Sales Success - 10 Minute Daily - Hypnosis Download

This hypnosis download is designed to boost your sales performance. The motivational messages will go into your subconscious to get you into your more positive sales zone.  The recording will gently release any negative thinking from your subconscious mind replacing this with solutions to create positive sales performance. Suitable for anyone wanting to sell anything. A quick ten minute track to listen to daily for a positive boost.

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Download - Sales Success - 10 Minute Daily

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Raise the ceiling of your sales success
How to improve sales skills
Be more resilient to cold calling
Be more productive with the time
Be more focused to sell more

Be more enthusiastic to increase sales
Change beliefs which limit your success
Break the cycle of not selling to full potential
Be more naturally confident to sell more
Cope better with sales pressures and stress




"The bottom line is my sales have increased since listening to the recording due to approaching a new customer base which previously I had avoided contacting. I am much more focused and take knockbacks on the chin without them affecting me. The track is quick and straight to the point".
Ashley from Bedfordshire.

One short 10 minute track to listen to at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down. Never let the driver of a car listen whilst driving.

90 days money back guarantee is offered on this download. I am confident that anyone will find this track helps them to sell more.

How does the Create Sales Success hypnosis download work?

Your beliefs and experiences are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive others are more negative. In sales terms, this will be some sales have gone well whereas others have not. By improving your subconscious mind you can get all your ducks in a row so you can to fire on all cylinders when it comes to making sales. Even if you thrive on selling you can always improve. The messages encourage you to perform in the best way for you and your industry. By listening regularly you will hear your inner voice speaking a positive sales language. You will find yourself approaching your day in the best way, selling more to existing clients and coming up with creative ways to find new clients. A great recording for anyone in business, self-employed or in sales.

Press the play button and lie back and relax as you de-stress.

"Over the years I have helped many clients increase their sales figures. Hypnotherapy and sales fit together like a perfect marriage. Selling is all about keeping focused, responding in the best way to each sales opportunity, rising above any setbacks and coming across well to existing or potential clients. Hypnotherapy helps with all of these issues but it also releases any negative experiences which may be holding someone back, so it couldn't be more perfect. Companies have all sorts of sales strategies and techniques but if the salesperson can't embrace them and feel natural using them then it all falls apart. I have seen so many salespeople struggling when they first find my services but go on to become the top salesperson in the company, win awards or move up the career ladder. I have developed this 10 minute Create Sales Success hypnosis download to boost to help you put everything you know into practice. The recording is deliberately short so you can listen daily to maximise your sales skills. An athlete will train each day to win in the competition, this recording will train your sales mind to be a winner each day"

Best wishes Ailsa

One Track – 10 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button

Also recommended:

''Money Increase Your Wealth', 'Build Confidence and Self-Esteem', 'Get Out of Debt' and 'Overcoming Challenges'

Try reading my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' (hardcover or e-book) which is easy to read with has useful techniques. In Chapter 5 you will learn motivational techniques which can be applied to selling. There are 3 chapters on improving your relationship with money. The book will teach you how to mind coach yourself to become more successful.

How to improve sales?

Self-employed people and businesses are often looking for ways to improve their sales figures which can be a challenge. Hypnotherapy helps alleviate negative thinking, fears and blockages which can hold someone back from seamlessly selling to clients. Every salesperson knows the feeling of being on a roll of sales where they just seem to flow with success but then something can change which sets them on a 'no sales' habit. It is important for all businesses to keep ahead of competitors in a fast-moving world. Investing in your sales team will pay off tenfold.

Things to improve your sales

1. Set your bigger goal or mission - break this down into specific tasks.

2. Understand your business niche.

3. Identify your target audience.

4. Create the best sales approach for your type of business.

5. Reduce your costs of selling.

6. Maximise profits from your sales team.

7. Keep ahead of the competition.

8. Stay relevant - allow customer demand to lead the way.

9. Set targets - invoices per month, sales figures per month, size of orders, profit for each sale, referral numbers and calls each day,

10. Increase profits by selling more to existing clients.

11. Be creative about the benefits of your products - uses, quality, tell a story about your how your product changed the life of a customer.

