Comfortable Sex for Women - hypnosis download

This relaxation hypnosis download will help your subconscious mind to get into the habit of an enjoyable sex life. Disruptions of the past may have created negative patterns towards making love. Release yourself from the physical and emotional turmoil of sexual experiences. Get into the flow of enjoying satisfying sex on every level. An enjoyable relaxation recording to liberate the true inner sexual you.

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• Want to enjoy your sex life more?
• Take the chore out of sex?
• Ready to put the past behind you?
• Tired of your partner not understanding how your body works?
• Fertility or IVF issues impacting your sex life?

• Struggle to Orgasm or low libido?
• Want to connect with your partner more?
• Time to get into the flow of making love?
• Want to have comfortable intimate sex?
• Want to feel beautiful naked?




"Before listening I have needed alcohol to allow myself to relax during sex but now I have a new sexual confidence which feels natural when I am sober." Natasha, London

Turn the volume down low and let the messages wash over you, listen at bedtime or another time of day in a safe place whilst sitting or lying down. Never let the driver of a car listen whilst driving.

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this download. I am confident that any Woman will find this hypnosis track helps them to feel comfortable in themselves and enjoy sex more than they thought possible before.

How does the 'Comfortable Sex for Women' hypnosis download work?
Your beliefs are stored in your subconscious mind, some of which are positive others are more negative. During this relaxation hypnosis download, your mind will be able to safely get your sexual beliefs back into balance. By releasing emotions, physical strain, stress and past experiences you can create a new positive foundation on a deeper level. It makes sense that there will have been things at some point that will have got in the way of you enjoying sex fully. This hypnosis track will re-set your thinking. You will only make changes which are positive for you. Press the play button, lie back and relax as you take back control.

"I have worked with many women over the years who have struggled with their sex lives for various reasons. A Woman can encounter all sorts of events which may interrupt the flow of making love such as difficult periods, menopause changes, hormone issues, childbirth, doctor examination, a pregnancy termination, bladder or other infections, a sexual assault or rape, an embarrassing or uncomfortable sexual experience, vaginismus / vaginism, fertility issues, IVF treatments, a demanding partner or a partner with little sexual interest in you, negative body comments from a partner, a betrayal, failure to orgasm, faking orgasms, unrealistic porn pressure, breast or ovarian cancer, health issues, tiredness, a miscarriage, weight or body confidence issues and the strain of everyday life. Many of my clients have used alcohol as a tranquilliser so they can feel sexually liberated or to help them do sexual things they wouldn't normally feel comfortable doing. Men don't have the same physical demands put upon their bodies. It is understandable that sometimes Women feel sex is not all it is cracked up to be. This recording will heal your past and help you to feel totally confident in yourself so you can truly enjoy sex in the most amazing way. This hypnosis download recording is for everyone Woman who wants to take their sexual enjoyment onto the next level."

Best wishes

One Track – 16 minutes

Begin to make changes by pressing the play button.

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Try reading my book 'Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing' (hardcover or e-book) which has useful techniques to get your whole life into balance.

Over the years working with many clients I have found sexual issues crop up. Hypnotherapy helps to release all the old experiences which may be holding someone back from having an enjoyable sex life. Just as work stress may build so does relationship stress mount up too and past sexual experiences stack up in your subconscious mind. As we are emotional beings this can get in the way of sharing intimate time with your partner.

Sexual issues vary greatly some people may feel they don't have enough sex or attention from their partner whilst others feel there is too much pressure. Getting the balance right can be tricky with differing expectations and busy lives all getting in the way. My comfortable sex recording is designed to eliminate all the questions which clutter up the mind such as why don't I want to be intimate with my boyfriend anymore? Why does my husband constantly wants sex? Why won't my boyfriend sleep with me anymore? Why is my girlfriend never in the mood? How often do couples make love? Why is my husband too sexually demanding? Can I ever orgasm? My husband uses me sexually what can I do? I don't want my husband to touch me anymore is this normal? Why don't I want to have sex anymore is our relationship over? All this negative chatter in your mind is actually making the situation worse as you are programming yourself with more of what you don't want. What is needed is to get back to your natural instinctive sexual self so you can be intimate without overthinking the situation.

