Hypnosis recordings to help you reduce, or stop drinking alcohol

Why would hypnosis help me to stop drinking?

Hello, I am Ailsa Frank. I am very experienced at working with hypnotherapy for alcohol reduction. I have helped thousands of people reduce down their alcohol consumption from them listening to my hypnosis system for taking back control.   This is exactly what it is about 'taking control'.  Yes, that is right, the hypnosis download recordings put you back in control of your choices again. During the hypnosis, I deal with the root of the drinking whilst addressing issues such as stress, boredom, worries, cravings and the bad habits which have built up over time. I have found most people don’t really want to stop drinking altogether but instead, they would prefer to reduce down to a safe level where they can feel in control of alcohol. My hypnosis system allows you to do this. The most common thing I have found that people generally fear the most about reducing their drinking is that they think they will not be happy without an alcoholic drink. 'How can I enjoy life without a drink?' 'What is there to do without a drink?'. It is also common for people to think that the hypnotherapy will stop them wanting a drink but they will still crave the alcohol or they may feel as if they are missing out by not drinking. The recordings will deal with these feelings and will also dissolve the cravings from your mind. After listening you will be able to decide how you want to reduce down. For instance, you may want to not drink during the working week but would like to still enjoy a few drinks at the weekend or perhaps you want to have one glass occasionally or drink one day on one day off. You will make the changes you are ready for at a pace that is safe for you.

After listening to the alcohol hypnosis downloads people generally feel they are:

  • able to enjoy a drink socially but they can easily stick to just a couple of drinks
  • able to feel relaxed without a drink in their hand in a social setting whereas before they would have felt awkward
  • able to sleep better
  • able to drink slower or enjoy a soft drink instead of alcohol
  • able to restrict their alcohol drinking to weekends
  • able to stop drinking alcohol altogether if they choose to do so
  • proud when putting out their recycling as they have less empty bottles than the neighbours
  • coping with life better without the need for an alcoholic drink
  • able to see alcohol in the shops, restaurants or in their home without craving it
  • enjoy life more without alcohol
  • in control as they can listen to the recordings when they want to in the privacy of their own home
  • able to say no to an extra alcoholic drink
Alcohol can begin to impact on your sleep, health, evenings, weekends, productivity at work, family life and relationships. Most people don't want to tell their doctor about their excess drinking for fear of having it on their medical record for life. Hypnotherapy can offer a real solution without having to tell other people about the problem. By reprogramming your deep subconscious mind to break the habits you can get back in control. I receive many emails from people all over the world asking for help to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a global issue which affects people from every profession. I have made my recordings affordable to help more people break free from the cycle of drinking. I hope you find the courage to give hypnotherapy a chance and please do let me know your stories of success. I recommend my following hypnosis recordings, which are downloadable from my website: Take Control of Alcohol Stop Binge Drinking for Women Stop Binge Drinking for Men Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap and Feel AMAZING" by Hay House, tackles addictions and obsessions and has some great techniques to help alcohol reduction