volume down low, lie back and relax as you let the messages wash over you. (One title per customer)

Testimonials “I now feel in control of alcohol"

Are you drinking large volumes of alcohol in a short space of time?

If the answer is 'Yes' then you are binge drinking.

How do these stop binge drinking hypnosis downloads work?
The messages in the recording will help you to get back to being your true self by releasing the negative traits and behaviours you have taken on overtime. It is important to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings for several weeks or months although most people see positive changes within days. Listen regularly and keep listening until you make all the changes you want to make. I recommend listening at bedtime but find the time which suits you best as long as you are lying down in a safe place. The quick pace of the recording allow the messages to go deep into the subconscious mind, you may not hear all the words as they by-pass your conscious mind.

No excuses for not listening!

You can alternate the tracks on different days or listen to them one after the other if you have more time.

Track 1 - 20 minutes
Track 2 - 11 minutes
Track 3 -  6 minutes (This quick track is great in the morning to start your day on a positive note)

If you fall asleep during the recordings your mind will still hear the messages but try to listen to the tracks all the way through at some point.

These hypnotherapy recordings are tailored to help women release binge drinking.  As more women are drinking excess alcohol I felt it was important to make a trustworthy product dedicated to women offering an affordable solution in the privacy of their own home.  During these 'Stop Binge drinking for Women' hypnosis tracks I will talk you through a series of exercises designed to release the reasons why you drink excess, release stress, let go of unrealistic pressure whilst boosting good feelings and confidence by changing the habits in your mind.

Listen regularly, I recommend daily for several weeks to reprogram your mind as you have probably built up your binge drinking habits over many years. You can listen before a social event such as a wedding, before a holiday or on the run-up to Christmas. The important thing is to keep listening until you make the changes you want.

I have made the tracks deliberately short to fit into your schedule you can press the 'play button' at bedtime and let the changes begin.

Also recommended with this product 'Build Confidence and Self Esteem', 'Take Control of Alcohol' , 'Money Increase Your Wealth' as seen in 'Spirit and Destiny Magazine'.

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Stop Binge Drinking For Women Hypnosis Download Testimonials

"I have been listening to your lovely soothing voice most nights for the past year (Stop Binge Drinking Women) and have totally transformed my drinking. Thank you, I belong to a group called Club Soda and wondered if it would be ok to recommend your hypnotherapy recordings. You have changed my life and I can't thank you enough." 

"I have no idea how it works but it does, saw changes within days, very good so far"

"My main fear of reducing down alcohol was to not have a good time but now I enjoy myself as much but just don't have the embarrassment of being out of control"

"I was tired of being the one who crashed out, friends thought it was funny but I found it embarrassing now I trust my self more to stay in control as I start with a water, sip slower and drink less"

"I missed out on a promotion at work due to out of control drinking behaviour, this product has put me back in control.  Now I avoid going out drinking in the week, if I do have to go for a work do then I stick to a couple of wines and then leave at a sensible time. I have saved so much money and notice how much everyone else is drinking, I feel relieved it is not me anymore."

Kathy, 30 year old Female, Marketing Executive.

Before listening to Hypnosis download:

I go out quite a lot getting drunk at least one night per week.  I meet up with friends at someone's house before we go out to a bar, at the house we drink a whole bottle of wine each to help get us drunk quicker when we go out as the drinks are expensive in the bars and the clubs.  I would be encouraged to drink more if there is a 'buy one get one free offers' in a bar. On a night out I would typically drink the bottle of wine at the house plus 10-15 drinks on top, consisting of at least 2-3 large glasses of white wine in fact as much wine as I can drink until I don't like the taste anymore then I switch to Vodka.  I look forward to a night out at the weekend to see friends, forget the stress of the week with the intention of getting drunk and 'letting my hair down'.  All my friends binge drink but I feel I get more drunk than they do.  I would usually spend £30-£35 on a night out on alcohol alone.  My boyfriend also binge drinks when he goes out as he has no 'switch' to stop either which means we have encouraged each other's drinking.