12. Improve sales skills - hypnotherapy is perfect to create a positive sales mindset.

13. Be comfortable with your sales chat - when you come across relaxed the customer will trust you.

14. Be polite to everyone - remember a product might not be suitable for everyone but they may know someone else interested if you leave a good impression.

15. Listen

16. Improve and adapt your presentation skills.

17. Go the extra mile.

18. Maximise your use of time.

19. Prioritise the urgency of tasks

20. Coach your team to lift them up or coach yourself to be great today.


How can you increase sales revenue by boosting sales team?

1. Coach

2. Support

3. Celebrate success

4. Learn from mistakes

5. Care

6. Create loyalty

7. Incentives

8. Engage your team

9. Motivate

10. Personalise

11. Drive

12. Enhance

13. Reward

Commonly asked questions;

What is the sales performance?

How do you improve sales in a business?

What is productivity in sales?

Ways of increasing sales strategies?

How to improve sales performance in retail?

1. Invest in your staff's sales techniques

2. Create impulse buy areas around the store

3. Create a weekly offer area

4. Create daily offers

Backing track on the recording is by Danny De Matos

Testimonials - Create Sales Success hypnosis download

"I know
how to improve sales productivity but putting this knowledge into practice has not fully materialised. This download has broken me out of the rut I was finding myself in to find simple ways to improve sales performance beyond estimation." Gary from Liverpool


"If I had discovered this years ago I wouldn't have spent so much time battling with reaching targets. I can see a change in my behaviour on how to improve sales and marketing in my field of work which is making work much more enjoyable. It is all about your mindset. This sales improvement download helps me distract from family issues and focus on the job in hand." Graham from Surrey


"As a self-employed person, I found myself running a business which involves bringing in new clients. This recording has helped me make time to focus on the business side of things. I am now earning more from better-paid work and I feel comfortable to sell extras to a client to increase sales without feeling awkward." Martin from London


"I was sceptical about hypnosis working but this download has been useful in improving sales techniques." Sue from Hampshire

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Can I download the recordings to an Android phone such as Samsung or a tablet?

Yes, click on the download link next to each track on the order email. This will save the mp3 download directly to your android phone or tablet.

Can I download the recordings to my iPhone or iPad?

You can save the download tracks to your computer and then drag the recordings to your itunes OR if this is too complicated for you we can arrange for your recordings to be put into a free app called Dropbox. It is much easier than you think. After purchase simply follow the instructions provided. Our customer care team will be happy to help.

Can I put the download recordings on more than one device such as my Samsung phone and my iPad?

Just purchase the titles you want then save them on to as many devices as required by following the instructions for each device. Instructions will arrive with your order. For further help contact our customer care team.

How will I receive the download?

Your order will be sent to the email address which you provide at the time of ordering.

I didn't receive my download?

The reasons for not receiving the downloads is due to you filling in your email address incorrectly OR your downloads were emailed to you but it went into your spam/junk folder. Or there was a delay in the payment system which blocked your order being sent via email.

Simply contact our support team through the contact page so they can arrange for your order to be re-sent to you.

I lost the download.

No problems send us your order details or your full name so we can resend you the tracks. It is common for people to lose their downloads when their computer crashes or they lose their phone.

The download doesn't play all the way through; it stops after a few minutes?

If your download stops it is because you have an iPhone or iPad and you are playing the recording from the order email. Apple have restrictions so to get around this you need to first save each track to your computer before playing them and then drag the recordings to your iTunes OR if this is too complicated for you we can arrange for your recordings to be put into a free app called Dropbox. It is much easier than you think. After purchase simply follow the instructions provided on your order email. Our customer care team will be happy to help.

What is the difference between the 'Take Control of Alcohol' and 'Stop Binge Drinking' recordings?

Take Control of Alcohol is to break the habit of everyday or regular drinking.

Stop Binge Drinking is for people who don't drink very regularly but when they do have a drink they drink huge volumes finding it difficult to stop.

Start with the recording which describes your drinking best.

Some people buy both recordings to cover all types of drinking as they associate with the two titles.

How long do I need to listen to the recordings?

Try to listen to the recordings everyday for 3 weeks. You can alternate the tracks on different days. After this listen a few times per week until you make all the changes you want to make. You can listen again later for a top up at anytime in the future or for relaxation. Repetition of listening is important.

