My AS level grades are bad - I need help to get into University

Due to a break up around the time of my exams I got bad exam results. I used to be such a good student and try hard. Since I got the bad grades in my AS levels I have no confidence in my ability and struggle to stay focused, with the belief I'm going to fail anyway. I need help and to fix this before my exams so I'm able to work hard and achieve the grades I need for University.

Thanks for your question - my advice would be:

Firstly I would recommend you buy my "Study Motivation and Exam Success" hypnosis download. This will reset your thinking so you can let go of the past disappointment and focus on getting the best results from now onwards. You can also buy my "Relaxation for Teens 13-18" hypnosis download. This is for anyone in education up to completing A levels. These recordings will change your belief in yourself. You will see that you become fully focused. You can't afford to let the actions of an ex-boyfriend put you off your life path for success. If he had been right it would have worked out. He has set you free. Regarding getting into Uni you are not the first person to underperform in your AS's. This means nothing as you still have time to do well at your A levels. It will help if you visualise positive future scenarios as if they have already happened such as: 1) Already in University finishing your first, second and third years doing well. 2) Laughing to yourself as you receive great results in your A levels. 3) Having offers from several Universities and you being able to choose the best one. 4) Doing well in your mock A levels. 5) Being in a great job post-degree because you have done so well.

Always switch your mind to a positive outcome

You can buy my book "Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing" by Hay House, which teaches you tools such as these. It would be great for you to read at this stage in your life to set you up with coping mechanisms. It will teach you when things don't go to plan to rise above the drama and turn it into something better. Chapter 5 has motivation techniques to help you. You can buy it as a kindle, ebook, hard copy..... If you follow the above you will be absolutely fine. If you want sessions let me know but I think you should start with the recordings and book as they are very powerful and cost-effective for you.

Another tip

Get plenty of relevant work experience in the field of your degree as this will make you stand out from everyone else. Universities want to see people who are organised and dynamic with a passion for the subject.  Ask around with any contacts you may know or approach local businesses. Work free for companies so you can write the experience on your CV. If you have any University interviews coming up you can speak about your work experience then. You will be remembered for your initiative. Once you have your A-levels under your belt no one will ever look at your AS grades. Keep focused and push ahead. Your poor AS results will be the making of you, I have seen it time and time again. I have taken time to write this for you as I believe in you - Good luck! Study Motivation and Exam Success Click here Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing Click here Relaxation for Teens age 13-18 Click here