This is the week when the village of Ascot rocks with lively partygoers who binge drink alcohol at the sophisticated Royal Ascot racing. The rest of the year it is a pretty peaceful place to live

[caption id="attachment_7" align="alignleft" width="300"]Royal drinking feast at Ascot Alcohol flowing at Royal Ascot[/caption] In the calendar, the third week in June is home to Royal Ascot. Luckily the weather is sunny today which will make it an all-round better experience. There is nothing worse than summer frocks and high heels in the rain, all that mud, chilly wind, and hats blowing off!  Having lived in Ascot and the surrounding area for the past 12 years I am used to the routine of avoiding the town during the royal racing week. Although having said that if you pop into the high street between 2pm and 5pm you would find more life in a ghost town. All the cars, coaches and limos are parked up in the car parks, the racegoers are safely inside the grounds, small local shops and the doctors' surgery are closed. The traffic cones are on duty and the police are taking a coffee break before the drunks spill out onto the streets when the betting finishes. This is a great time to drive past the course to take a peek through the railings at the eccentric hats, latest fashions, top hats and tails which are all a truly wonderful sight. The bars inside the Ascot grounds charge extortionate prices for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Quite a few people have told me they planned not to drink too much but when they realised the Ascot racecourse bars charged the same money for a bottle of water as for a bottle of beer which puts them off buying a soft drink. My advice would be to take your own drinks with you where possible although I am not sure if you will be allowed to take drinks through the main entrance. Otherwise, have a drink in the local pub before going into the ground.

Binge Drinking

Social events can put pressure on you to binge drink. If you are able to listen to hypnosis downloads to reduce alcohol intake in the days running up to a day out at the races you would benefit. The good thing about hypnosis to reduce drinking is that you will actually feel comfortable drinking less and confident without a drink in your hand in the company of friends but you won't feel that you are missing out as you'll still have a great time.

Gary's story

"I felt it was a bit boring to be listening to the hypnosis for reducing alcohol before the Ascot racing event but on the day I was glad I had. I often feel a real peer pressure to drink too much with friends but this year I drank sensibly, spent less and had a better time than before. I now listen to the recordings before a big night out with the lads or before a wedding type event. It puts me back in control but I still have a good laugh"

Boozy Day Out

If you ever find yourself in Ascot after the racing finishes you will view quite a different picture to before the racing begins. The sophistication of the arrival of the ladies and gentlemen to welcome the Queen in her carriage soon becomes a booze-fuelled binge drinking event. The only winners are the cash tills of the pop-up bars which charge extortionate prices for all drinks whether soft or alcoholic. Many people won't remember much about the day as it becomes an alcohol-infused blur.

Ladies Day

Yesterday I was shopping at a local shop, I asked if they would be attending Royal Ascot this year, "No," the owner said, "I haven't been for years not since the young people spoiled it with so much alcohol." It is true there is so much drinking during this week. It is scary how people think it is okay to bombard themselves with so much alcohol in such a short time frame. I am not into counting alcohol units as I believe once you have the need to start counting you are already drinking too much alcohol, instead be sensible, use your brain - a couple of drinks occasionally which is probably safe and healthy. Anything in life in buckets loads is not a good thing such as over-exercising, overworking, overeating and of course over drinking alcohol. The shop owner joked that Ladies Day at Royal Ascot could be more appropriately named Tramps Day. Increasing numbers of the women get so drunk they stagger, fall over or lay in doorways half asleep. I have been to Royal Ascot a few times, it is a great day out but each year the drinking just gets worse. The ladies powder room is a swill with swaying women teetering on their high heels with smudged lipstick, claggy weeps of mascara all of whom think no one has noticed they are bluntly drunk.

Champagne Flowing

These days equality means Women can drink as much as Men and for both sexes, it is not a good look. Think before you drink too much alcohol. Do you really want to end up totally sloshed after all the investment to get yourself ready for the big day? Is it really a good day out or could it be better with less alcohol? People are wasting their money on alcohol and risking their health too without even being aware of what they are doing. I urge people to take back control of their alcohol drinking to take back control of their lives and future. I have helped thousands of people reduce down their drinking with hypnotherapy sessions and hypnosis downloads. You don't need to stop drinking altogether. Have a great day out with a couple of drinks if you want. Enjoy getting dressed up but keep your dignity by avoiding throwing up in the gutter, sitting on the kerb with your head hung in your lap or be carried home by your friends, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband. Bring back the Royal Ascot sophistication, please. Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap & Feel Amazing" by Hay House gives techniques for reducing alcohol Also, try my hypnosis recordings, available as downloads "Take Control of Alcohol" "Stop Binge Drinking for Women" "Stop Binge Drinking for Men"