How soon will I see results?

Some people begin to see changes within a day or a few days whilst other people see results within a few weeks. You may begin to notice you sleep better, you are more relaxed, your habits are changing and you are thinking less about the problems. Gradually you will make different choices as the new habits establish and you will begin to feel better in yourself.

When should I listen to the recordings?

Most people listen at bedtime. You can put the volume down low, let the messages wash over you and just fall asleep. Other people like to do a short track in the morning or after work on the sofa. As long as you are in a safe place find the time which suits you best.

How is it best to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings?

Turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you. You don't need to hear all the words or keep up with the information or analyse the content instead just lay back and relax. The words will filter into your subconscious mind for you to make safe changes which you are ready for. Listen daily or regularly for 3 weeks or until you have made all the changes you want to make. Most people rest on the bed or on a sofa.

Can I listen to more than one recording title at the same time?

You can listen to more than one title but it is usually best to focus on one and then gradually introduce another title. Once you have listened to each topic for a focussed period of time you can then dip in and out of any of the recordings to keep yourself relaxed and on top of things.

What is the difference between the hypnotherapy recordings and having a one to one hypnotherapy session?

The recordings are very cost effective. They are designed to cover as much as possible and they are complete programmes. But a one to one phone appointment will deal with more specific issues related to you personally. One to one sessions are more expensive but get directly to the root of the problems although tens of thousands of people have successfully made all the changes they want by listening to the recordings. There is no right or wrong but instead do what suits you and your budget best.

- Some people make all the changes with the recordings.
- Some people start with the recordings and then have sessions later to tackle specific problems.
- Some people only have one to one phone sessions because they want to sort out a combination of issues specific to them.
- Some people start with one to one phone sessions and then go on to use the recordings later for relaxation to keep balanced.
- Ailsa's goal is to provide affordable solutions to help everyone improve their lives.

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

Most people are sceptical as to whether the hypnotherapy will work for them. Many people desperately need it to help them so they can be scared that it might not. People are generally surprised at how effective and enjoyable the hypnotherapy is. It is rare for hypnotherapy not to work. Ailsa Frank gives a 90 day money back guarantee on recordings to give you the confidence to give the hypnosis downloads a try.

Do I need to buy the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing?

The book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing is a great tool to assist you in your life generally but is separate to the hypnosis downloads and recordings. The book is based on the work which Ailsa Frank does with clients. It is easy to read with chapter summaries, enjoyable techniques and her great guidance to help you improve your life. It is written in a way which moves your mind on from problems as you read it. The beginning chapters cover getting into the 'Amazing Zone', letting go of worries/stresses, making new choices and being motivated. Then following chapters go on to cover all life issues such as money, relationships, parenting, health, heartaches and loss. Following the success since being published in the UK in 2015 it is now being published in foreign languages around the world.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you are not happy with a recording for any reason we will give you a refund. Just contact us through the website contact page providing your name and order details, ask for a refund. We pride ourselves on customer care to help you have peace of mind. We have sold tens of thousands of recordings but are only asked for refunds very occasionally.

There is no CD option on some of the recordings in the web shop?

Due to the increase in demand for downloads we don't always produce every title in a CD form. However we are happy to burn a CD for you and pop it in the post. Just place the order as a download then contact our customer care by replying to the order email and request for a CD version to be posted OR Our customer care team will help you make sure you can get the download on to your phone. Many people think they need a CD but after contacting our customer care team they are helped to successfully get a download on their phone or computer.

Should I buy a download or a CD, what is the difference?

A download is a file of the recording which will be emailed to you after you order it. You will receive this almost instantly after purchasing. You can save the file then listen to the recording from your computer or phone. A CD is the same recording but in a CD form which will be posted first class daily from our shipping depot. You should receive this within a few days in the UK or outside the UK it can take up to several weeks depending on the country of destination. All CD's are posted free worldwide. If you want help with a download please let us know.

I am not sure if my order went through or did I order twice by mistake?

You should receive an order confirmation. If you order twice by mistake a refund will automatically be sent to you within 48hours. If you are unsure about an order use the contact form to ask any questions.

I have a question not cover in FAQ?

Use the contact form on the website to ask any specific question or call during UK working hours 9am to 5.30pm.