 "I feel disappointed with myself particularly on a Sunday when I feel I have wasted the weekend, no happy medium its always all or nothing, I am fed up wasting the weekend"

Goal: "To drink moderately so I don't feel drunk, I would like to be tipsy but not drunk, the ideal goal would be to reduce down to 4 drinks, not 15."

After listening to the Hypnosis download (4 times)

Having listened to the Hypnosis download 4 times during the week I wasn't looking forward to drinking on the Saturday night as I would normally do. I met with girlfriends before going out at the house where I would normally have the bottle of white wine but this time I didn't fancy it, then a friend turned up with a bottle of wine so I decided to have some but stopped at half a bottle, this was a first for me to not finish the whole bottle. It was at this point I noticed the Hypnosis download had changed me.  Once I was out I fancied the alcohol less having 6-7 drinks instead of the usual 10-15 glasses.  I instigated that we go home early and I was in bed by 12.30 instead of staying up all night going to bed at 7 am but I still had a good time.  I have noticed I am sleeping really well since listening to the hypnosis download, I find track 1 so relaxing. 

I have just started a new job but have the 'leaving party' of the old job to go to this Friday, looking ahead to it I don't fancy drinking on Friday whereas before I couldn't wait to get there.  I want to be in control but I am worried about people expecting me to drink but feel I will drink less as I have listened to the hypnosis download.  I am continuing to listen to the hypnosis download this week in preparation for the party.

Work Leaving Party:

I listened to tracks 1 and 2 on the Wednesday and Thursday nights in preparation, then on Friday after work the team went for drinks at a free bar provided by work, I had one large glass of wine and then left to go to the leaving do where I had one large glass of wine followed by a small glass.  It was another free bar, some people were taking advantage but I wasn’t even tempted. I then left and was home by 8.30 pm.  I was more aware of what I was drinking.  On Saturday I went out for dinner with my boyfriend, we were happy with just one beer each. I had a productive weekend getting lots of jobs done.

Reason for buying the Stop binge drinking for Women recordings:

My boyfriend had a big drinking session a few weeks ago in which he got absolutely "hammered".  After some words between us over his drinking, he researched on the internet and found the 'Stop binge drinking for Men' download, I decided to support him by getting in control of my drinking too so I decided to get the 'Stop binge drinking for Women'.  We both listened to our own recordings, him more than me, when the next went out he didn't drink at all and drove everyone instead!!! As the time has gone on we are enjoying the weekends maybe having a glass or two on a Saturday night but no more, we are more relaxed and don’t need alcohol to have a good time.  We are saving money and not wasting our precious weekends being hung over.

Hypnosis for Binge Drinking

Many women can relate to being in control of alcohol most of the time but can get out of control just in certain situations or at certain times of the week. Although I recommend my 'Take control of Alcohol' product to anyone who has ever drunk alcohol as it has valuable messages to release bad alcohol habits.  I am now able to offer this 'Stop binge drinking for women' title which is specifically targetted for Women who drink large volumes of alcohol in a short space of time. Women are under increasing pressure with work, home lives, loneliness, financial pressure, juggling one hundred and one things, whilst coping with fluctuating cycle changes and looking fabulous. Alcohol can be a way of switching off, relaxing, blotting things out, getting a peaceful few moments where things don't seem so overwhelming or a way of celebrating to create a high, letting your hair down at the weekend or just what you and your friends do.  Whatever the reason you may have noticed that your drinking habits and binges have increased over time so these carefully crafted recordings will allow you to begin to break the bad habits and take your drinking back onto a safe level or let go altogether if you so wish.

Why do women drink?

Habits form in our mind from repetitively doing things, I hear from clients over and over again they drink as is what other people do, it is a way of life.  As a teenager you may have lacked confidence, alcohol may have become something you did as everyone else was doing it back then also, you can see here a pattern forming. Drinking to be one of the crowd or to have confidence at a party are common feelings people who drink relate to.  You may remember hiding behind a glass of alcohol to feel comfortable or confident in social settings. Others people commonly start drinking later when relationships go wrong or after they have children to escape from parent pressures.

