How to let go of Brexit stress or other uncertainty you may be facing

Here are some tips to help you to be more optimistic about the future. 1) Say to yourself "Everything happening in my life is good for me. Everything happening at this moment is good for me. Everything happening is creating a great future." Visualise a wiggly string leading you through life helping you to find everything you need along the way. 2) Put any worries in your mind on to clouds then imagine the breeze blowing them away. Allow your feelings to pass as the clouds pass too. Repeat regularly. 3) Visualise a time ten years from now. You are looking back at what has been a wonderful ten years.  See yourself having a happy life enjoying work, financial security, hobbies, activities, family, and friends. Imagine things have worked out amazingly well. Whatever your thoughts about Brexit, you may have found it stirred up uncomfortable feelings. It is important to manage those feelings rather than let them spiral into negative thinking. The above techniques will help you. I would also recommend you listen to my Release Everyday Stresses hypnosis recording which has messages to help you cope well with change. By dealing with stress it will help you to stop drinking alcohol to excess. Also my hypnotherapy Money-Increase Your Wealth recording is great to help you to feel good about money so that you wake up relaxed with new ideas and the confidence to earn more.  If you believe Brexit will be great for you then it will. When people listen to this one they change their spending, saving and earning habits to be better off. I gave a copy to my window cleaner who came back 6 weeks later and charged me more. The recording had given him the confidence to put his prices up although it was a little cheeky to charge me more too! Actually, I was very proud of him and it was another proof that the recording works. Retrain your mind with my hypnosis download "Money - Increase Your Wealth" to attract more wealth to you, use your money wisely, create success in the best way for you, progress your career, create a positive relationship with money, make the correct investment choices, release financial stress or worries. Three short tracks easy to fit into your busy schedule.
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I am available for hypnotherapy phone appointments which cost £150 each, usually, 2-4 sessions are required. To book an appointment contact me through my website. Chapter 11 of my book  ‘Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING’ by Hay House, gives some great stress-busting techniques.