Read about a client who sought hypnotherapy sessions with me to break her feelings of anxiety and weekday drinking habits

Case study: Joanne, aged 39 yrs. Married working mother of 2 children aged 9yrs + 7yrs

Reason for seeking hypnotherapy: Take back control of weekday drinking and to reduce anxious feelings

Before the hypnotherapy:

Alcohol problem: Drinking every day at least one bottle of wine and up to one and a half bottles. Drink red, white and rose which is favourite. At the weekends socialise/party lose count of drinks, really go for it.  Base the day around alcohol and try to get others to drink so I can drink.  Love socially drinking wine. The only way I can control alcohol is to drive which I don’t do very often. I shop online so the amount of alcohol I buy doesn’t seem so much as I haven’t got to carry it home from the shops, it just arrives. I have been drinking at this level for at least 2 years.  It is out of control, I feel dependant on alcohol in the evenings. My husband dreads social events because of my drinking, especially on holidays with friends, as I have no off button when it comes to alcohol.  I don’t want to drink anymore and have that cringey feeling in the morning that my behaviour has been out of control, or I have been emotional in front of another guest or worse still actually said something offensive. I don’t want to be a teary mess anymore. I get nervous about seeing people after an event because of how my behaviour may have been. We are going on holiday next week with drinking friends which I am really worried about. Sleep: I find it difficult to sleep. I wake at 3am full of anxiety. I hate myself for drinking.  I make half-hearted promises to myself to stop. Work: Huge responsibility running own business, employing ten staff, very stressful. I feel guilty that I am drinking as it affects my decision-making and I am not 100% clear headed for work.  There is a lot to do, I need to develop the business.  I am lucky as I can choose which hours I work although I do work long hours a lot of the time. Anxiety causes: Overwhelming pressure of running a business, very anxious generally with too much on my mind.  I get caught up in sorting out other peoples problems as they turn to me for help. I worry constantly about health issues for the whole family. I worry about the children if something happens to me or if they get ill.  I see myself with no hair after chemo but it is all in my mind. I drink alcohol to combat anxious feelings but drinking alcohol makes me more anxious, it is a vicious cycle. Hobbies: Gym 3 times per week. Alcohol Goal: Long term goal would be to occasionally have a maximum of 2 glasses at any one time. I would like to be able to say ‘No’ to alcohol especially when I am with friends. I would like to stick to no weekday drinking and no drinking on own.

Two weeks after the first hypnotherapy treatment:

I feel more in control and ready to face life with less alcohol which seems strange bearing in mind I have been relying on alcohol for some time. My mind tells me it is possible to just have an occasional social drink although I think I have some way to go. I am seeing the business as manageable with everything running smoothly instead of worry about things that haven't happened or probably never will happen. Also, I am believing in myself more, focussing on what I have done right in the business so far and knowing I have the ability to make the best decisions moving forward. I am back from the short holiday with friends which went fine. I had one beer at lunchtime and one bottle of wine in the evening. This was quite good for me with these friends as I would have drunk a lot more before the hypnotherapy.  I had one night during the week at home where I got drunk which is a massive improvement as I would usually be drunk most nights of the week. I now see the alcohol as a lot of calories and I feel I never want to drink again. I am listening to the hypnosis recording at bedtime. I am still anxious at times with a softer physical tingling in my tummy but sleeping really well. The churned tummy feeling when I think about work is much less than before. I  feel more in control. I came back from the holiday to a lot of extended family dramas with everyone turning to me for help. This time I didn't automatically turn to the bottle to help me cope. I am finding the everyday techniques you taught me are helping to manage my feelings.

Two weeks after the second hypnotherapy treatment:

Since the second session, I have been ten days alcohol-free but I am now identifying that when I have too much on I think about drinking because I am too busy and alcohol is an easy way to switch off.  I am exercising well, getting up and going straight to gym then showering afterward to go to work. I am noticing that I latch on to my husband and constantly talk to him, not giving him breathing space when he gets in from a long day at work.This isn't anything new but I am noticing it as I am not drunk these days. I had one massive night out, a champagne tasting but I only had 2 glasses which I was very proud of.  However, drinking could still be a problem socially if I am not careful so I would like to address this further. My worries about health have subsided but there was one fear of cancer that cropped up although I did manage the situation better than normal. My Son has been angry lately he does lack confidence generally which I worry about. I find myself wanting to rescue him. Sleeping well but husbands snoring does wake me sometimes.

After the third hypnotherapy treatment:

No white wine as I can’t physically drink it since the last session. I have gone off it completely. I had a couple of glasses of red at the weekend which was fine. I notice if I drink I wake at 3 am but if I don't drink I am sleeping fine. I don't wake with anxiety anymore. I do have a guilt that I am not the perfect mother, daughter, wife, and sister in law. Extended family problems are causing friction with my husband.

After the fourth hypnotherapy session:

I am looking at what we spend as I realise how hard we work but we both throw money away instead of securing our future. My drinking is fine. I am much more in control and I know the triggers which I need to deal with. I have lost 1 stone in weight. Ten days with no alcohol again. I feel so much better. We hosted a party which I had been worried about but it went amazingly well. I had a few drinks but I was still in control. I looked great, felt great and spent compus mentas time with each guest.  Work is fine. I am sleeping well. Alcohol fine. Getting on great with husband. Relaxed about life, health, and children. Hypnosis download recordings help with relaxation and keep me on top of a busy schedule. Hypnotherapy is a great solution to break alcohol habits. Visit my shop for hypnosis download recordings Take Control of Alcohol or Stop Binge Drinking titles or for one to one hypnosis phone appointments please contact me Chapter 13 of my book "Cut The Crap and Feel AMAZING" published by Hay House, gives some great techniques to break addictions and obsessions such as drinking too much alcohol.