Reasons for drinking excess alcohol:

Drink to get drunk
Confidence issues, want to have fun or be the fun one
Pressure from friends
Bad habit in your mind
Don't accept safe limits
Financial worries
Blot out problems
Emotional issues such as boredom, loneliness, comfort
Lack of support
Not having children
Having children
Broken relationships
Work or family pressures
Strained relationships

    Remember you are not alone- there are many other people who want to curb their drinking, most of your friends will be feeling like you that they want to reduce down. I have never met a client who is not delighted to reduce down alcohol. Once you begin to let go you realise you have more time to do the things you want to do.

    Question: Why do I keep on drinking and not know when to stop?

    Answer: Once you have drunk a couple of drinks all your good intentions and your rational thinking goes out of the window as you begin to feel tipsy or drunk, know your limit which is no more than 2 drinks at any one time.

    Ask yourself: Would I drink this volume of liquid if I were sober?

    These hypnotherapy recordings will safely help you to reduce down your alcohol intake, let go of daily stresses, feel better and restore healthy sleep patterns. Stored in your mind are your old drinking habits and patterns.

    What is binge drinking

    According to government guidelines, binge drinking is classed as drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short space of time, for women that means 2 large glasses of wine and for men 3 large glasses of wine or 3 pints of beer in an hour without food. Many people worry about what they are drinking but are not sure how to change the behaviour this is where hypnosis downloads are effective to stop binge drinking by releasing the root of the excessive drinking in the subconscious mind.  Your drinking habits will have built up over time, you will have many associations with drinking such as having fun, celebrating, drinking to feel more confident, drinking to release stress or for boredom.   The stop binge drinking hypnosis downloads will tackle confidence issues, release stress and build a new cut off point so you can be comfortable with less alcohol or even stop drinking alcohol or some people will stop altogether if they want to. It is important to feel comfortable with the therapist and trust the voice.

    Hypnosis allows you to reduce alcohol safely as it reprograms the desire for alcohol in your mind so you have a more take it or leave it attitude.  By reducing down to a safe pace your body can cope easily with the changes whilst emotionally adjust too. Some people can't imagine life without alcohol or even with less alcohol so it is a good idea to think of things you can do, arrange plans for the weekend such as going to a cafe, the cinema or go swimming, this will alongside listening to the alcohol reduction hypnosis downloads.  Try breaking the habit of binge drinking by finding alcohol free places to visit and spend time. If you wish to stop binge drinking let go of unrealistic expectations, just turn the volume low and let the messages wash over you as you regularly listen. You may stop altogether within a matter of days but most people let go over several weeks or months, it is individual to each person. Hypnotherapy is effective to stop binge drinking behaviour I also recommend my 'Build confidence and self-esteem' hypnosis and my 'Money -increase your wealth' hypnosis recordings which help with using your money wisely and healthily.

    My 'Stop binge drinking' hypnosis allows the body to detox alcohol safely whilst reprogramming the mind to let go of emotional issues which may be causing the excess binge drinking. Hypnosis lets go of alcohol symptoms. Many people notice their skin feels cleaner and less greasy or sweaty, getting in control of alcohol can be empowering as you take control of the alcohol instead of it controlling you.

    I have tailored the Stop binge drinking hypnosis titles for Men and for Women which makes them more relevant as men and Women are different.

    The price of my hypnosis recordings is the cost of a few drinks and because I am sure you will benefit I am prepared to give you the money back.

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    What is the difference between the 'Take Control of Alcohol' and 'Stop Binge Drinking' recordings?

    Take Control of Alcohol is to break the habit of everyday or regular drinking.

    Stop Binge Drinking is for people who don't drink very regularly but when they do have a drink they drink huge volumes finding it difficult to stop.

    Start with the recording which describes your drinking best.

