Patience and hard work pays off to create success - how spring daffodils can help you to be more successful

This morning I enjoyed seeing the daffodils which I planted last year in my forest garden. A friend had given me a sack of daffodils which to be honest I couldn't really be bothered to plant at the time as I was busy. But one Sunday morning on a crisp and breezy autumn weekend I put on my welly boots then went outside to plant the bulbs. Actually, I had a great time, with the fresh air blowing against my face, all my weekly stresses dissolved as I became immersed in thoughts of where to plant the bulbs. I took a hot flask of tea outside with me which I drank to keep my spirits up. All in all, it was a relaxing couple of hours.

Find the easiest way to get results

Bulbs are one of my favourite garden flowers, as once they are planted they never fail to come up to blossom year after year. The effort to plant them is outweighed greatly by the endless pleasure they will bring. These daffodils symbolise to me that in life somethings take time to materialise after the hard work has been done. It is a good lesson in life to remember to find the easiest way to create the maximum impact. After a fairly long dull winter in the UK, the spring flowers break the winter greyness with a burst of colour which reminds me that it was worth spending the time last year.

Just get on and 'do it'

The next time you are thinking about accomplishing something remember, like the daffodils, the effort you put in now will pay off later. To build the life you want, long-term patience is required but the wait will always be worth it. Spring flowers are a sign that the days are becoming longer and lighter and that summer on its way. You can try my Money increase your wealth hypnosis recording to help you use your skills and time in the best way to create success. Chapter 6 of my book "Cut The Crap & Feel AMAZING" by Hay House gives techniques to attract Money & Wealth