• How to avoid last minute Christmas stress

    There is always a lot to do in the last few days running up to Christmas and it can feel like you can't get through things. Tensions can run high in a family household. But remember you can and you will have a smooth Christmas if you take back control. You can follow my hypnotherapy style techniques.

    3 tips to keep Christmas running smoothly;

    1. Run events of the next 2 days through in your mind with everyone getting along fine, everything wrapped and opened, food cooked perfectly.... Imagine it is the end of Boxing day, you are getting into bed having had a great time with everything having gone well. What your mind sees your mind delivers, this technique will help you get the positive outcome you are looking for.
    2. Smile your way through the next 2 days as smiling creates positive brain chemicals which stops you from slipping into stressed feelings. You will enjoy Christmas more if you smile more.
    3. Tell yourself 'You can and you will and you are organised, on time, getting everything done easily and efficiently' By firmly self-talking yourself into the positive you will find your mind can't slip into Christmas drama mode and you will enjoy a perfect 2 days.

    Try to enjoy the festive season.

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  • 20 inspirations to improve your life

    Inspiring techniques to help you improve your life

    1. Wave goodbye to excuses. Let them pass like clouds in the sky.
    2. Cut debt from your life to feel AMAZING. Spend less and earn more by using your skills.
    3. Smiling little and often will over time improve your life.
      Inspirations to improve your life.
    4. Laugh at life and feel AMAZING.
    5. This has happened but I can and I will turn it into something good.
    6. Every word you speak is shaping your life. Choose your words carefully.
    7. Piece your life together like a jigsaw puzzle and make it AMAZING.
    8. Let being a parent be a positive adventure.
    9. Your smile is the most AMAZING tool you have to improve your life.
    10. When you don't know the answer, presume things will work out AMAZINGLY well.
    11. You don't need to be 100% ready to give things a try...
    12. Let life be an adventure.
    13. You can carry on. You can get through this. You are doing it.
    14. You can find a way to make your life even better than it was before.
    15. The little things that make you smile will help you through your day.
    16. Goodbyes are opportunities for new hellos.
    17. What are we waiting for? Let's start living.
    18. You create your bad habits. But you can create good ones too.
    19. Appreciate the small things.
    20. Start with one thing, then another one thing until you have got everything done.

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  • 5 reasons why Trump may not be that bad

    How to find the positive in the Trump Presidency - coping and managing your feelings

    1. He is engaging people in politics.
    2. He is highlighting divides which needed to be addressed at some point anyway.
    3. He is showing us that change can happen quickly when you put your mind to something.
    4. He is highlighting the fact that governments need to work for everybody to avoid unrest.
    5. He is living proof that if you believe in yourself enough you can get any job you want.

    Good and Bad

    When Trump leaves the Oval office the good bits of Trump will remain and the bad bits will be corrected. He will have been right on some things and wrong on others which is no different from any other Government.

    Coping with Trump

    The best way to cope with any challenge is to keep a positive focus. It can be difficult to see the way through something so try managing your daily worries by imagining them floating away like clouds moving in the sky. By visualising your problems passing on by, you will train your mind to find solutions and avoid being stuck in repetitive negative thought patterns.

    Trump is a blip in the history of the world which should put things into perspective for you.

    Managing your conversation

    Anxiety builds up when people fear the bad in a situation rather than the good. 'What if it is a disaster?' instead of 'What if this situation works out okay?' Try changing your conversation with yourself to a more optimistic language which will prevent you from slipping into frustration.

    Focus on your own life, making it the best it can be whilst sticking to your truth. Always be open to seeing situations from all sides allowing everyone to voice an opinion allows people to get things off their chest.  In the end, common sense will prevail. Get out of the black and white rigid thinking and get into the grey area where solutions can be found. You can turn anything into a positive with the correct mindset.

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  • Let go of Brexit stress

    How to let go of Brexit stress or other uncertainty you may be facing

    Here are some tips to help you to be more optimistic about the future.

    1) Say to yourself "Everything happening in my life is good for me. Everything happening at this moment is good for me. Everything happening is creating a great future." Visualise a wiggly string leading you through life helping you to find everything you need along the way.

    2) Put any worries in your mind on to clouds then imagine the breeze blowing them away. Allow your feelings to pass as the clouds pass too. Repeat regularly.

    3) Visualise a time ten years from now. You are looking back at what has been a wonderful ten years.  See yourself having a happy life enjoying work, financial security, hobbies, activities, family, and friends. Imagine things have worked out amazingly well.

    Whatever your thoughts about Brexit, you may have found it stirred up uncomfortable feelings. It is important to manage those feelings rather than let them spiral into negative thinking. The above techniques will help you. I would also recommend you listen to my Release Everyday Stresses hypnosis recording which has messages to help you cope well with change. By dealing with stress it will help you to stop drinking alcohol to excess.

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