    Some people buy both recordings to cover all types of drinking as they associate with the two titles.

    How long do I need to listen to the recordings?

    Try to listen to the recordings every day for 3 weeks. You can alternate the tracks on different days. After this listen a few times per week until you make all the changes you want to make. You can listen again later for a top-up at any time in the future or for relaxation. Repetition of listening is important.

    How soon will I see the results?

    Some people begin to see changes within a day or a few days whilst other people see results within a few weeks. You may begin to notice you sleep better, you are more relaxed, your habits are changing and you are thinking less about the problems. Gradually you will make different choices as the new habits establish and you will begin to feel better in yourself.

    When should I listen to the recordings?

    Most people listen at bedtime. You can put the volume down low, let the messages wash over you and just fall asleep. Other people like to do a short track in the morning or after work on the sofa. As long as you are in a safe place find the time which suits you best.

    How is it best to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings?

    Turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. You don't need to hear all the words or keep up with the information or analyse the content instead just lay back and relax. The words will filter into your subconscious mind for you to make safe changes that you are ready for. Listen daily or regularly for 3 weeks or until you have made all the changes you want to make. Most people rest on the bed or on a sofa.

    Can I listen to more than one recording title at the same time?

    You can listen to more than one title but it is usually best to focus on one and then gradually introduce another title. Once you have listened to each topic for a focussed period of time you can then dip in and out of any of the recordings to keep yourself relaxed and on top of things.

    What is the difference between the hypnotherapy recordings and having a one to one hypnotherapy session?

    The recordings are very cost-effective. They are designed to cover as much as possible and they are complete programmes. But a one to one phone appointment will deal with more specific issues related to you personally. One to one sessions are more expensive but get directly to the root of the problems although tens of thousands of people have successfully made all the changes they want by listening to the recordings. There is no right or wrong but instead, do what suits you and your budget best.

    - Some people make all the changes with the recordings.
    - Some people start with the recordings and then have sessions later to tackle specific problems.
    - Some people only have one to one phone sessions because they want to sort out a combination of issues specific to them.
    - Some people start with one to one phone sessions and then go on to use the recordings later for relaxation to keep balanced.
    - Ailsa's goal is to provide affordable solutions to help everyone improve their lives.

    Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

    Most people are sceptical as to whether the hypnotherapy will work for them. Many people desperately need it to help them so they can be scared that it might not. People are generally surprised at how effective and enjoyable the hypnotherapy is. It is rare for hypnotherapy not to work. Ailsa Frank gives a 30 day money-back guarantee on recordings to give you the confidence to give the hypnosis downloads a try.

    Do I need to buy the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing?

    The book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing is a great tool to assist you in your life generally but is separate from the hypnosis downloads and recordings. The book is based on the work which Ailsa Frank does with clients. It is easy to read with chapter summaries, enjoyable techniques and her great guidance to help you improve your life. It is written in a way which moves your mind on from problems as you read it. The beginning chapters cover getting into the 'Amazing Zone', letting go of worries/stresses, making new choices and being motivated. The following chapters go on to cover all life issues such as money, relationships, parenting, health, heartaches and loss. Following its success since being published in the UK in 2015 it is now being published in foreign languages around the world.

    How does the money-back guarantee work?

    If you are not happy with a recording for any reason we will give you a refund. Just contact us through the website contact page providing your name and order details, ask for a refund. We pride ourselves on customer care to help you have peace of mind. We have sold tens of thousands of recordings but are only asked for refunds very occasionally.

    There is no CD option on the recordings in the web shop?

    Due to the increase in demand for downloads we have stopped selling titles in a CD form. However, some of our downloads are available as CDs on

    I am not sure if my order went through or did I order twice by mistake?

    You should receive an order confirmation. If you order twice by mistake a refund will automatically be sent to you within 48hours. If you are unsure about an order use the contact form to ask any questions.

    I have a question not cover in FAQ?

    Use the contact form on the website to ask any specific question or call during UK working hours 9:00 am to 19:00 pm.