Releasing stress - what you need to know

The following 5 things cause stress Once you know this, it will be easy to release the things causing you stress

1)  Feeling overloaded - you may identify with running in your life, chasing your tail, an overload of technology, over-stimulated brain, work and family pressures, a tired mind which is secretly causing mental health issues. You need to address your lifestyle and start to create different ways of achieving things in a relaxed way. You need to learn to say no to things. Listen to yourself and start putting yourself first. Tip - Write down the hotspots of stress in your week so you can make new plans to avoid these next week. Then restructure the plans in your diary but be prepared to say 'No' to things. 2) Being tired - people are tired because they are just doing too much.  Children are getting caught up in the fast pace which makes them tired too.  You are creating your crazy life so it's you that needs to slow your life down, not speed it up. Tip -  Visualise last week being very calm with everything done easily. Now visualise next week going smoothly, see yourself with extra time for yourself. Say to yourself 'AMAZING' even when it's going wrong you need to learn to find the AMAZING within it. By being persistent in saying 'AMAZING' no matter what is going on, you will begin to see the AMAZING in your life.  As your life runs smoothly you will be less tired. 3)  Feeling anxious - expectations are so high from employers, earning less doing more, job security is uncertain. Children are tested constantly and each year exam boards say the exams were too easy so they raise the bar pushing teenagers to work even harder. The teens I see are burnt out before they have even begun their adult life. Competitive parents get paranoid their kids need to do more, when in fact they need to do less. Notice conversations of 'Will I keep my job?  Will I get into the university I want? Will I catch my train? Where is my life going?....I teach hypnosis techniques to take control of your anxious feelings. Tip -  Change your language from what if it goes wrong to 'what if it's amazing. What if it works out ok.' In your mind imagine putting your anxieties on to clouds in the sky and let them float on by. Rub your tummy area with the palm of your hand in a circular motion to calm any past churned tummy feelings as you see the clouds floating past. Your mind listens to your thoughts so a positive conversation will help create more positive feelings. Seeing your worries floating away will break the habit of worrying. 4) Feeling down - an epidemic of feeling down, because you are running on adrenalin then, when you stop, you crash down or your mind can't process life because you've lost the ability to feel contentment. 'Where is your life going'? Your mind is like your body, it needs looking after otherwise it will get strained. I teach hypnosis techniques to break free from depressed feelings and repetitive negative thoughts. Depression can be being caught up in an old feeling. Tip - Visualise yourself climbing out of a black hole into the light. You can use your hands to pretend you are pushing yourself out of the hole. Keep repeating this in your mind until you only see yourself in the light. Then re-run events of your life in your mind as if everything has gone well. For example, if you failed to get a job see yourself getting the job. If you had an illness see yourself totally well through that time.  If you have had money worries see yourself financially stable with money in the bank back then. You are trying to re-write your past with a more positive memory to break out of low feelings. 5) Being time short - no time for yourself, not enough time to have kids, and once you have them, not having enough time to enjoy them.  Or work pushes you, which makes you ill and then, of course, you worry about health, cancer or other illnesses. All of these things can make people drink too much alcohol which will create more of the bad feelings and wasted time. When you are time short you ironically may sleep less well. Tip - Take back control of your time by rearranging your week. Use your weekend to refresh yourself, don't burn yourself out on a weekend over socialising or getting drunk. Have warm baths, early nights, create nurturing routines. If you have children create happy relaxed memories like sitting playing a game together rather than rushing off to the cinema. If you are lonely, finding yourself with too much time, then find ways to fill your life with purpose.

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