Inner Calm for Teens (13-18) - hypnosis download

In a busy world, it is important to restore an inner calm. The positive messages will soothe away tension and the pressures of life, so you can feel a much-needed peace of mind. The softly spoken words will get you back into the flow of life just like the rolling sunsets and sunrises moving from one day to the next calmly and smoothly. Sit or lay back as you enjoy listening to this peaceful recording.

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Product Description


Feel more relaxed
• Create peace of mind
• Let go of tension
• Get into the flow
• Release life anxiety

• Roll with each day calmly
• Turn stress into an inner calm
• Enjoy the soothing words
• Alleviate nervousness
• Switch off from uncertainty

Listen to at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this relaxation hypnosis download. Just lay back and relax as you begin to make changes for your good. I suggest you put the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. 

“I love the soft voice and relaxation which I feel when listening to the Inner Calm hypnosis download"  

How does the Inner Calm hypnosis download work?
Take it easy with this inner calm hypnotherapy style meditation. This recording is designed to distract the mind from nervousness or the worries of life. The messages will help you switch off. By listening to the recordings regularly you will notice that inner calm feelings will become a way of life.  Allow the gentle and soothing words to balance your body and mind.

"This recording has gentle and soothing phrases to wash away the difficulties and upsets of life. The carefully selected words will help you to lighten up and restore a peaceful contentment, encouraging you to get into the flow with a hassle-free attitude."

Best wishes

Track 1 - 12 minutes - Inner calm

Begin to relax by pressing the play 

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