I believe everyone can improve the way they feel about sex and their sexual enjoyment by releasing the past limiting thoughts and experience. Every physical touch stores in your body and mind, some life events may have impacted on your feelings such as having cervical smear tests, using tampons, childbirth, a comment made by a partner or a change of hormones during menopause. All these things can interfere with a woman's flow of sexual pleasure. Unlike a man's body which goes through life with little change, a woman's body is constantly going through changes such as monthly cycles she may not always be feeling in the mood if sex becomes a constant pressure. The recordings will help sort out the past clutter in your mind so you can flow.

What can a man do to help?
Firstly by understanding what your wife or girlfriend has gone through with her body may help you to see where some of the issues are coming from. Has she had a baby recently? Does she have painful periods which means she needs a couple of days to get over this before she may want sex again? Did she have a smear test earlier today? Has she had a bladder infection recently? Is she stressed about a family issue or work problems? Everything impacts on whether a Woman is in the mood for sex.

Also understanding that women are not machines which can be turned on and off. Sex is like the cherry on the cake but the cherry needs to sit on top of a good cake which has had some effort to weigh the ingredients, mix and bake it before you can put the cherry on the top. In the same way, your relationship needs to be worked each day so you can connect with each other to have sex.

How to make your wife want to make love to you
Forget everything you have learnt about sex. Start to get into the feeling of what makes your wife happy in everyday life. Every woman is different so what works for one won't work for someone else. Let go of comparing your sex life to anyone else instead focus on finding what works for you both as a couple. It is common for people to wonder how often should couple make love but the answer is it will vary throughout every phase of any couples life. Being flexible about what is the correct amount of sex will help. Try to be affectionate. She may reject you initially as she needs to learn to trust that you are not just after sex when you give her attention. Arrange time together, listen to her and begin to understand what makes her tick.

My wife doesn't want me to touch her anymore.
She may associate you touching her as you wanting something from her. Try having lots of small contact at varying points throughout the day such as putting your hand on her shoulder, holding her hand, snuggling up close on the sofa. Once she gets used to you be around her without demanding sex she may become more open to your advances of intimacy. Play romantic music to her at bedtime. This will relax her which will make her more open to being intimate. Don't expect miracles overnight these suggestion need to become a way of everyday life for them to work.

What to do when your wife won't sleep with you anymore
Look at what you can improve in your lives and your relationship. Being practical to change habits and routines in your everyday life can make a real difference to improving sex life. Get on top of work, family and parenting stress by changing the way you function and communicate as a household. Learn to manage work stress. Make changes to become more healthy such as reducing alcohol, exercising and eating healthily. When a woman starts shutting down sexually it can often be the build of problems in everyday life which is causing it.

My husband wants sex all the time
Women can feel that a partner wants sex all the time and that their husband or boyfriend is never happy. When people feel that they can never keep up with someone else expectations as they are unrealistic it is easy to give up. Imagine you work hard at work to please your boss and the next day you get into work to find another mound of paperwork to be done. The demand from you never lets up. In the end, you begin to dread going into work. The same happens when a husband or boyfriend makes sex a daily chore which is never-ending. The wife or girlfriend can end up feeling it's easier to give up because you are never happy. A successful marriage will work because there is a balance and compromise on both sides, meeting somewhere in the middle is essential to having a happy sex life. Stop saying ' We never have sex' as this can be an exaggeration. Instead say 'I really enjoyed the sex we had, thank you. I love having sex with you. You are gorgeous.' Appreciate your wife or girlfriend every time you make love.

Backing track on the hypnosis download is by Danny De Matos

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